Qu De Temple

QuDe temple, jilong xian in xigaze region, is located in the south of county resident, at an altitude of 4050 meters. QuDe temple, also known as "QuDanLun cloth xi temple", "walter day ZhongJiao GanDanPei sleep Lin temple". Beginning in NingMa pie, 17th century under the reign of the fifth dalai (AWang · luo SangJia measures) proselytize the gelug sect. Series sera monastery in Lhasa, plunge into the jurisdiction of the warehouse, and humidity is elected for a term of three years, appointed by sera for giza storehouse, lineage to before the democratic reform in 1959. 
QuDe temple layout was running square, building area of 1800 square meters (60 meters long and 30 meters wide). By the vestibule, porch, rule, tower of the temple and a series of ancillary buildings. 
For outdoor court dam, vestibular: area of 232 square meters (29 meters long, 8 m wide), sitting west toward the east. December 29, every Tibetan religious activities held in the north, can accommodate 90 lama TiaoShen. 
Porch: in western vestibule. 6 column 48 square meters, 12 meters long, 4 m wide), including 4 square column, column diameter 40 cm; Column 2 root, column diameter 20 cm. The porch of the gate on the east side of the door, 2.4 meters wide. XiBi draw has four major Kings like gallery, lintel with master tsongkhapa above three, south and north two walls each have three Buddha master tsongkhapa, the south and north two wall with buddhist "eight treasures" and live, etc. 
Main: gate toward the east, flat square, an area of 480 square meters (24 meters long and 20 meters) wide, there are eight arrises 22 square root root originally (36) 7 deep width 7 rooms; In the column, beam and the rafter head are carved with ruyi yuntou, lotus-shaped, volume grass grain adornment design, such as engraved on the wooden parts are birds, lion, deer and other animals. Inside the south wall of the original wood is placed end moment thousands of Buddha; XiBi northern tip with a strong people lama temple, times and in the temple he mans, card, living Buddha of the flesh, it is said that in the qing qianlong gorkha invasion into temple destroyed; XiBi southern also buy a temple in the Lord's throne is gold-plated, sakyamuni and class Dan lahm deities like Buddha; The walls of wood is placed by the cabinet, and has the kangyur, "Dan bead to each one. The walls inside the original all throughout the murals, the south wall of the Middle East: left for the temple guardian deity Zagreb west kampot, dark black, ternary, ZhiQi left hand, right hand holding the hook line, riding a white dark horse hooves, waist and quiver hung, broadsword, its lower part for the dog, the Wolf, etc; Central to the buddhas, Lord Buddha knot JiaFu sitting on a lotus, the monk only within teams, wearing yellow robes, meanwhile with the small disciple, or take a car or canopy roof of the building, different posture; Lord Buddha painted on both sides of the lotus coronet on her head maid sideways in shi, the right side of his painted NingMa founder, was wearing a red hat, wearing yellow robes, sitting on a red method, below is the Buddha disciple three and three heads Dai Bao JiLeTian crown, her big earrings, with four arms of kannon below; Draw the statue of the horsehead Ming wang finally end, eagle head, below for disciple, maid ceremonial drawing course, bottom edging lotus, xiangyun, falun, vajra pattern, etc. The east wall of the north: from left to cycle diagram, 21st and tara like; The guardian deity banda ink and the mother is on the right and blue ternary, right hand hold halberd, left hand holding the top of the skull, and riding a mule, huang it all round for the small gods: former ZhuLong and six arm according to the idea: kampot county, after the lion and the bones blowing method number, small hand enforcement battle of god, and have a BMW, the camel, eagle, sheep, dogs, wolves and other animals. XiBi: the main image for the day loose kampot: shakyamuni Buddha center, strong ba Buddha left and SangJieWu easily right; It then up with MiLaRiBa, holy mountain okada left rinpoche, tsongkhapa, and time of wheat, ga QuZhuoMa like, such as below with SangJieWu loose two disciples and zhuoma cloth (yellow tara) and so on. South and north wall also with the Buddha, bodhisattva, tara and portrait the dalai. Main second there are room 15, including 5 for the residence, the rest is "NieZhang" (warehouse); The third room 18 layer, between seven to temples in the master bedroom, the rest for SengShe. In today's society, a good first influence more and more importantl Windows. 
