Tibet's commentaries qaidam is introduced


Tibet ─ ─ of wood qaidam mysterious and colorful "18", scope includes the qaidam geermu part, that's setting, day this county, ulam county, the county, big ChaiDan administrative region Abram, cold lake district, glistening cliff administrative region. Tourist area including: golmud tourist area (including the kunlun travel village, salt lake tourist area, elegant Dan tourism district); Day this-Germany make ha tourist area (day this community, to travel, tourism, community); Touraine tourist area (touraine tourism district, wood's flood tourism district).

Tourist area has the rich high grade golmud tourism resources, is the western qinghai tourism development center. Golmud in qinghai tourism for transshipment hub and western tourism center, seeking the pilgrimage, cultural tourism, dongjing ancient bell music, tourism, shopping, Mongolia amorous feelings is the subject. Kunlun mountain culture is the kunlun mountains, uniting the pilgrimage of the holy, and Chinese people ZuDe found. Golmud is melts the tourism, entertainment, fitness, study, expedition as one of the salt lake tourist resort. It will be the northwest beautiful beautiful, charming plateau tourism city, the ancient culture, the tubo become important research field expedition.

The qaidam is lucky, Taoism, the king of the salt lake have, is mysterious and colorful "18". According to the north qilian qaidam tourist area, south by the kunlun, in eight hundred it said. Located in the southwest of the area is the cradle of kunlun mythology of kunlun. Wei kunlun, d-will, by the world as WanShanZhi fathers, Asia's spine. YuZhuFeng, jade virtual peak legend is the jade emperor two sister incarnate, permanent snow, ice. Even in midsummer June, still turn white, particularly enchanting, form the famous "kunlun June snow" wonderful landscape. Jade virtual feet is Chinese Taoism kunlun peak of main road games kunlun sent birthplace. Legend is JiangTaiGong five lines of avenue of uniting the land of forty years. The mountains strange peaks, animals and birds dives. The valley to the bottom of the kunlun river. Self-flowing west, the lake water, green such as dye, clear and bright are gathered. Water lake rich, and wild animals haunts, legend is west PanTao event held. God is west kunlun springs legend made from the way his wine spring water.

Chaerhan salt lake is the largest salt lake, the total area 5856 square kilometers, is "the first lake", and formed a "asked away" wonders. Chaerhan salt lake is a "don't sink lake". Because salt cover exceptionally hard, and so on the lake can fix highway, railway, build high-rise building, form the lake pedestrians, under the lake rippling wonders. Across the lake of 32 kilometers long "the salt bridge", is the world's longest salt bridge. The whole bridge by YanPu into and can be the world's bridge. Chaerhan Salt Lake City built on more than JiaFeiChang, including qinghai JiaFeiChang advanced production technology in the shipping a salt lake on a beautiful industrial tourism scenery line. JiaFeiChang within a large artificial county, in the sunlight,, colorful, and formed a "the salt sea YuBo" spectacle. In addition, thousands of renditions of brain, salt, salt to segregate clock milk is salt lake gives birth to the natural wonders.

Located in the northwest area of wind erosion physiognomy and Dan group, is the world's largest and most typical jas Dan attractions, especially south eight immortals, a ping of the region, and distribution area of thousands m2 kilometers, by the world as the devil city, MiHunZhen. South of eight immortals area like a animal world Dan, there is "utter a wild horse hoof, camel head", "huge whale paddle", "tiger lie longteng", full of endless. A ping, Dan is the lofty pagoda, boat JingDu, suitable in the meantime the maze.

Touraine chahanwusu riverside county are more than two hundred a Turk tang dynasty tomb group, is our country the first to find the tubo of the tomb. In the grave the silk is south of the silk road existence important evidence. Touraine county's HongWenHua wood western sites, is the largest of the qaidam so far is the site of ancient culture, the cultural connotation is unique, having a unique style. All of the aramaeans shells, HaiHa mountain is the mountain trail off the sea, with the changes of the evidence.

In the east of the county charming mitigating day grassland scenery and simplicity of the Tibetan amorous feelings. Day one of the eight sights high ErLang hole for the birth of west legends, plateau DE make ha have magical oasis a salty one weak dongting lake DaLian connected, lake of alien site can't prove the causes yet, is explored. Green tea card salt lake has a hometown salt charming salt lake scenery and beautiful and moving legends, more let people who stay hooked. 109, 315, 215 national highway through this, constitute a figure of the new traffic network, the qinghai-tibet railway in the city center to a period deep. The opening of geermu airport will further improve traffic conditions in this area, formed in the complete the land, the air three-dimensional transportation network. This is only a two-star hotels, a travel agency. Tourism infrastructure is weak. Wood commentaries introduced



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