Ngari Scenic Spots

 Ngari is a regional administrative division of China's Tibet autonomous region, one of the lowest population density in the world, has a unique plateau natural style and features. Geographical area of about 30.4 square kilometers. Lion springs, river district administrative office's representative county town. Says nariman house of the yuan, Ming said Russian forces. And India have Barry, territorial disputes. Heart - qiangtang plateau in northern qinghai-tibet plateau. Ali is the Himalayan mountains, the mountain mountain gathering place such as mountains, known as "Wan Shanzhi progenitor. At the same time, it is the birthplace of the Brahmaputra, the Indus, Ganges, so it is also referred to as the "source" of bacc the.

Ngari district is located in the western part of China's Tibet autonomous region, is located in the northern qinghai-tibet plateau - qiangtang plateau heartland. East west of the tangula mountain miscellaneous belo monte, connected to naqu area; West and southwest to the Himalayan fault, is adjacent to India, Nepal and Kashmir; In the middle south to the mountain, mountain, xigaze region secondary BaXian, SaGa county; Areas.beiqi kunlun mountain, adjacent to China's xinjiang uygur autonomous region. In the area of 30 square kilometers. An average elevation of 4500 meters, a total of over 7 counties, a population of only 80000, is the least densely populated in the world.
Ngari district is the Himalayas, karakoram range mountain, mountain and kunlun mountains to the gathering place, and domestic and the home of several famous rivers, so, ali is also known as "Wan Shanzhi ancestors", "bacc the source". Here, rolling mountains, lakes, fields of remote. Therefore, ali region landform with snow and ice, lakes and volumes of rock for its characteristics, history summed up the characteristics around the ice and snow "Planck", "guge" rock around, lakes around "yu", always referred to as "ali statistics.
Ngari road travel is introduced:
To 219 national road through the ali, lion spring river town, 1111 kilometers from xinjiang Ye Chengxian starting point. XinCangXian trucks, jeeps can ride. Poor road conditions, away from the lion spring river, Ye Chengxian near the asphalt, the rest of the dirt road, driving strong plateau response, a little movement will be uncomfortable. XinCangXian currently on the road, from the leaf to arie van around 600 yuan, the jeep 1000 yuan. Turned out to have a long distance bus from leaf to ali, but due to the road and had an accident, before the shuttle bus routes has been suspended.
Lhasa to ali can take ali Tibetan antelope passenger bus company, price of 600 yuan, from suburb north bus start at 2 PM each day, 10 700, commercial vehicles and Toyota suv can choose, an average of 1000. Drive for 24 hours.
From lion springs to other county road, river road. Tibetan suv car rental tip: club in ali rent dongfeng truck 20 days lion spring river, about 1000 yuan/day, a car is feasible, the owner will be ready for at least four barrels of oil (oil into ga plus return), the cost can be divided into beach within ten people, have more vegetables. If domestic jeep (price is around RMB 1500 / day), is the most problematic oils and crossing the river, bicycle drivers don't want to open, such as trapped there will be dangerous. Tibet suvs remind you ali lions club spring river charter information: a dongfeng truck 15000 yuan package, 5 days domestic jeep 18000 yuan package, 5 days from lion spring river to zadar guge tower qin gang rinpoche work-which would beside harmony, back to the lion spring river trip 5 days, the lion springs can be found on the river in the town.
Dongfeng truck is good, sleep all the way to the past, but more than ten people, sleep up to six people in the car, the driver sleep driving chamber. If more people, so we have to take a tent, it takes more time. Sleep around a car had better have a dampproof mat, average down sleeping bag can, at least six hundred grams / 80% wool.
There are small villages along the way also more like a village (county), can be solved to have a meal, accommodation jeep has so.
Lhasa to ali
From Lhasa to ali have two road, 1760 kilometers north, south, 1500 kilometers. For dirt road north, south road in 2011 have all road asphalt, than the northern line much more easy. But things still happen water broken to the road, it is best not to open the car walk the line.
Lhasa - pull kotz - mulberry mulberry - 22 class: north and south, after the mulberry mulberry is bifurcation of 22 class. Highway in kotz after leaving the china-nepal highway 6 kilometers to the west, about 235 kilometers to the class. Road conditions are relatively good, the truck can drive 40 km/hour on average.
No bus go this way, only rent a car or a ride. Car rental is best in Lhasa and xigaze, but agencies than Lhasa to xigaze how much more concerned about the traveler's purse, and in providing services commitments is a bit poor, so want to ask to just go.
Travelers want to hitchhike to ali, to go to xigaze or transcribing. Kotz is better, go to ali or the car by this small town. Some travellers are to kotz, such as 6 km fork in front of the car, the fork is a bridge, through all to ali's truck from now on, is a good place to have a ride.
, north road,
Lhasa, xigaze: Lhasa to ali, farther north road difficult to walk. Lhasa to kotz is a straight, especially to shigatse is asphalt road, 250 kilometers long, passing YangHu. Lake if you want to view, have to leave the old highway, old road 340 kilometers, the hard line, including GanBaLa climb mountain pass, can have a bird's eye view of YangHu at the summit. Because than new road time consuming, can only in Jiang Zi or xigaze lived a night, but not straight dara transcribing or beyond.
Xigaze - pull kotz, xigaze to pull kotz 157 kilometers, the road is straight and flat. Then, free riders in transcribing or followed by 6, 7 km bridge to find car, bridge is better. Pull transcribing some hotel, 15 yuan/person, a few restaurants. Here is the best to eat before a meal, have a shop selling noodles, sugar, biscuits, drinks, and in this patch still need goods quickly.
Pull kotz tip: kyrgyz forward few accommodation, truck have to keep go on a day until the next night, and the path depending on the car is often badly and presence of landslides.
Kotz - card ga: bridge, into the valley, there are littered with some of the Tibetan village, if the driver is good wishes often stop, it's a good place to photograph. Town about 50 km walk straight card ga, Tibetan village on the right side of the road, the truck standing on the left a little earlier, have a base
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