Cona County

 CuoNaXian located in is located in the south of the Tibet autonomous region, southeast Himalayas, printed in the east of los corner area, adjacent to Bhutan, southern border with India, Tibet autonomous region is one of the most important in yichun. County border length 268 km, of which 213 km border with India, not in the 55 km long border. The county a total area of 34979 square kilometers, including printing door corner region of south of the McMahon line, now the actual control area of 10094 square kilometers. County is located at an altitude of 4380 meters, 400 km from Lhasa, when 220 km. Annual average temperature 0.6 ℃, extreme minimum temperature is 37 ℃, the annual frost-free period only 42 days, the weather is cold all the year round, natural conditions is very bad, frequent natural disasters, especially in the snow, flood, frost disasters especially, is a typical alpine county.

County jurisdiction over 1 1 town township 9 23 administrative villages, 2 neighborhood committees, 55 villagers groups, inhabited by a Tibetan and han nationalities, MenBa, back, etc. The county a total population of 14879 people. Our county is a farming and animal husbandry as the main industry of agriculture and animal husbandry county, the existing cultivated land area of 22300 mu, pasture area of 5.3 million mu, forest area of 366000 mu. Crops mainly include barley, wheat, buckwheat, peas, etc. Economic crops are mainly rapeseed. Livestock are yaks, cattle, sheep, goats, horses, pigs, etc.
CuoNaXian has abundant tourism resources, especially in the ecological, border, the moinba nationality is of rich folk custom, scenic spot located in the county and village (town), because it is located in the border, alpine, characteristic features distinctive tourism resources, development potential is huge, the main tourism resources advantage prominent displays in: one is the natural landscape: 1 Loeb ecological tourism resources, sea wave, 2, and border tourism resources. 3, QuZhuoMu ga mansion seabuckthorn forest tourism resources. 4, springs from the county seat. 5, mountain ShenHu. Second, human landscape. CuoNaXian, 10 existing temples of lacan, 1 1 pagoda, located in the county and village (town), and different sects, GongJiao, white east teach teach, shamanism, flower, cloth, etc. A variety of denominations. In the temple, especially in the sleep temple, tawang temple, gombo, temple, cave temple, the temple is the most famous, influenced by different sects, religious place each architectural style is different, each has its own characteristics, and the intact, exquisite interior murals, many cultural relics, is tourism, to understand the important place of Tibetan Buddhism. Culture exchange amalekites glory supplies and tourism resources. Amalekites glory commodity fair organized by the folk spontaneous formation, held three times a year, respectively in Tibetan on May, July and November, especially in July, the largest to trading traders are businessmen in Bhutan, India, and Tibet all over the world, and also have take this trade to come to sightseeing tourists. Due to the 62 war between India and China, interrupted amalekites glory commodity fair, after 31 years later, we returned in 1993 to honor supplies will. Fourth, tourism products. CuoNaXian tourism, many varieties mainly include sleep la, Qatar PuLu, card pad, Tibetan dao, tsampa barrel, oil barrels, hidden by; Loeb, township library board of the wooden bowl, national costumes, bamboo products and varieties of medicinal materials.
There is dark blue, holy conger snow-capped mountains, the charming frontier forests, with unique MenBa folk-custom amorous feelings, both love song prince the sixth dalai lama author JiaCuo was born of the holy land, and with the Indian soldiers zero distance contact, not only beautiful scenery, and is rich in wood, bamboo, handmade souvenirs, tea and so on characteristics, Tibetan dao is Tibetan primitive ecological tourism zone and the Tibetan border only recent national essence of red tourism scenic spots.
Loeb basic situation introduction
Loeb in CuoNaXian southwest, away from the county 40 kilometers, land area of 1365 square kilometers. Has four (4) the moinba nationality township, has a population of 623 people, most of the moinba nationality people. The moinba nationality as a minority in our country, also has experienced several thousand years of development history, in the process of the development history of thousands of years, formed the moinba nationality unique ethnic customs. The moinba nationality mainly gathered in southeast Tibet door corner, no other country in north of the yarlung zangbo river valley and the Ghana west benevolence river valley, and the row of the Tibetan cloth river's south bank list (now print zone). The gens "MenBa", said is the moinba nationality of claims, and he said, meaning is "live in the corner".
The moinba nationality wood has a wooden bowl, buckets, the tub, wooden box, wooden, wooden bed, wooden desk, Fu, saddle and saddle, especially with the social demand for wooden bowl, it is the favorite of the moinba nationality and Tibetan farmers and herdsmen eating utensils. Exquisite wooden bowl or senior arts and crafts. Feudal lords requiring the moinba nationality serfs craftsmen to wooden bowl with low fu. Bamboo is very common among the moinba nationality people, there are many types of bamboo, basket, fructus, seats, sieve, boxes, barrels, bowl, spoon, etc. The moinba nationality of the people to eat, wear, live, marriage, funeral, furniture, language has its unique customs.
Along the main site and km mileage:
CuoNaXian town to the township, 62 kilometres, color wood to plunge into the county seat to tintin, 7 kilometers away from (place name, oil check this), tintin to Loeb offices in 33 km, the county seat to 40 km, Loeb office office to government cultural station at 13 kilometers, the township government to color wood 4 km. The whole line the road in addition to the county to tintin to pull for the oil, the rest are gravel road surface.
Along the main scenic spots:
Starting from the county town southwest direction, first came to the scenic spot of eyelid is plateau grassland scenery; Past tintin mountain, visible at many points along the alpine lakes, towering and perpetual snow mountain; Bora mountain pass over 5000 meters, vehicles, then all the way down the winding down, it from the Himalayas of windy, cold and dry effect in semi-arid monsoon climate zone into the moist, warm, rainy south subtropical hill semi-humid and humid climate zone, the Himalayas are also entered the average only 2900 meters above sea level, annual average temperature 10.04 ℃, annual precipitation over 960 mm Loeb office.
In a short span of more than 40 kilometers along the way, mountain forest, steep mountain road, highway coiling, from waste to LuLuCongCong, from the plateau into the original forest, real experience four seasons mountain, the unique scenery JiLing coquettish. Loeb charactizing a fine spring day, summer of winter snow mountains, throughout a brew mu jiang, majestic to India. High narrow road along the river on both sides of the mountain, it is subject to topography, feng love overlap, cloud waterfall, make


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