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Double lake tourist areas introduced: double lake is located in the northern qiangtang plateau in the northwest and east neighbour anduo county, south meets BanGeXian and ShenZaXian, west and borders nima county, north across the kunlun mountains and across the xinjiang uygur autonomous region. Tibetan "two lake" of free translation.
Double lake area was established on the basis of the double lake office, it is in the no man's land "northern development in 1976 of the new administrative area. The area "special", at least two meanings: first is the high altitude. It is at present the nation and even the world the highest elevation of the county administrative region. The county seat elevation 4990 meters, the local people say: climbs three building elevation is 5000 m. Second is the special relationship. From the lake to the double double office lake area, all is the county organizational system, but for whatever reason has not approved by the state council as a formal county, about 730 kilometers from Lhasa.
Not many people can enter this "human life box", not many people will visit the "wild animal kingdom". Here is the "earth's third very", is "the roof of the roof of the world". When you breathe the blue sky and white clouds and diffused earth nature set clean breath, when you and with a curious and gentle vision of the Tibetan antelope close depending on each other, when you place oneself in the rippling lakes on the wings of birds fly white, when you heard in the warmth of the crane reserve moving scenes, is the heart of the baptism will emerge to nature, to the life the touched and reflection.
Into the deepest feeling within the territory of the double lake is: to the wide, thin man. Double lake area, a total area of about 12, square kilometers of jiangsu province area more than, than three Taiwan is the size of 10000 square kilometers. For China's largest nature reserve to plateau ecological system and rare wild animals for the main protection object. The Tibetan antelope, wild yaks, crane, bear, the wild ass, extremely, snow leopard, lynx, and blue sheep, snow cocks are fox, the vultures, wolves, no scale fish and other countries a, level 2 wild animals, and the car running together.
According to the reserve of figures show the double the number of wild animals in lake area has reached record levels, the existing wild yak more than 50000, with more than 100000 Tibetan antelope and a wild, wild 3-40000 only, the bear only 1000 or so, ovis ammon 3000 only.
Main mineral resources friends of boron, ShaJin, tin, and ferrochrome, oil, salt, oil GongYan, jade, mica, amethyst, etc. Medicinal plants have horns seedling root, tiger ear, umbrella, qin, ephedra sinica, red flowers, and the miao, mountain trepang codonopsis pilosula, green living hemp, rhubarb 40 types.
If the ice sheets, at 120 miles (kilometers) north of lake in double outside, the highest point 6278 meters, was confirmed as the world except Antarctica, and outside of the biggest arctic glacier, so have the world's third largest ice sheets said. Ice sheets to the surrounding valleys radiation overflow more than 50 length of tongue range ice, the lowest place altitude of 5350 meters. Here glacier lakes, desert associated, the landscape is unusual. Here is the real man's land, is also part of the hoh xil wildlife reserve, around the vast higyway goes, gobi desert and many lakes in many countries is of "the protection of animals level paradise. Double lake sign of snow-capped mountains, josiah (meaning "meaning" transparent crystal mountain "), the firm Joan hubei and (elevation 6304 meters), its type and structure is very suitable for the amateur mountaineering enthusiasts. West Asia's snow mountain, west of the ga in Asia is to watch shows, the best place to peak, but keep the global the highest elevation of the mini elementary school (elevation 5200 meters), as the visitors from far away, and respect more than the in sigh with regret, we can also do some poor power here.
Many prairie meadows, surrounded by snow-capped mountains gobi desert plateau lake surrounded the only see great momentums, throughout and as on the vast sallow blue pearl. Color Lin cuo (elevation 4530 meters) is second only to namucuo Tibetan second largest lake, a total of 23 satellite lake, is the second base of migratory birds, the most common is BanTouYan. Q: in the wrong place a beautiful, still can see tens of thousands of from the Mediterranean brown in the first gull lay eggs hatch, scene quite spectacular. In lattice benevolence cuo (elevation 4650 meters) and in the large area near, the highest elevation of the crane habitat-" firm wetland nature reserve. On the mountain of fruit under when provoked harmony cuo (elevation 4510 meters) not but Tibet famous sacred, but also the most original bon religion worship kangdese mountains.
Qiangtang nature reserve of the central XiangXiong cloth is of the ancient hinterland, it had bred in the world today is called "three riddle" one of the ancient XiangXiong culture. XiangXiong kingdom of birth, mysteriously expansion, disappeared mysteriously, the legacy of the highest human existence is all area most attractive mystery.
80 kilometers southwest from nima under came to the cloth in one village, then along the bon religion when provoked harmony concerning the kangdese mountains until the two village, this area is the birthplace of the han original Tibet, the wind MaQi and minotaur is the symbolism; Marnie heap, and JingFan, pagodas everywhere, for the boundless prairie added some mysterious colour. The cloth temple and jade BenSi is so far kept more complete original temple bon religion, honest enthusiastic villagers despite the language, but from their full of wrinkles vicissitudes of full face can see a firm belief.
Located in the ancient LinShan add hair and paintings is amazing. The stone carvings, paintings culture, make us to learn more about how to human ancestors strenuous and wisdom to the original life, the production, the struggle and entertainment scene to the carrier of the solid record. Of the remainder of the murals and grottoes indicates the ancient XiangXiong civilization and uncommon historical process.
1, must use the modification of the raider sport utility vehicle chassis, the Lhasa to double lake, required to pass through namucuo, again after BanGeXian north line, then joined qiangtang nature reserve, road condition began to get very bad, marsh all over, summer monsoon season come easily trapped car, and in no isolated is very dangerous. Reason suggests in 4-November to, and at least two cars.
2, by double hubei line is man's land, not the concept on the way in, must by the familiar road conditions driver, appropriate is equipped with satellite navigation devices. As if at the north, no further, have to take the tents, enough food and drinking water, the other with logistics transport and related equipment,'d better hire a doctor joint emergency medicine, in case of accidents.
3, the weather is cold, the perennial winds, with maximum sustained winds of 20 meters per second to 28 meters, the average temperature in minus 4


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