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219 national road tour is introduced: the 219 national road(or "national highway 219 line", "pulan") is in a Chinese national highway, the starting point for xinjiang phosphatide, end point for Tibet to pull the uzbek national road, covering a total of 2342 km. The road through xinjiang and the Tibetan two provinces.
New g219 highway (kashi-the spring river) highway, 1455 kilometers, is the world's highest elevation of the highway, on the way over 5000 meters above the mountains five seats, among the highest JieShan Osaka altitude of 5248 meters, is a few to Tibet in the most dangerous route, especially JieShan daban and dead ditch. In just three days, from more than 900 metres above sea level in xinjiang of over 5200 meters mountain pass again to stop of over 4500 meters, ali, plus the complex climate, must have been more than a lot of people the limits of normal body. From ali altitude difference to phosphatide, one day can from hundreds of meters altitude area in xinjiang rise to more than five thousand m hemp firm Osaka sections, to almost all of the physical quality for travelers big test and difficulties, and the XinCangXian is the most difficult and dangerous, way of over kilometers across the frozen layer and more than a dozen a ice Osaka, dozens of word glaciers dangerous shoals, chillness, avalanche landslide, mountain reaction and a true difficult past, and so on, from an altitude of 1300 metres (YeChengXian) of xinjiang over for more than 5300 meters JieShan Osaka stay for more than 4200 meters to the ali, plus the lack of oxygen and the changing climate, have more than many people normal threshold.
It is the world's most dangerous part of one of the highway. It through world-famous kunlum mountain, the mountain, KaLaKunLunShan, hillock, the Himalayas, over 16 ice Osaka, 44 glacier in, the whole line after most of the area for the no man's land ". An average altitude of 4500 meters, is the highest elevation in the world, ZuiXian road, the road, poor and the most bad plateau highway environment. This is the new g219 highway, is also called the national highway 219 lines.
Way of hundreds of kilometers often have no signal and anybody else, but sights very spectacular, it was inconceivable, through areas, a day hardly see a pedestrian or car, will sometimes see wild ass, the Tibetan antelope, wild hidden and the crowds of wild animals. To enjoy the to countless beautiful plateau snow mountain and weather vagaries of the Himalayas and karakoram mountains, in trevor ariza to area can see shock, shape of specific view of soil LinFengJing pierced, than the devil is more in xinjiang city majestic much, also can climb its guge kingdom site, can go to the god of Tibetan Buddhism and all manasseh, and the sacred tm is wrong, the birthplace of the yellow yongzheng sakya, and soft different styles of white occupies temple and so on landscape.


Everest-ali-Kashgar Xinjiang-Tibet 12 Day

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