niangnai festival


S festival time

The Tibetan April 14 to 15 April

S popular areas

LaBuLengSi and the nearby areas

S festival source

According to legend, meet on the release MouNi April 15, was born into a way, died, but it is for memorial day mother Buddha sakyamuni and held festivals, and believe in gannan Tibetan Buddhism of tibetans who consider "niang is festival" is the biggest good day, on this day to do a good deed or repeat truth mantra, equal to the one hundred times usually do good work, and read as much as one hundred times mantra truth.

S celebration

U to wow festival in gaza anduo area called "niang is festival". "Niang is" in Tibetan is closed the meaning of the monastery. Shut the monastery is boring drab, have to say it's a kind of austerity. The memorial activities of the Buddha was "niang is", it is self-evident that hight moral character is to honor that believers Buddha ascetic.

Tibetan town in east LaBuLeng area, people to boring dreadful niang is become joy and colorful festival. All the enthusiasm of the heated to a venrable, laughter in songs, with flowery multicolored entertainment, and in the days of the expression is niang heart grateful, to show they today's happiness and joy. LaBuLeng region is a backdrop venrable section niang pleasurable festival.

Below the record is niang is section of the style:

The Tibetan HuNian fire (Gregorian calendar 1988) the lunar April 14, before the democratic reform of the LaBuLengSi moraceae DE wow · moraceae (is changed to moraceae administrative villages), held a venrable colorful niang is festival activities.

The lunar April, it is on the prairie, the spring green, flower shop of the season. Moraceae DE wow · moraceae administrative villages herders celebrating the festival of the site is niang is chosen in the summer river ots dagen hebei shore. Here is our ranch their tribe.

QingLingLing river, like clear and translucent diamond necklace, the grassland look full brightness, also like silky soft silk, wrapped his grassland charming and aiding the flash color. Countless white tents, like a tree to start open pear, drifts in full bloom in the river, bundles, and green to drip of the higyway goes, and the distant, humans, wuzhou cypress, and PiaoYe YunXu blue sky, and the silver cord of dagen river, set each other off brightness, constitute a beautiful, unique, elegant snow area landscape painting.

Camp center, the cylinder of smoke to the sky was white, black believers of the mulberry are heat.

Simmer platform is the new mulberry build by laying bricks or stones, Snow White, 3 feet high TaiJi have two hold thick, there are also two feet tall chimney, as if hearth.

The herdsmen to the hearth filled with of sweet bai zhi, of fresh ZanBa, and milk, yogurt, fruit, candy, and so on vegetarian meal, then piously chanting prayers, chanted the patron saint of honour, instruct give happiness and peace. Conch SOB, sound like a read out, mulberry smoke waving, camp immersed in ZhuangMu pure atmosphere.

Simmer for ", men rally to listen to Buddha monk's vow, and together with the merits of Buddha venrable praises. This important in a ceremony held in the top tents.

This is a special account of buddhist practice method, is a top li yong rong, wide clear of tents, have volleyball court is big, can accommodate hundreds of people sat. His other compose have red yellow la three cloth, the wind blows is like JingFan waving. This is the account of the character design and auspicious time clip art. His top central Mosaic orb flexibly, a symbol of the tent is Buddha's activities of places.

Account banquet on a slip before niches three ghee GongDeng, which reflects hanging in his stem the thangka of figure of Buddha. GongDeng three QingLingLing slip before the copper bowl filled in the the water purification, reflect the thangka of orange velvet impression, smooth added a few minutes of mysterious, grave.

The most central thangka is Buddha sakyamuni Buddha. The big stage desk of this thangka, all with velvet, brocade, soft silk compose sticky seam connected and become, according to colour, line, design paste respectively. The sakyamuni Buddha is cross legs lotus seat, vestibular became shining, two buccal plump, of the personality, the ailing, eye contain wisdom, back with gold dizzy, a pair of intelligence of blessing silence. This is a group of this life figure. Portrait of the Buddha and four corners, with symbolism of tactics, to the suffering of Buddha in the rough, and business, founded buddhist difficult, and ChuanJing turmoil of the lectures, and qualities of a fruit, all components within the feet.

The Buddha of two side, two of the thangka is smaller. One of the Tibetan history for bringing honor to the buddhist doctrine, and leave fang of the three-his intent, ChiSong songtsen gampo * s DE praise, heat and towels. Tibetan venrable offered their three generations, I'm afraid not only because they are respected because of Buddhism, more important, perhaps because they for the formation and development of the Tibetan, for snow area culture that the booming had great things.

Another of the Buddha is 16 disciple, namely the ocean's group. These the ocean's, even in front of Buddha, also don't hesitate, without flinching, a god appearance and natural and unrestrained freely, lifelike, be vividly portrayed, shows a relax atmosphere and close of the mentoring.

Big tent inside was crowded with people, it is special meaning of the monks chanting, and old man, men, outside account of the dark are women. Account outside account, everyone look devout, down on my knees, and concentrate on the NingTing.

Pray solemn dignified atmosphere. Dressed in robes monks on both sides have sat on the figure of Buddha, facial expression grave to chant buddhist scripture text read. Bells, law when drum with it, a rhythm and orderly, pleasant and relaxed sound. All this and the GongDeng flickered ghee shimmering, shining water purification copper bowl, forming a holy and pure and peculiar pictures, to bring into the living beings venrable a noble position.

Prayer service time is not long, about half an hour to spread. The next is lunch.

Alongside the river under the ridge, rim's ten new excavation of the minotaur thick focal eyes, whereas the blue smoke take place, is the slip of 3 row 30 mouth cauldron. Have a plenty of the heavy iron pot for life, have a plenty of shiny steel jing pot, have a plenty of glossy light yellow copper brass POTS.

Born in iron pot for cooking is fern hemp (also named ginseng fruits), spouting intoxicating aroma, warm hearted wishes for an old fashioned like agate red stack, glittering and translucent get rid of islets, let a person's mouth water. Steel jing pot boiling is rolling the milk tea, wave the fragrant, ooze



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