lhasa-Kashgar journey


D1. Lhasa-song water-YangHu-yamzho yumco-card Nora glacier-jomzi-xigaze
The JiPei lodge xigaze hotel, high performance to price ratio, standard rooms 20 / person. And free breakfast.
The asphalt road, the mileage limit is about 300 kilometers. In the song water county brought the speed limit card, to peach village (48 km 48 minutes), because we go completely so it jomzi....... Oregon has YaKou barak had along the lake road, the so-called spots around after can look for the car to go to place under close water. Lunch is on the yamzho yumco eat, we eat that each hotel is reception tour bus store, expensive, and yuck, not to go. Card Nora glacial retreat in serious, a point can, the white occupies temple and jomzi ZongShan castles were a piece, we went ZongShan castle no open.

D2. Xigaze and uzbek-were new-the drawee (white dam)-mount Everest
A number of the lodge Everest base camp camp, number one camp is located in flannel temple go about two kilometers, at an altitude of about 5000 meters, the car can directly off to camp. Are all the big tent build tibetans, see which is pleasing to the eye in live.
Morning of study tour, strong, the Buddha hall is nine o 'clock, open the door, the door didn't drive has a large group of people waiting outside, but first look at the other main halls turn and see it again strong Buddha, it is not crowded. About two and a half hours can after visiting. To pull on kirgiz about 160 km, in pull county DaJian kirgiz, and then go on to the drawee direction, in about 30 kilometers away from the drawee turn left at about 25 kilometers to the county of issachar, visit the sakya, open only three main halls, ticket 40 yuan/person. Arrived in new set in a pass examination, the last time the mouse is no certificate repeatedly over the past the mixed checkpoints. Everest in new to the drawee Everest service center. Tickets service center position came into the drawee right house independent small villas. Each round ticket RMB 100, 180 yuan each ticket, redeeming the driver. From xigaze to the drawee new about 240 km all asphalt road. New to the drawee Everest to camphorwood direction about 12 kilometers asphalt road, turn left until Everest according to belong to about 102 km is gravel road and hemilateral pan road, need to 3.5-4 hours. Summer time is dark Everest 10 PM-half past ten.
Right, on mount Everest or take 1-2 cans of oxygen spare, not to the people, but to the car. Morning has 8 to 9 o 'clock, because of the cold (10 ° C), cold and lack of oxygen car, if not after the high altitude of validated the row of car or the oxygen for safe, you can't hit the car directly to the car's tank the intake spray oxygen (had better be to dismantle air filtration under direct to the intake manifold injection), and twist the ignition key. This is what we verify effective.

D3. Everest-old-is the dragon-where is wrong-mainly pelosi-SaGa
If from Everest down goes away to SaGa kirgiz, journey to far more than 100 kilometers, and pull back from the kirgiz are dirt road. So balance repeatedly choose to walk is mainly dragon.
SaGa preferred a lodge in the county left depots, legendary depots can also come on this, still can fill do border card, ali's WJ only know the card), and a new open hotel call what forgot. A bath have to take to the streets to wash bath, only two baths, to the great point that good, each 10 yuan, can be washed a layer of skin, very comfortable.
The way to mount Everest down old direction is also the drawee camphorwood direction, arrived at old before in the drawee (are asphalt road) began to road traffic control, from the old to the nie pull wood where all roads, control the deadline is 09 September 30. The latest in old have lunch where to eat, or don't have to have lunch. Research is successful open to traffic, way down, sometimes have to go right. He arrived in the peak of summer help and crossing (should be but the dragon) (now is the standard of signs of replacing wood marks the) go straight into the summer and help and peak nature reserve. From junction begin in the future, the road is wered stone road and hemilateral pan road, first encountered in middle of nowhere to collect tickets, here was the core started to enter the peak. Soon the pelosi is wrong, along the left bank of the lake go, this is the first fork. The second fork is take the right, don't enter mainly county town. The third fork is walk on the left, and the fourth is a little cross should be right. The second and third have license plates, especially the third crossing signs of very not going. Other no signs fork literally go is fine, many are the pavement, ultimately the same way. Mount Everest to SaGa always takes about 400 kilometers and blew out of heshbon peak road before beginning no gas stations. Normal can before sunset SaGa arrived. In addition, it is said that a near mainly mainly ditch scenery is beautiful, it is our tal qin run into a car to fujian quanzhou from motorists and they said, have the chance to find out.

The D4. SaGa-palmer sheep-hall-auspicious the temple
The SuJi the auspicious the hotel also called the wrong and yongzheng teahouse, very simple couple collectors couples. The sitting room on the back at temple, panoramic Windows, the environment is very good.
In the coming out SaGa county right, there is a high slope up, that is SaGa only to the gas station, the newly built in the oil gas station in another direction, into the city can see, we go to, I didn't even have to fix it. From SaGa to hall is all hemilateral pan road, but is acceptable. Still, there are two, first is old and still, there are checkpoints and go over 20 km is a new and still....... Only in and out of new still only have a short period, the asphalt road, new BaXian looking outside is a petroleum gas station. At noon in the new secondary and eat.
From looking after the sheep and pat to hall, whole hemilateral pan, talk road is way, mud road (perhaps because of the snowstorm causes), only in the hall began to new asphalt road.

The hall have bifurcate, on the left is to DE direction, the asphalt road, the right to the spring river direction until th soil are asphalt road. That is the only one in ali a section of the asphalt road.
From the need to go to Jim hall to DE direction about 20 to kilometers a fork road, the left can see a large group of Tibetan style of architecture, the building of the sacred and the distance is after the harmony wrong, this is the auspicious. Turn left the village to achish, the teahouse was wrong and harmony in the end of the village is on the left. Will someone to collect the tickets, comparing is, 200 yuan per person. Contains a sacred mountain and ghost lake in all together. The driver free. You also have to buy a ticket calculate to DE...
It is said that the sacred auspicious is the best ornamental



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