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Tibet guge dynasty ruins tourism is introduced: the cultural heritage city is located in the towering guge daxian trevor ariza pricked the cloth let area within the boundaries of the town's northwest forest like spring henan shore, from the 19 km. For once have millions of the tale of war the tubo built by royal descent, partial in here for more than 700 years, passing on more than 20 king, it has a history of 1300 years, in the seventeenth century perish, has left us countless precious cultural relics and historical material. Tibet guge dynasty ruins from the firm of county west of 18 km pricked the cloth let area like spring river, by all the soil YuanYuanJinJin Lin to encircle it, for it is to use from the forest soils around the cohesive soil building and into, so the ancient castle smoldering rubble and under the feet of the forest one integrated mass, make it difficult to distinguish what is what castle, what is soil Lin.
Tibet guge dynasty the whole castle building in a 300-metre-high HuangTuPo, its location, caves, pagodas, bunker, temples, the orderly layout, bottom-up, as the stack of build by laying bricks or stones, matches the sky, majestic spectacular. These caves more for the bedroom, thickly dotted throughout slope.
The accommodation of guge is strictly hierarchical: on the hillside is a rich noble accommodation, is a slave under the living, some caves of the practice is monks. Have such a steep mountain as a barrier to climb to the top than ascend day still difficult. So is how to up the mountain guge people? The original smart people within the mountain guge build many andao, leading some similar in the window of the hole, both for daylighting and can be used to defense. These conduits twists and turns, picked up rank and to the top of the mountain in the king's palace.
The palace is always on high, on one hand, it is in order to defense, on the other hand is a symbol of the king of supreme power. However, the war destroyed the castle, sand covered the hero. See a desolate, historic vicissitudes of life, a rise in the tenth century, performing in bright seven hundred political history plays, experienced 16 hereditary king, have one hundred thousand people of the mighty power even in 1635 years the invasion war ladakh instant in the dust. Why it will disappear so suddenly? When the why be wiped out? It is one is full of the temptation of riddle.
In this piece of land wasted is only temple intact. In the middle of a few temple mountainside were crossing the red temple, and mother, BaiDian house and rebirth. All these temples with strong Tibetan architectural style, the design of the temple in the eaves vulture act the role ofing more for the lion, like, horse, peacocks and other animals, this probably from the bottom of the hill with vulture act the role ofing, four mountains tap water god: lion spring river, like spring river, the legend of the MaQuanHe, which has relationship it.


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