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To go to Tibet to note: Tibet plateau special environment, the body will have certain effect, therefore, to Tibet tourism must go to a hospital be before body check, in that he and other major organs cardiopulmonary nothing wrong with, under the premise of to departure. The following will introduce the basic care, common sense some plateau.

1, do not appropriate to Tibet travel

The heart, lungs, brain, liver, kidney have obvious lesions, and severe anemia or high blood pressure patients, not being the eye into the plateau. If you never went to plateau, it is recommended that you are entering the plateau before, strict medical examination.

With organic disease, serious anemia or severe hypertension tourists on the plateau of environment adaptiveness is poor. They have to go through the early stages of the plateau, the risk of an acute plateau sickness was higher than others; If in the plateau stay time is too long, is also the others is likely to develop all kinds of chronic plateau sickness. At the same time because the body to adapt to the plateau environment, liver, lungs, heart, kidney and other vital organs reserve activities to strengthen these organs of the burden. Once these organs appear disorders, can make an illness accentuate further.

If you don't know whether they could participate in the Tibet travel activities, suggest you to experience the doctor ask, and as far as possible in line with the principle of steady.

2, into the plateau ready to before

(1). Enter before plateau, but to have the person of experience life plateau consultation note, accomplish know fairly well, to avoid needless nervous.

(2). Before into plateau, a ban on alcohol and tobacco, prevent the upper respiratory tract infection. Avoid tiredness, to save enough rest. Appropriate under American ginseng, etc. In order to strengthen the ability of resisting lack of oxygen. If have respiratory infection, should cure before enter the plateau.

(3). Good psychological quality is overcome and win over plateau response do something stupid. Examples of proof, remain optimistic optimistic mood, set up the strong self-confidence, weakened plateau response with body unwell. Conversely, worried, thought excessive, slightly unwell and plateau of nervous celebrate, it will increase the brain tissue of oxygen consumption, so as to make the body unwell intensifies, make the self healing time extended.

(4). If you never went to plateau, before in the plateau, must be strict medical examination. Severe anemia or high blood pressure patients, not being the eye into the plateau.

3, into the plateau way the matters needing attention

(1). As far as possible should be prepared oxygen and prevention and control of acute plateau sickness drug, such as (benzene pyridine (and name XinTongDing) and aminophylline etc, also need to have control of the cold drugs, antibiotics and vitamin drugs and so on, just in case.

(2). Because plateau climate cold, temperature gap between day and night, must pay attention to have enough clothes from the cold, in case the catch cold catch cold catch a cold. Cold and respiratory infections are likely contributed to acute plateau sickness.

(3). On the way into the plateau if appear more serious symptoms of high mountains, shall be immediately processing, timely take aminophylline tongue or including benzene pyridine 20 milligrams-service. Serious when should oxygen. If appear serious chest tightness, rough cough, difficulty breathing, cough PaoMoTan pink, or slow to respond to indifference, even coma, consciousness, except for the above the disposal, as soon as possible to the nearby hospital should be to rescue, or turn to as soon as possible with lower altitude area, for treatment restored.

(4). Because of the time required for plateau by bus to work, on the way the lodgings condition is poor, energy consumption, so in addition to the above, be prepared to all kinds of goods, also should be prepared to water or drinks and delicious easy to digest food, so that in time complement the body needs to water and heat.

4, plateau response-traveling in Tibet, should be most concerned about is plateau response.

Because of the person different, not before it is hard to know of the plateau. The weak body may not necessarily reactions, strong body may not without the reaction. Everyone's reaction forms are also different. Usually, lath lath better than fat people, lady in man, short in tall, the younger one good in the elderly.

From the plain region in the plateau, human appear regulatory changes mainly displays in the following aspects:

(1). Pulse (rhythm of the heart) frequency: plain region for normal pulse 72 / cent, beginning to plateau pulse can be increased to 80 when ~ 90 / cent, individuals can reach 100 times/points, live after period of time, and can be restored.

(2). Breathing: mild respiratory oxygen, the first performance breathing deepen faster, with increased frequency of oxygen breathing also further speed up, people stay feel chest distress, short. Fitting, will gradually restored to its original level.

(3). Blood pressure: plain region for 110 ~ 120 systolic blood pressure normal millimeters of mercury, diastolic pressure WeiHuZuoChang 0 ~ 80 millimeters of mercury. After the early into the plateau, due to vascular receptor role and influence of body fluids, make the skin, abdominal viscera and vasoconstriction, blood pressure to rise, thus ensuring the heart coronary artery, cerebrovascular within the blood supply. After to also will return to normal.

(4). The nervous system: the central nervous system especially the brain is very sensitive to oxygen. Mild lack of oxygen, the entire nervous system stimulant increase, such as emotional tension, excitable, etc, and then there have a headache, dizziness, insomnia, forgetfulness, etc. Into the high altitude area, which by excitement turn to check process, drowsiness, was talking about his performance, slow to respond. There will be a serious loss of consciousness and even coma, if turn to the lowland will return to normal. Nerve symptoms weight often and I psychology and the spirit that there is a close relationship between emotions. On the plateau have fear and lack of thought preparation, reaction to it more; Instead, spirit is happy who have less reaction.

(5). The digestive system: digestive gland secretion in plateau and gastrointestinal peristalsis is restrained, in addition to the pancreas (slightly increase outside, the rest of the saliva digestive food, such as using, bile secretion is plain in fewer, intestines and stomach function significantly weakened. So it may appear anorexia, abdominal distension, diarrhea or constipation, oval extends epigastric pain and a series of digestive disorders symptoms. In the highlands life after a period of time, can recover gradually.

In the highlands, if feel unwell should continue on the hospital treatment. The most important thing is to stop carrying psychological burden to fear of the plateau.

5, arrived after the plateau notices

(1). Just to plateau, each


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