Yunnan-Tibet Scenic Spots

 Yunnan Tibet line refers to the yunnan-tibet highway (state road 214) south western yunnan jinghong, across the region the primeval forest, across the Yangtze river, over more than 4300 meters above sea level of the mountain snow mountain and hill, hong classics Tibet mangkang, ZuoGong, qamdo, uzi to the Tibetan border PuMa, arrived in lanzhou, gansu province, Tibet autonomous region within the territory of 803 km. Tibet road since shimonoseki to mangkang, into the sichuan-tibet road, the downtown (318 national highway), sand surface, level off, the weather will be open to traffic. Only red, snowy mountains and western yunnan baima snow mountain sometimes snow in winter.

After following the sichuan-tibet highway and the qinghai-tibet highway, in October 1973, entering the qinghai-tibet plateau area and an important highway - yunnan-tibet highway was built.
Yunnan-tibet highway 1930 km, and not too big, at an altitude of 4000 meters above the road 39 km; It is 239 kilometres of 3000-4000 m. These sections have not only snow gorge rock, tunnel, bridge, and thin air, the climate is cold. All four major Bridges, and tunnels three places, 112 small and medium-sized Bridges, culverts, 1764 169000 cubic metres of retaining walls. This shows the difficult of project. Scenery have zhon mountain, erhai lake (Dali); Lijiang naxi ancient city (); Shangri-la (zhongdian); And the hengduan mountains strange spectacular. This route is the famous ancient travelers go "tea ma gu". Today by cross-country explorers as world-class cross-country routes "yunnan Tibet line" is the main channel of yunnan to Tibet, tea ma gu city caravan (such as lijiang, Dali) and disappearance of cultural fusion in the yunnan Tibet line.
Entering south of lijiang, shangri-la county. Old town of lijiang is located in the jinsha river upstream, has a long history, beautiful scenery, majestic, natural environment is a descendant of the ancient qiang people, the naxi\\\\\\\'s hometown. Lijiang ancient city, 2400 meters above sea level, is the center of the lijiang naxi autonomous county city, is one of the famous historical and cultural city in China, is a national key scenic spot.
Yunnan-tibet highway of a feeder by shimonoseki, in kunming, Dali, zhongdian, politician, yan jing, mangkang to sichuan-tibet highway, and then to the west to changdu or by bayi to Lhasa, YouKunMing to mangkang road 1112 kilometers, by the mangkang via bayi to Lhasa, 1214 kilometers, 2326 kilometers. Starting point for kunming city, yunnan province, yunnan Tibet highway. On the way there is many places to stay in kunming to visit; Kunming to mangkang section, transportation need more transfer station, through bai, naxi, and the many ethnic minority areas, such as Tibetan nationality amorous feedings. Yunnan-tibet highway across the hengduan mountains, division of jinsha river, lancang river, nujiang river, repeatedly and jade dragon snow mountain, khabarov snow mountain, white snow-capped mountains, prince and meili snow mountain apart, still need through the Yangtze river first bay, tiger leaping gorge natural barriers, such as make the dian-zang highway and difference is very big: within 10 kilometers, highway drops and then rise again, the climate varies with height also referred to as the "three-dimensional climate", passengers spent half a day\\\\\\\'s journey in the four seasons of weather. Yunnan-tibet highway is affected by the weather changes, zhongdian to paragraph mangkang often frequent landslides and mudslides in the rainy season.
"Tea ma gu" "tea ma hu" originated in ancient southwest frontier, initial in sui and tang dynasties, prospering in tang and song dynasty, Ming. And ChuanCangXian constitute mainly by the yunnan Tibet line, connected to the sichuan and yunnan Tibet, extend into the territory of Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, India and west Asia, west Africa, red sea coast, is the world\\\\\\\'s longest traffic mileage ancient trade routes. According to expert textual research, tea horse ancient road is so far the western form of native culture retain the best and the most colorful a national cultural corridor, is also the highest in the history of mankind, through the most difficult plateau ancient civilization. In her world of eternal charm let people miss! Past "a trip to yunnan Tibet tea horse ancient road line, a natural way." "Hell yunnan-tibet highway, but through the paradise". 2122 kilometers of Dali in yunnan province to Tibet Lhasa, now road less than 300 kilometers, and is still in constant construction and finishing, all the way to a car moving scene.
Yunnan-tibet highway 1930 km, and not too big, which, at an altitude of 4000 meters above the road 39 km; It is 239 kilometres of 3000-4000 m. Travelers to take the dian-zang highway before ready to prevent altitude sickness, suggested to steady journey before a week to start taking rhodiola or carry the vision of quick-acting carry oxygen, one thousand plateau reaction also had a response.
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214national road baimangxueshan baimaxueshan baishuitai bingchuangongyuan birangxiagu bitahai cangjingtang chituxianrendong cizhongtianzhujiaotang dabaosi damozushidong diqingzhoubowuguan dishuiyanpubu dongbabihualang dongbagu dongbashiluomiao dongzhulinsi dujuanyuan dukezonggucheng dulongjianghegu feilaisi gedengyizhi habaxueshan hongshiyangudizhenyizhi huapingdishuiyanpubu hulupingrongdong hutiaoxia jigongshi jiushijiulongtan judianguzhen kawaboge kawaboge lancangjiangxiagu lanyueshangujingqu lijiangdayanzhen lijiangdongbawangguo lijiangheilongtan Lijing lingdong maoniuping meilixueshan mingyongbingchuan minzufushizhanyanzhongxin napahai naxigaoshancaodian niru Nujiang River bridge Nujiang River gorge pudacuo qianhushan qicaipubuqun qinglonghaishengtailvyouqu riyuehe riyueping samagongziranbaohuqu sanjiangbingliufengjingqu ShangriLa shengshengdongmilefoxiang shierlangan shizishangongyuan shouguosi shuduhai shuduhu shuheguzhen sifangjie songzanlinsi weisuolijiang wufengshan wupingshuiku xiageiminsucun xianggeliladaxiagu xianggelilaxian xianrendong xingwentulin yangpingshuiku yilacaoyuan yongningwenquan yongshenggufenlin yongshenglingyuanqing yubengcun yuhucun yulongxueshanhuaxuechang YunNan Yunnan-Tibet yuquangongyuan yushuizhaigushuqun yushuizhaishenquan zhengongtang zhongdiantianshengqiao ziliguzhen




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