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Huanglong tour is introduced: huanglong (HuanglongScenic Area) is located in the northern sichuan province aba Tibetan qiang autonomous prefecture of southern minshan mountain within the territory of the finest, the eastern edge of the Tibetan plateau to the sichuan basin transition zone. Scenic spot area for longitude 103 ° 25 'huanglong scenic spot 59 "~ 104 ° 8' 45", 32 ° latitude 30 '53 "~ 32 ° 54' 17". Minshan mountain peak snow treasure top, elevation 5588 meters, permanent snow, is China's most modern ice being east point. The total area 700 square kilometers, peripheral protection zone covers an area of 640 square kilometers (square miles).
Huanglong to pools, snow mountain, canyon, the forest, "four away" known to the world. The surface of the valley of HuaPo giant calcium, wan natural stone mountain and the fragmented, spanning difference between, like golden "dragon" who swam the heavens and the earth. The natural landscape of precision and pure, in a static dynamic, the male in the show, YeZhong have wen, constitute a strange, high, male, wild landscape characteristics, has the world wonders, men of self-flowing transcripts.
Huanglong is the kunlun qinling strata area, in west qinling mountain area, motenlin village, born in industry, the Mesozoic and new world quaternary strata with complete development. There, the devonian, Permian, the carboniferous in carbonate deposition is given priority to, thickness reach more than 4000 m; Sed iments of clastic rocks deposition, thickness CTKM meters; The fourth is to glacial deposits and sedimentary calcium China.
Huanglong is variation of water system, MouNi ditch minshan of water system. Variation of snow from agains t, south to the northeast and flow, into the grass bending ditch, big curved groove, dragon drop of water and tributaries, fan hole in the country, to form a complete typical dentrites variation of source water system. The development of groundwater, rich carbonate karst fissure water, is the only Chinese sedimentary calcium material sources.
Huanglong in Himalayan period is minshan district is located in the tectonic activity area, since the pleistocene constantly uplift, become a modern uplift high mountains. In the pleistocene, the species in the mountain glaciers, into a new world, the development of modern glacier, and the erosion physiognomy and ice left a large ice product content. Precipitation infiltration of the formation of the karst water to fault springs way to surface runoff in the ditch downward flow in the process of developing calcium China accumulation, it is this changing calcium China present a gorgeous accumulation calcium China style.
Huanglong in north Asia tropical, qinba wet area and the qinghai-tibet plateau to the sides of the western boundary wet, belong to YaHanDai monsoon climate temperate plateau type. Climate vertical zoning obvious: the elevation 4500 meters above for mountain frigid; 4000 a 4500 m for mountain YaHanDai; 3000 a 4000 m for mountain temperate; 3000 m below for mountain in the temperate zone. Characteristics of the mountain wet cold, dry river valley cool, long winter, spring and autumn is linked together, basic no summer, the temperature change is big, plenty of sunshine.
Soil forming materials mainly for the carbonate, soil vertical zoning obvious, alpine meadow, dark soil by brown soil and brown soil composition. Calcium China landscape areas are calcium sex soil.
Huanglong is in the east of the vegetation of the wet area to the qinghai-tibet plateau and alpine meadow alpine coniferous grassland the thickets transitional belt. Of east Asia, the Himalayan, the northern hemisphere subtropical and temperate four plants flora of joint zone, ChuiZhiDai spectrum obvious, plant species richness, vegetation type complex, community structure and forest ecological system integrity. The forest coverage rate is 65.8%. Forest much appearance, tall ancient trees stand tall, pine Laura hang branches, moss and the lower plant extensively develop with green is tender and soft, such as effect.
Due to the unique ecological environment, is the pandas and other wildlife habitats ideal, in addition to the mountains to rivers, be helpful for the south to the north high animal distribution, become the north and south of some animals and animal intersection conservation center. The wild animals have earth 59 kinds of birds, reptiles, 5, 5 kinds of amphibians, 2 kinds of fish.
Huanglong is divided into season tickets and off-season: season is (April 1 to November 15, : 200 RMB/person/times; off-season is November 16 to the following year in March 31:80 RMB/person/day), huanglong scenic spot the cable: up the cable RMB 80 / person, down the cable 40 yuan/people.
Huanglong the male of the steep mountain landscape, canyon and beautiful scenery, the vast grassland of ocean, the unique national forest amorous feelings, rich plant and animal resources mutual set off, one integrated mass, has a very high ecological value, science value and aesthetic value.
Huanglong peculiar geology form is in the long geological change which gradually formed. In the geological structure, huanglong is located in YangZiZhun platform and songpan-ganzi folded belt department and the qinling fold to slot in three tectonic units band, the space location of the transitional state, causing the complexity and diversity of the geographical condition, the landscape is not only large scale and calcification ingenious structure, color FengYan, environmental primitive, and various type, is complete. Calcification side dam pools, calcify beach, ca huanglong map of fan, calcification lake, calcify sunken pit and calcified waterfalls, calcification cave, calcification platform, calcification chock-full of miniascape wait, is a worthy of the name natural calcification museum.
Huanglong ditch over the distribution of large calcification 3600 meters, the biggest calcification beach is 1300 metres long, as many as 3400 more than a colorful pond, the highest dam is 7.2 meters, which pierced Ga calcification waterfall is 93.2 meters tall, all these are China's most.
In addition to calcification besides, huanglong is also a beautiful scene of other moving, full of ShenXiu. Huanglong is located in mountain waterfalls in the not far away, but see thousand layer clear water broke through the dense forest, the slope and, suddenly from about 10 meters high, wide about 60 meters on the rock candy FeiXie. After several peaks and valleys, formed dozens of word trapezoid waterfall, the picture was spectacular. Some such as pearl break line, since the mid air and rolling, flashing light, some are like ShuiLian high up, the fog rose, YunZhengXiaWei; Some such as silk horse diarrhoea, elegant again, yi yi is unripe brightness; Some are like bead shade flashing, YingYingChaoChao, attitude diversity, a little. Huanglong is not only beautiful, is also rich natural resources. Here the plant and animal species is rich in resources, higher plant up to more than 1500 types, more species endemic to China, which belongs to the national one to three kinds of protection 11. Rare animals have the giant panda, golden monkeys, wildebeests, clouded leopard, BaiChunLu one to three countries such as animal protection.
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