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Jiuzhaigou tour is introduced: the aba Tibetan qiang autonomous prefecture of sichuan jiuzhaigou county territory, it is white upper gutters of baihe ZhiGou to have nine Tibetan village (say again so any medicine jiuzhai) the name. Jiuzhaigou is 2 km above the altitude, spread all over the original forest, ditch distribution one hundred and eight lakes, has "the fairy tale world expensive; Jiuzhaigou for national key scenic spot, and be inscribed on the world heritage list. May 8, 2007, qiang autonomous prefecture of aba Tibetan jiuzhaigou traveling scenic area by the Chinese national tourism administration approval for national aaaaa tourist area.
Jiuzhaigou huanglong aba Tibetan autonomous region in sichuan province qiang, is China's first batch of national key released scenic spot. In 1990, the jiuzhaigou is listed as "China travel resort four top ten" of 1991 was listed in the UN's world view the list of, again in December 1992 by UNESCO approval, officially listed on the world natural heritage list ", from now on the throne of tourism in the world, Chinese and foreign tourists to become the magic of "fantasy world".
Jiuzhaigou blue sky, white clouds, snow mountains, forests, do into waterfalls, river, beach, compose into a string of pearls from like; Bonfires, roast lamb, GuoZhuang and ancient and beautiful legend, show a hidden the qiang people enthusiastic tough folk customs. Jiuzhaigou, a colorful and beautiful JiJue; the jade bowl, a primitive of primitive simplicity, magical fairy dream, a see beautiful, natural pure "fairy tale world"! She to combine the cui of fantasy sea, waterfalls, color, can't do such as Lin peaks of the nature and humanistic landscape of browsing, become the few have "the world natural heritage" and "world biosphere reserve" two top the holy crown. In the original ecological environment jiuzhaigou, spotlessly clean and pure and fresh air and snow mountains, forests, lakes combined into gold, fantasy, beautiful natural scenery, the show "natural beauty, beautiful natural", as the "fairy tale world jiuzhaigou" of the peak, color Lin, cui sea, fold the waterfall and Tibetan feeling is called "WuJue". Because of its unique original landscape, rich resources of animals and plants and is known as "the world".
The four seasons is very charming scenery. When spring buds are some green, BaoLiu light; Summer to shade generated, fly warbler dance; Autumn red leaves to spread mountain, the color Lin variety; Winter snow mountains to wrapped, ice fall like jade.
Spring: spring comes, ice and snow melt, and the generic go up, combining the brilliant, the awaken of spring is abundant, mountains of still not melted the Snow White against the fairy tale world, gentle and lazy ChunYang kiss by the lake, kiss by trees, kiss pick you touched the natural state of mind... This is what a beautiful season, this is what a beautiful scenery!
Summer: summer, jiuzhaigou set in the shade of CangCuiYuDi bright sea, the water green branches and comb grasses, silver shade of the waterfall to express their most of the four seasons of passion, gentleness of the wind in JingFan, fluttering treetops, blowing you like water free mood.
Autumn, autumn is the season of splendid, coloured red leaves, reflected in the bright and beautiful color for water of the lake. Colorful fall in between lake LiuYun floating. Clear sky blue and green stretches of net, since the creation of the natural beautiful scenery of filling eye ground.
Winter: winter, jiuzhaigou is particularly quiet, particularly meaningful. Mountains and trees turn white, waterfalls and lake Edward Chen, blue of the lake ice in the temperature difference between the sunrise and sunset, changing the wonderful ice lines, ice the waterfall winter view of jiuzhaigou
A refreshing, thin flow between the music
Jiuzhai si, the view of different, of spring flowers and plants, the summer flow waterfalls, red leaves of autumn, the winter snow, all for a cake. And all of this, and to the ends of the earth away from deep in the plateau depths, in that quiet enough to hear people heart pure land into the scenery beautiful autumn and winter, the feeling any human language is difficult to describe.
Jiuzhaigou altitude of 1900 ~ 3100 m, moist climate of plateau, the top of the mountain permanent snow. Spring temperature is low and large variation, the average temperature 18 ℃ in 9 ~ between. The summer the rise of temperature and more stable, the average temperature 19 ~ 22 ℃, the night cooler, appropriate for thin sweater. Autumn pleasant climate, but a temperature between day and night, especially after the October the autumn (late October that have frozen appear), can wear ChanYi during the day, night will have to wear the winter coat. Winter is cold and the temperature more in 0 ℃ below. Jiuzhaigou less rainfall and focus on seven to eight months. Jiuzhaigou all the year round all but tourism, especially in the fall for best, in late October is the most brilliant of the season. Jiuzhaigou winter and early summer also have each lasting appeal.

Before tip
1. To prevent bask in jiuzhaigou be located in highland, ultraviolet ray was very strong.
Sunscreen: must buy bask in more than 30 index, especially summer air temperature is high often is the sun is shining weather, has burn the skin may be.
Sunbonnet: long time in outdoor activities, please wear the sun hat.
Sunglasses: especially after snow in winter is dazzling, please take a pair of sunglasses to protect his eyes.
2. Rain gear often rain, rain gear necessary articles for the trip.
3. Daily articles
Protect skin to taste travel outfit, sunburnt repair lotion: strong ultraviolet ray, their skin.
Moisturizing cream, nourishing and moisturizing facial mask, lip balm, wet wipes: winter dry, pay attention to protect wet.
4. Drugs
Conventional drugs: a band-aid, cold medicines, antidiarrheal
Resistance to plateau response drug: rhodiola (a week before taking, resistance to plateau response.) Bufferin, Finn will be of phenol geeks (help control downy reaction causes of headache.) Available JiuXinWan (plateau response emergency during the attack, taking can help alleviate plateau response.) Vitamin (supplement vitamin, in order to avoid plateau response.)
A, the best travel agency in the team, then have the housing and safety guarantee.
B, jiuzhaigou of high altitude, unfavorable acuteness exercise, should be few and drinking, eating more vegetables, fruit, in order to avoid plateau response. Aged and frail, should be ready for commonly used drugs, best can be equipped with small oxygen tanks (it can chengdu purchase).
C, aged and frail, have high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, heart disease will not fit to go.
D, scenic spot are strictly prohibited fireworks.


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