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 The beautiful and rich of the wise men of ancient lake

There were lake 38 cuo mei XianJing, zhe ancient lake is the largest lake within the territory. Wise men of ancient lake is bon ShenHu, every year large Numbers of bon religion believers to pilgrimage.
Wise men of ancient lake fish resource is very rich. Fish because of the cold weather, slow growth of the fish, the fish skin is very thick, can be used for making all kinds of fish skin handicraft. Zhe ancient lake fish, of course, is absolutely green natural food. Someone once imagined, in zhe ancient lake to build one fish processing plants, fish do canned, fish skin and wallets and so on, it may be feasible. Because of zhe ancient lake area crowd believed in bon, fishing is not taboo.
Wise men of ancient lake is the famous scenic tourist area. Winter glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, the lake is like one noodles mirror set in the prairie; Spring and summer season, the lake sparkling, into the blue sky, boating on the lake, out of lakes and mountains, is invigorating. Flocks of wild ducks, yuanyang, grey goose chase in the lake, swim underwater shoal; Breeze, the flowers and the swaying highland barley in photograph reflect; In rare oasis, little sheep, yaks, marmot, fox, snow chicken, Tibetan wild ass and exotics, outlined this wonderland, form the wise men of ancient poem one of grassland scenery.
Cuo XiongHun beauty on the earth
Cuo mei was a very important place in the history of Tibet. Yesterday's heroes are here left rasa one kernel altar, rasa one kernel tombs, when make the castle, such as when the cases of site. Walk on this land, looking at those hidden deep in the earth "password", will cause people to distant does, heartfelt reverence for the past thinkers of the past...
Rasa benevolence altar, Tibetan meaning "holy feldspar. Legend sontzen gampo initially the urban construction in zhe ancient grasslands, have established the celebrates its cornerstone.
Rasa benevolence altar site near one cemetery, grave is small. After excavation, early to tubo tombs. In one tomb, some skeleton head and body separation, is the tomb can be determined.
Into the cuo mei will see a lot of the castle, the surrounding environment and the castle with ali Zha daxian ruins of guge some similar. Those ruins stand tall under the blue sky, as if one bit a heroic unyielding warrior, being cut down the head and limbs, still standing proudly in the wind, will not fall.
When the deal site is located in the cuo mei county podor, founded in the 13th century. Cases of the hillside where there is one article of water tunnel and ground crossings, among ZongShan yard, crossing to round, 0.6 meters in diameter, hole in 1.2 1.8 meters high, after the end of a tunnel for one Wells, Wells this is wartime. Government built around one 1.2 meters high and 1 m wide moat, 2 meters wide river. See these, can not help but reminiscent of again: ancient rammer, moving stone good hard ah, why do they do it? They came to where go to?
Measures the United States, is the heaven of XiongHun wander, is the place where one piece can cause endless fantasy you!
The legend of ancient and unique folk customs
Friend, if you really come to measures beauty, go into houses or nomad tents, in tea wine of women for you, maybe someone's wearing clothes made of flowers PuLu. The origin of this dress, it is a long and beautiful story.
Legend has it that one time and princess wencheng to Joan and palace, tasting the firm firm herders after laid of beef and mutton and tsampa oil cake, full of praise, and promised to Mr. Grasslands away. The princess pricked the grassland, to plunge into herders and scrambling to toast to the princess, prairie suddenly becomes a joyful sea, wine fragrance around, toasting song reverberate around. Herders and princess had three consecutive days and three nights, teenage girls around the princess, have accompanied the princess to speak, some lying in the princess's bosom that whine. Girls, toast spilled wine on the shoulders of the princess, the princess's hair has been hashed, immediately became like made up 66 braids hair style.
Sontzen gampo processed in Lhasa in all kinds of things, return to shannan, learned that the princess wencheng in grassland, immediately rushed to the. Enough time princess heard, big hair, anti wear wet clothes, to meet the praise. Mr. Zuckerberg woman saw the princess wencheng dress at this time, to follow suit.
About the origin of anti wear flowers PuLu clothing has a long and the solemn and stirring story. , to which sontzen gampo died, princess wencheng nervous breakdown due to excessive grief, anti wear clothes made of flowers PuLu to run on the grassland. There is one time, she came to the firm, were the women saw, to follow suit.
When two stories to legends, can speculate: and is Joan sontzen gampo and princess wencheng live with palace are near zhe ancient grasslands, zhe since ancient grassland as beautiful, princess wencheng was successively two times or more to zhe ancient. Come first, is that beautiful in front of the story, then happened behind the solemn and stirring story. In a word, no matter beautiful, solemn and stirring, or is beautiful and tragic, of course is to honour the princess wencheng.
In the end to the owner of the dried meat for you, could someone dressed up sharp colour boots, Mr. Village dialect is called "jia qian". Mr. Zuckerberg "jia qian" colour boots is very famous, almost all the people here wear this colour boots. This color thick soles, leather face strong, wear comfortable and beautiful. This kind of colour boots, beauty only measures. Here, we should remind guests coming from afar, you can take one pair of this color boots back, because it will accompany you go in peace.
Measures the ancient Tibetan mastiff a big pile of, can be compared with one donkey, temperament fierce, with butch to compete to win, it is a good friend of the nomads. Some small animal grazing on the grass, look up at the sky stars, or a few small partners in the tent up guessing riddles, jianggar story become fascinated, forget to cattle and sheep are eating grass on the hillside. It doesn't matter, the Wolf butch, the Tibetan mastiff will take the lead, hard struggle, stop the enemy.
According to the villagers of the west village, where is not far from the west village is a arcadia, the snowy mountains, the mountain has a lake, the name is "harmony" measures. Lakeside scenery beautiful, fertile land, abundant hydrophytes, is one piece of natural pasture. Herders in mountain area in the next door. Spring, herders and the home of cattle, sheep, mules, horses into the sanctuary, and in accordance with the traditional habits, at a specified date, shut the door, and then go home. So, who's going to look after the animals all summer? Besides milk a person, will only have the Tibetan mastiff. The Tibetan mastiff, in fact, undertake the task for grazing. In October, the harvest season, when the master came to catch the fat cattle home, Tibetan mastiff to master nature is gambols, trailing behind cattle, sheep and horses, go


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