Tashi GuoMa tower temple: the original is a three layer architecture. Underlying for tower temple, doorways 1.2 meters wide, has grown two millimeters gate 5, carved on the lotus flower, grass, lotus, lion and dragon pattern, vivid form. Is a rectangular hall, covers an area of 133.28 square meters, 13.6 meters, 9.8 meters wide, width between 3 three deep, have a column 4 to; Zhongyuan has built a temple in spirit, more than 10 meters high, the tower of the east, south and north sides for a gold-plated statue of more than two hundred, now has not kept. The 2nd is summer YaKang, the south wall of the original sixteen arhats gilded like is placed, the south wall and border XiBi disposal there are only the first to nine generations as gilded like, like 3 XiBi midline consecrate guanyin bodhisattva, one considered a gold-plated like, 2 as sandalwood, about 2 meters high, its side as the 21st statue of tara, department of gold-plated copper and sandal wood; The west side of the north wall for master padmasambhava and just like that jie guardian deity clay sculpture. Temple, the third layer is mainly for the protector has room 3, one northwest corner of the living Buddha to pull hard, really talks between cloth flesh, curved legs, wearing a yellow mitral, wearing a golden cassock, thermal Jin Gangling right hand, left hand holding the dorje; Plastic cow has a statue of king kong like inside the room, a little higher than reality, 4 walls hung with TiaoShen utensils. Northeast a guardian deity worship kampot, lang, rama, clay sculpture, like all such as life-size; Another name "neither". On top of the tower temple tashi GuoMa with jinding, make the temple appears towering spectacular. 
Summer and winter lacan; Located in the main sanctuary north-west. The original of three layers, with adobe bricks to build with stones. The underlying room 4, all for the warehouse; Upper have records of kang, the place such as housekeeper, with iron bars, housing and small kitchen, there is a small temple, available for clay sculpture like 35. This has no deposit. 
Don't let; Located in the main sanctuary to the west. The original is on the second floor, for the temple of a certain status in lama's residence. 10 up and down two floors of rooms in the hotel, the southwest corner of the lower a habitation "witch", north side as he pulled hard, is the home of mulberry cloth, within the original more than one hundred gold-plated statue of Buddha enshrined. 
QuDe temple before the democratic reform in Tibet 93 monks. Some temple destroyed in 1959, during the "cultural revolution" are all destroys. In recent years at a buddhist temple temple ruins rebuilt, three SengShe, area of about 150 square meters. Buddhist temple in the collection of the original temple over copper Buddha, cymbals and other cultural relics. 
Woodcarving peacock artifacts: 1.2 meters long, 0.9 meters wide, 0.6 meters high. Wooden side engraved with the peacock pattern, with feet, screen long wing impressive, a look back gaze. The carved bas-relief, art of using saber of primitive simplicity is concise, line is concise Kuai exhibition. 
Lao woodcarving - just like lg: 20 cm, 14 cm wide. Lord Buddha in all directions, every surface ternary, twelve arm, main arm hug mother MingFei kong hai (called a "run of PAM"), bare feet on the first man. For cladding 莲座 like feet, for the flame around the backlight. Modelling is vivid, skill mastery, fully embodies the wrath of Lord Buddha expression and deterrent force. High-quality goods of Ming dynasty. 
Ming xuande five years: cymbals 2 pairs. Among them are a pair of big diameter 42 cm, diameter 20 cm, 9.5 cm intake. Dome side carved dragon playing bead patterns, the dragon quadruped, zhang teeth teeth dance, two dragons, in the flame orb, bead with deformation in the word "shou", on the other side engraved ShuangGou line regular script "da Ming xuande five years plus gold and silver" word. Groove are double intaglio painting, soft lines long and smooth. Another pair smaller shape, the outer diameter of 35 cm, diameter of 18 centimeters, Lao 8 cm, its shape with the words engraved, design the former. Two pairs of well-preserved cymbals, appearance luster, mass in the morning when knock louder. The finish well-preserved cymbals, appearance, the sound when knock is loud and clear. Belong to assist with cymbals multiplier, generally used in the buddhist ceremony. 
Ill "the gilded bronze statue: 41 cm tall, 28 cm wide, bronze casting, gold plated. Lord Buddha in all directions, every surface ternary, twelve arms and legs bent, at the foot of each step a little devil, naked, in wrath; Like a peach shape after a backlight. High-quality goods of Ming dynasty. 
Lao mar the gold-plated statue: 40 cm meters, 25 cm wide, bronze casting, plating; Farmar ba (1012 ~ 1097) as the Cumberland kagyu savants, wearing a frock, wearing robes; The left hand on the thigh, with the palm dorje, right hand natural prolapse, drop the magic seal middle finger touches the ground, the sat in the back, by two lotus lotus, 8 cm high. Plump, solemn expression. High-quality goods of Ming dynasty. 
Medicine king gilded bronze statue, 54.5 cm high, 31.5 cm wide, bronze casting, gold plated. Medicine and Tibetan king said "mother" jue Dan door, for YiJiu beings, the embodiment of great mercy, head screw, pekoe, frock, left hand laid between stocks, right hand flex came a herbal medicine; Under twofold lotus for Yang, 15 cm tall, knot JiaFu sit. Expression solemn, soft lines, has high artistic value. High-quality goods of Ming dynasty. 
Strong edge cutting gold-plated statue: like 63 cm tall, 29 cm wide, weighs 10.6 kg, bronze casting, gold plated. Wore a lotus flower coronet, admire big earrings and sautoir, arm, the intersection of two arms in chest international knot kong hong and printing, knot JiaFu sitting on a lotus, he entered her slender waist, the posture is exquisite, modelling is vivid. Belongs to the Ming dynasty boutique 


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