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 Strictly refers to: along the qinghai-tibet railway from xining set out by the highway golmud to Lhasa. The qinghai-tibet highway is one of the world\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s highest highway. Road from xining to golmud in qinghai, climb mount riyue mountain, rubber, flourishing essential mountain, take off a heaped-up mountains mountains, across the waters river river, sweet day, cover g light river, river in Brazil, such as green water river, HongShuiHe river, length 782 km; Film qinghai-tibet railway is directed by the director Feng Xiaoning, starring zhou lijing, Yin Guohua, LiuXiaoWei, how about is along the qinghai-tibet railway in repairing the hard environment, deep to the age of railway workers.

Starting from the second largest city in qinghai province geermu, climb mountain, kunlun mountain (4700 meters), wind (4800 meters), mount tunggula of volcano (pass, 5150 meters above sea level) and nyenchen tanglha; Across the three great river, the tongtian river, tuotuo river on and qumar, average elevation 4500 meters, including 544 kilometers inside Tibet. Through the northern qiangtang grassland, merges in Lhasa, capital of the Tibet autonomous region and the sichuan-tibet highway.
By qinghai to Tibet, but first a train from xining to golmud. Golmud, about 1100 km from Lhasa, drive about 24 hours. Most vehicles enter Tibet from golmud, qinghai chaidamu passenger transport companies and Tibet every day companies have several class passenger cars (domestic cars and imported luxury cars and sleeper trains) sent to Lhasa. To Lhasa Tibet in golmud transit stations and many of the truck, can take a ride, price negotiable with the driver. Opened in lanzhou to Lhasa tourism special line (domestic luxury sleeper trains), car way kumbum monastery, riyue mountain, qinghai lake, golmud, salt lake, mount tunggula mouth, in tuotuo river on, naqu and male prairie, namtso, yambajan scenic spots, etc.
Pay attention to the body
Best, most travel books recommended, for the first time Tibet plateau from the qinghai-tibet highway. Because of the high altitude, almost everyone has, or light or heavy plateau response (advice on plateau started taking rhodiola or take available during the week before Mr Muhammad) to carry oxygen. Is generally recommended that first flight to Lhasa, after the body adapt to return from the qinghai-tibet highway.
Pay attention to keep warm
The best travel season is from may to October every year. Winter is too cold, few visitors. Even in midsummer walk the qinghai-tibet highway, also had better prepare sweater, down vest for winter clothing. Rain and snow, the temperature may drop to below zero degrees Celsius.
Pay attention to diet
The qinghai-tibet highway, diet is divided into two categories: ordinary restaurant is the "sichuan", halal restaurant is given priority to with pasta and lamb. Long distance drivers along the qinghai-tibet railway, all know what the food delicious. Travelers can bring some fruit, dried fruit, chocolate and so on.
As soon as possible through high altitude areas
For self-drive travelers, proposal as far as possible quickly through high altitude areas. Golmud to Lhasa, hard road, 1100 kilometers long, generally start at 3, 4 in the morning, at night can be arrived. If accommodation is available in naqu, amdo, or a male relative better conditions.
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