YaLong scenic area

Tibet shannan YaLong river scenic area, located in Tibet shannan south NaiDong, zhanang, and, lo, gonggar, etc six county territory, shannan and 6 counties are not of the scenic spot. Is one of the birthplace of Tibetan shannan area.
Snow mountain glaciers, rural farm YaLong river scenic area, river valley, ancient cultural relics and folk customs such as elegantly, of primitive simplicity and mysterious magnificent picture. Rich plant species in the area, the vegetation change with altitude in perpendicular band distribution. River valley area with monsoon forest, known as Tibet in xishuangbanna. View the Tibetan cultural landscape body in shannan district of the earliest civilization. Mulberry temple, the kite is Tibet's first buddhist temple, located in zhanang county, north of the yarlung zangbo river. Wu deng he called "to". The existing building is basically 7 dalai reconstruction. Was built in the tang da li period. "Mulberry kite" the Tibetan transliteration, meaning "magical". Is Tibet's first tonsure monks monks of the temple. Temple fire several times, rebuilt after no longer not touched, but still maintain the original appearance. Positive direction toward the east, the total plane circular, surrounded by a fence, wall, each about 1 m had a red clay tower, wall as the open corridors, center for policy hall, symbol XuMiShan in the center of the world. Hall three layer, the underlying for Tibetan architectural style, the middle is han type architectural style, the top five tower for master of architecture in India. What so special building temples for the rare. National key cultural relics protection units have ChangZhuSi and Tibetan king's tomb. ChangZhuSi located NaiDongXian YaLong river about 2 km to the south, east and pond temple river.
Founded in the 640 s, songtsen gampo decided to build the host. Existing building is xiii dalai repair. Tibetan language harrier, peng, birds for chang, the dragon named the beads, temple into a prosperous bead. The prizes and folklore "lead dragon lake", "broken dragon into three". Cultural relics of the temple, temple outside grahame, many associated with princess wencheng.
In 1988, the state council for approval in shannan YaLong river basin for the second batch of state-level scenic spot ─ ─ YaLong scenic area, it is also Tibet's first state-level scenic spot. The scenic area is located in the south Tibetan middle reaches the yarlung zangbo river valley area, sunshine, fresh air, vast. Because of high altitude, the leaves like a mountain clouds, dwarf the stone. Scenic area in the jersey when town as the center, spread out ten big scenic spot 58 sites, forming YaLong landscape network by way of scenic spot. Scenic area of about 1580 square kilometers, the scenic besides yalla sweet cloth mountain elevation 6635.8 meters, the rest of the region between 3450 and 3600 metres above sea-level. Low ground meteorological north, west and low in. The yarlung zangbo river pentium in mountain ravines, fast-flowing, magnificent sight, the world is rare. River cross-strait flat terrain, pleasant climate, fertile land, village adjacent, is typical of the southern Tibet pastoral scenery. YaLong valley scenic area is a plateau landform, characterized by remains of Tibetan history, buddhist culture as the connotation, is a combination of folk customs, is a cultural preservation, tourist pilgrimage, amorous feelings experience, scientific research and academic research, and other functions of national key scenic spot.


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