Tibet summer holiday


Tibet summer holiday

Midsummer festival of Tibet is the ocean, Lhasa sholton naqu, horse racing festival, xigaze Everest culture festival, ali XiangXiong culture festival, south YaLong culture festival...... Constitute the festival culture rich content of Tibet.

Is the biggest sholton Lhasa traditional festival, snow's Tibetan meaning "eat sour milk", but is not only eat the yogurt sholton day, is also "exhibition Buddha" and performance of the Tibetan opera festival. Every right now, has a history of over 300 years of Lhasa drepung monastery and sera "exhibition Buddha" activities, will open the prelude of the sholton. And in the norbulingka, Pope John Paul kang Angle and park, people dressed in their holiday best, sitting at the colorful tents, eating white yogurt, drinking scented of barley wine, appreciate the Tibetan opera and dance and other brilliant performance.

And in August, DangXiong naqu, and northern will have a big horse racing festival, horse racing festival on the horse racing, yaks, horse riding, archery and equestrian performance and so on national traditional sports outside, still have a unique Tibetan weightlifting, tug-of-war, stone, Tibetan fashion show, brilliant activities. In naqu known as the "horse home nation" the laudatory name, the horse racing festival period, the local nomads in grassland set up the tents of the colour profusion. As night fell, everyone around bonfire jump of joy GuoZhuang dance, sing song.

Ali's XiangXiong culture festival, led the tourists to be called "the ancient XiangXiong cultural sites to" ali zhanda area, enjoy guge sites and soil LinFengGuang; South YaLong culture festival, lead visitors to explore the mystery of the number of Tibetan culture.

In Tibet, the Tibetan early July every year, in Lhasa river, from the city to the country, from the pastoral areas to agricultural, there is a grand bathing activities. This is the Tibetan unique ritual, also called bath weeks. In the seven days, from ChuiTiao doll, to white-haired old man, all under the river to take a bath, this has become a traditional Tibetan compatriots habits and customs.

In the Lhasa area, whenever July abandon mountain appears star, the season has entered the late summer or early autumn. At this time of the Tibetan plateau just after the rainy season, sunny, river clear plumbing. So, a group of pick up a group of men and women, old and young, family action, and FuLaoXieYou, they came to the river, heartily play in the water, take a bath, swimming, tired and sat on the steps of the shore, wash the filth of the body and all kinds of disaster, disease, trouble and pain. The older the old man also went to the river squat down in stone on the stage, first shampoo, stripped after the upper part of the body, brush with water, under a bath last river. People not only shampoo, bath, also conveniently and wash your clothes, sheets.

People take of barley wine, Tibet, ZanBa and other festival food, after a bath, and ate and drank, ShuiGuDaoJin, a ideas. Some are swimming in the river, some in the dance on the beach, some singing.



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