Lhasa Scenic Spots
Is also called the "sun city" in Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet autonomous region of the Republic of China, Tibets first big city, a national famous historical and cultural city, she as the capital of the Tibet autonomous region, Tibet has long been the center of the politics, economy, culture, religion, is an ancient city with a history of 1300 years. Located in the southeast of the Tibet autonomous region, north of the yarlung zangbo river tributary LaSaHe, geographical coordinates for longitude 91 ° 06 ', latitude 36 ° 29 han 3650 meters above sea level. Lin zhi region east, south and shannan border, xigaze region in the west, naqu area in the north. The largest vertical distance 202 km, maximum horizontal distance 277 km. With a total area of 29518 square kilometers. A total population of 576100 people. On May 23, 1951, the peaceful liberation of Tibet, Lhasa, the city has entered a new era. In 1960, the state council formally approved to Lhasa, in 1982 and it as one of the first batch of 24 national historical and cultural cities published.
(Lhasa Lhasa City) is located in the middle of the Tibet autonomous region, slightly southeast comprises 7 counties (DangXiongXian, DuiLongDeQingXian, Lhasa, qu county, maizhokunggar county, DaZiXian water, wood county and Lin Zhouxian) 1 area (ChengGuanOu). For nearly three square kilometers, the total urban area of 59 square kilometers. The city's total population of 515300, of which the town census register population, non-agricultural population of 211400 people; Rural population of agricultural population 303900 people [1], the foreign population of about 150000 people. There are 31 nations such as Tibetan, han, hui, Tibetan constituting 87%. In December 2011 was named the national civilized city. [2] in 2012, "2012 annual" top 200 Chinese characteristics charm city on December 20, 2012 at the Chinese academy of social sciences published "the blue book of public service", according to a nationwide 38 cities of more than 25000 copies of questionnaires show that Lhasa citizen security the highest. As China's most secure cities [4], also known as the city of the sun.
In Lhasa, the Tibetan language translation into spoken language "is", doing things simply JingShun Buddha imperial edict, also said accurate, such as the principle and put a doubt and change, and a mile. Is the "temple" and "shi". Here a will made in temple city, reason of Lhasa.
"Lhasa" in the Tibetan language as "holy land" or "Buddha land" meaning, Tibet has long been the center of the politics, economy, culture, religion, splendid and magnificent potala palace, is the symbol of supreme clerical regime. Early in the 7th century, sontzen gampo mergers neighboring tribes, unified Tibet after sontzen gampo from yanaon pose (today) in Lhasa, capital was able to establish the tubo dynasty.
Lhasa is called "Mr", "goat" in the Tibetan language said "get", "soil" called "Mr", according to legend the seventh century tang dynasty princess wencheng married to tubo, here is a piece of grass sand, to build after the jokhang temple and ramoche temple filled with goats back lie pond, temple built after the missionary monks and the increase in the number of people come to buddhist, surrounding around the jokhang temple was successively built many hotels and houses, formed to jokhang temple as the center of the old town. Sontzen gampo and in the palace of hongshan expansion at the same time (i.e. Today the potala palace), so the Lhasa river valley plain in the palace built in succession, renowned Chinese and foreign famous plateau city form from now on. "Sa" also gradually becomes a "holy land" in people's mind, Tibet became a religious, political, economic and cultural center. In the impression of average person, is by the potala palace in Lhasa, barkhor (bajiao street), the jokhang temple, sera and zhaibung and LaSaHe, but people think of Tibet, "Lhasa" should be strictly refers to jokhang temple and built around the jokhang temple and barkhor, only in the jokhang temple and barkhor, just calculate to Lhasa. Now still maintained the essence of the ancient city of Lhasa Lhasa city east area.
Tourist attractions in Lhasa, potala palace, jokhang temple and norbulingka is listed as world cultural heritage. The main tourist attractions are drepung, sera and ramoche, Angle of lu kang, hidden tomb and sites of mosques, qu gong tsurphu monastery, Lhasa, Tibet museum, YaoWangShan, satin drill kagyu monasteries group, such as main business district in barkhor, yu Rio road pedestrian street, department store building in Lhasa.
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an gang reshuihe bangsasi Barkhor Street Barkhor Street caibasi canggusi cejuelin cemanlin cemenlin cemolin chongsaikang dajiaobofeng dalongsi danjielin dapusi dezhongwenquan dezhongwenquan dezongsi donggasi Drepung Monastery fengmingdao gachongcunyizhi Gandan monastery gandanpozhang gedansi gongdelin gongtangsi Great Mosque guandi temple hepingjiefangjinianbei hutoushanshuiku jiamagou jiamawanggong jiangqulinsi jieduisi jiejisi jokhang junbayucun lalushidi lamusi langtangsi langzixia larizeafeng lasayinyuepenquanguangchang Lhasa lhasa river linzhou lhasa river longwangtan longwangtangongyuan luzifeng Marnyi Stone milashanwenquan MiQiongNiGuAn Mira Hill mizhutongmenlinsi moruningbasi nailangsi naiqiongsi naiqiongsi nalanzasi nalianzasi namtso niangreminsufengqingyuan nianqingtanggulashan Norbulingka Norbulingka Summer Palace nunnery nuopusi Nyainqêntanglha Shanmai pabangkagong pubujuesi puluyansi puyanggangqinfeng qiongmugangrifeng qiusangwenquan qizifeng qugongguyizhi qugongwenhuayizhi Ramoche Temple rezhensi ricuozhuowata riduowenquan sailinguocangsi samazhasi sangmucun sangpusi selaquxisi Sera Monastery shangmiyuan and xiamiyuan shidansi sijinlacuo tabulinzankang tanggufengjingqu tanglaangqufeng the Potala Palace Tibet museum Tibet Revolutionary Museum Tsupu Monastery xiamisi xiasi xidelin xiemaguofeng xiongbalaqushenshui xiongsesi Yangbajing yangbajingdirewenquan yanggunsi yaowangshan yaowangshanshike yebasi yedangdafo yedangdumudian yutuoqiao zaayebasi zalalupu zalalupusi zanxiarifeng zhadalugongjigongbei zhajisi zhaxisi zhayeba Group of caves zhayebasi zhigongtisi zhuzangdachen yamenyizhi zongjiaolukang zuomalakang



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