Qamdo Scenic Spots

 Qamdo in Tibet, located in the east, is located in the hengduan mountains and sanjiang (jinsha river, lancang river, nujiang river) valley, known as the "Tibet east pearl" the laudatory name. Since left qamdo gai-tu-gui-liu policy in the late qing dynasty government, qamdo county, prefecture of it has been the political, economic, cultural and transportation center, enjoy "Tibet east portal" of reputation. In Qamdo town as the center, the east and of the sichuan province, the southeast border with Burma and yunnan, southwest and adjacent to the Tibet nyingchi region, northwest China and Tibet nagqu area are linked together, the north and the border of qinghai province, the west looked at the Tibet autonomous region's capital, Lhasa, in commerce hub.

County people's government at the local, town, postal code: 854000, telephone area code: +86-0895. Qamdo in 1950 after the liberation, the central committee of the communist party of China established the party in qamdo town in Tibet region one of the earliest people s regime organization, qamdo county committee of the people's liberation, under the leadership of the state council; Qamdo county people's government on April 20, 1959 was formally established, has three administrative region; In 1959 to seven administrative regions; In July 1962, divided into 10 again area 1 town, township, a total of 52; Implemented in 1987 from district and township, is divided into 15 township town 1 area, over 259 villagers committee, 10 residents committee, 920 natural villages. Township administrative divisions again 3, 12, 1999, 9 neighborhood committees and 208 administrative villages. Qamdo county has a long history, and 12 km south of the city's "KaRe village site", the qamdo county history can be traced back to more than 4000 years ago. 6 times, said to changdu county as the center of the area as a "kang", going for refuge to the tang dynasty tubo. Since the yuan dynasty, the official delimit the motherland territory. Qing dynasty called qamdo "ChaMu more" (area). In Tibetan minister set and two jobs, its deputy resident qamdo town. In April 1959, qamdo county people's government formally established. In changdu rich natural resources, transportation convenience, the talents. To loose its veins, the revitalization of the national economy, qamdo county in the party work in Tibet, under the guidance of various special policies and flexible measures actively formulated a series of national economic and social development planning, in a planned way imported goods management mechanism, the market economy concept gradually entered into the pastoral areas, successively set up a batch of less investment, quick effect of small and medium-sized backbone enterprises, enhance the staying power of economic development.
Qamdo travel line: mangkang - ZuoGong - - class uzi - BaSu qamdo prefecture. Listen to local friend said, in a very old geological time, since the age of the dinosaurs, probably through action of high temperature and high humidity, iron oxidation, has created the nagqu red. Now the symbol of "red" also became prosperous. In Lhasa, the people often say, if anyone meet car wheel rim lean, is prosperous to the car.
Along the red mountains, everywhere is red, the east the mangkang ZuoGong, qamdo town, west to the lung, Ding Qing, side dam, qamdo counties is not red. I locate a few places, is a memorable experience. The glowing red or reddish brown, purple mountain or soil color, makes my eyes drunk.
The mangkang county to changdu walk all the way, southeast of Tibetan red fragile and grand view to show in front of my eyes. Says it is fragile, a small river, you can put on both sides of the mountain have carved out a huge gap, to see in Google Earth, become eternal scars; Says it is magnificent, near the mountain in the distance in ancient orogenic movement, in the depths of the earth\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s surface under the action of hot magma, different colour layers of rock on the ornament in the red mountain, amazing.
The region the Ding Qing at northwestern county, qamdo prefecture mountain began to present a piece of orange, brown, deep red, red pigment... Red, it is so rare breed plateau danxia scenery. Little hidden rooms spread on the land of red, and white ink window lights up the earth heaven, buttress to the straw as if put on the roof in the sinchon head ornaments, cold chain bridge of living without expression on yak tail swinging lazily walked far into the distance.
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