duojiza temple

 Duojiza. Temple is located in the north bank of the yarlung zangbo river in Tibet, GongGaXian territory. Famous Tibetan Buddhism temple, as one of the six nima sent temple. "Ill" is the meaning of 'transformers',' Mr 'meaning' stone mountain '. Temple name named by the mountain natural kong graphics, has translated into 'run of Zagreb temple', the full name of TuDeng ill temple. Founded in the 16th century, founded by tashi tao jie. Night period in the 16th century, one of the original one hundred and thirty thousand households of the draw pile of purple ruler, tashi tao jie xin Sherpa denier ill beat, to reduce the land is occupied by a XinSha and family. He preached everywhere, and organize the sangha - some cult. Later in Lhasa tashi tao jie, south of the yarlung zangbo river north shore created ill temple.

The end of the 16th century by Tibetan Buddhism NingMa sent famous lama built strong da jie zhaxi degrees, is the second the rigdzin qin bo ong will flourish as rigdzin qin wave after wave of a temple. Temple for NingMa sent one of the important monasteries in Tibet, and sensitive ZhuLin temple. Department of junggar Mongolia army invaded Tibet in 1718 AD during the temple buildings suffered severe damage, then tries to rebuild and thriving, temple throughout the Tibetan areas, its teaching flow until now.
Temple to show equal emphasis on dharma, nima sent far eastone Buddha language of sharia law inherits sui generis; Fu majored in north of v, hidden, and among the listed zhe zai, a strong phase chung, da jie zhaxi degrees such as dug hidden division v hiding, together have more than fifty volumes; Net book that specializes in the fifth dalai and v rigdzin qin wave net phase method.
Edge, Mr. Temple is one of the main temple NingMa sent in before. NingMa pie is the sects of Tibetan Buddhism's oldest fault faction, the temple of Lord rigdzin qin mo, dorje, lausanne, Jiang Bai living Buddha, is vice chairman of Tibet autonomous region people's political consultative conference, vice-chairman of China buddhist association.
Ill temple mainly teach north hidden system, attached also taught three element, since some of the buddhist classics. NingMa classic is an important part in volts to hide, hide from a cave or underground excavated classics. About in the 12th century, v NingMa sent they have appeared successively in the mining Tibetan people, they are called London. There's famous niang, nima d color, he excavated v called upside down, hidden, ancient, such as QuJiQiu excavated called lower v, hidden. In 15th to 16th century, when the heat, the forest of digging down to hide hide upper v v hidden converging signet and mining, known as south Tibet; Early in the 16th century, tsang AngRenXian day I of a noble lineage SangDeFang rigdzin gallaher, climb QuJian unearthed many volts to hide and signet, known as the north Tibet; North has many sutras still is the original classic thermal fluid activity and fu not by the thermal fluid activity, such as "kan ZhuoNing mention", v, the thermal fluid activity in these heritage have speak NingMa pie, have medical, speak of tubo dynasty history, there is the famous "five instructions left by", "lotus born instructions left by" and so on, has certain reference value in tubo history research. Edge, Mr. Temple dedicated expanding north classical system of close by, and as rigdzin qin mo dun, a climb QuJian acclaimed first time living Buddha of the temple.
NingMa sent as a sect, it is not like issachar, kagyu sect, other has always been a central temple, whereas NingMa pie is scattered development, also don't like other denominations and local forces have a close relationship. Although NingMa sent during the yuan dynasty and the central government established a connection, but as a result of NingMa poorly organized, single inheritance, therefore, always did not form a stable group of temples. Until the 16th century in the former did not appear, the more the size of the NingMa temple. Especially in the 17th century due to the support of the fifth dalai, NingMa pie in the former two famous monasteries (namely: min ZhuLin temple and ill temple) has significantly extended, the fifth dalai has built a temple (south) local temple expanding NingMa sharia law. Junggar Mongolia army invaded Tibet in 1718, ill temple is destroyed, temple Lord rigdzin qin mo, among which le living Buddha and others were killed. Quite ROM the light by the local government funding after repair. And destroyed during the cultural revolution, in 1984 the government appropriated for the repair, the existing lama 23 people.
Ill temple consecrate gods strange, born five main to full enlightenment must this statue, there are representative body, manjusri, lotus, real, or on behalf of the dew, king kong chunks which qualities and career; The three thing in the world to send nonhuman, ferocious curse, for the god. Non-human is a demon in Tibet this teaching, Tibetan language called maria absorbed by NingMa sent after the guardian deity. Its image is portrayed as the black is ugly and wrath of the woman, half-naked and mourneth breasts, agglomerate braids; Typical weapon was a arrested ghost card pockets, disease, black rope and the line of the ball. Class is the most famous protector goddess Dan, she is the master.


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