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Gyirong Tour mainly introduced: mainly for Tibetan "comfortable village", "happy village" meaning. The mainly named, legend is the 8 th century later period, ChiSong DE praise from India to meet please lotus born into Tibet master, master a line mainly through ditch (now mainly around the town), has been used in this for the night. Master see this place beautiful scenery, beautiful scenery, be feeling is, and the river valleys as white as milk, stream of pebbles from the sleek, more admiration. And so, in the following day before departing, readily named here for "mainly" to express its infinite praise of love, "mainly" of the title then circulates. This paper also writing in the old "aid Long", "aid lung", "JiZhong", etc.
Jilong xian geological structure is, for plateau lake valley north of wide, deep south for level high canyon, extend the Himalayan period was big to summer help horse mountain ridge line to boundary and the north wing performance for meteorological low the north, the south, is located in the middle of Himalayan. Jilong xian plant resources one river two river (the yarlung zangbo river and CangBuHe donglin, mainly CangBuHe) throughout the whole country, the formation of the most abundant water resources network.
Mainly introduce customs mainly Tibetan opera as The Times progress continuously, and people's life and raising the level of demand for cultural life, the traditional "zhuo slim", "lang sand oh cloth", "SuoJi nima", "BaiMa" and ", "the meal dunzhu leaves of Tibetan style and eight in many ways behind The Times, and that people to make more close to the Tibetan life, performance life, a slight improvement Tibetan opera, such as the eight large Tibetan opera, the movement, the instruments containing all have improvement to the Tibetan opera performance more features.

Must have strong fathers blah kang
Prospective fathers strong Nebraska kang (hereinafter referred to as the strong pile of temple) is located in the town of the village mainly nations, east from county LinGuanZhan 200 m. Temples for timberwork building castles in type, minus its square, the bottom maximum width for 22 m. The bottom of the tower in PianShi LeiQi wall, with the mud, 2, 3, 4 layer are all in small inflammation brick masonry, each layer surface to log all other mysticism into Chuan bridge wearing fang, the bedclothes the tablets.
Strong pile of temple is a long history of the ancient temples. Waste is destroyed before the dge-lugs-pa temples. About the temple was built s of strong, the Tibet wangchen to record ", the Tibet WangTongJi "and so on the book had some records. In the tubo songtsen gampo * s dynasty period, in han and Nepal, respectively, red and meet please marrying princess, into Tibet, according to princess wencheng "five line calculate figure", build the town and the town of temple, to quell the "Russian evil spirit" and other writer. This batch of the temple, he has strong pile of temple (also called drop case auspicious temple, Jiang vibration ZhenGe jie temple, etc.).
The "cultural revolution" period, temples destroys. In 1986 with the approval of the people's government of jilong xian, shall be restored.
Palmer and temple
Palmer and temple located in called "the city of ancient India china-nepal, traffic hub in the town of a mainly one thousand ancient temples, which is located in the east is mainly at the location of the about 30 meters, at an altitude of 2850 meters. Palmer and the temple unique architectural style, the overall shape for the castles in type stone county ying, tower with stair can hover heart to the crown, from next first total 4 layer, layer upon layer the eaves, charge points one by one, each layer is a pot of door, small window, has a pick eaves rafter, fly, head, WaLong, etc. The bottom corners of the tower, 1, 2 layer eaves Angle made of brass position have flame shape set of act the role ofing, 3 and 4 layer made of brass to become warped eaves stretched out, and the top brass has made the brake, aureole, back on, the treasure cover, orb a connection, roofing inlaid copper covered with.
Palmer and the temple was built s, reportedly songtsen gampo decided to meet please Nepal red and the princess, on the edge of town have established the one of the temple. Its main building style in accordance with the format of the temple of Nepal.
ZhuoMa lacan
ZhuoMa lacan jilong xian city in the county no.107, southwest QuDe temple, the original gong pond, the central part of the site, 4160 meters above sea level.
Site is orientated north and south, building area 25 m x 8 m = 200 square meters, and the building of two layers, and now the upper has collapsed, the rest of the ground floor construction site, by the door, after he and he in the temple of three parts. Wall body would be the rammer earth, adobe stones build by laying bricks or stones built way, etc.
ZhuoMa lacan's built s, according to the document "the temple in Tibetan common around 5 completion of the blessings GengWu", A.D. 1274 years, that is, ZhuoMa lacan's built s.
SangDanLin temple
SangDanLin temple mainly 40 kilometers north to the town, at an altitude of about 4500 m Lin Dan ditch.
The temple has a collection of over the Dan bead er ", "GanZhuEr" scriptures a and "and not" of a set of classics, 21, the SuoLang vomit cloth "scriptures a 18 volumes. SangDanLin temple for the dge-lugs-pa temples, according to the field investigation, mosque-building has been 480 years, the most seere temple number up to around 80.
Temple in 1966-1969 in the "cultural revolution" period were destroyed, only to save construction sites.
Eating the problem there, watts Ming (datang tianzhu use inscription)
Problem is located in the northern counties are mainly m. 4.5 kilometers in a valley, is attached to a steely rocks carved engrave above, at an altitude of 4130 meters. Surface broadly about 1.5 meters steely rocks, about 4 meters high, its cliff tents cover, modern canal feet around the edge. Cliff face nearly five meters high from the surface, a named "LuMa full long" stream from north to south, prove the valleys a broadly to flow.
Question of Ming shade is engraved, literally 81.5 cm wide, regular script font of Chinese characters, about 2 cm square, a total of 24 existing column, about 311 words. Questions on the forehead Zhuan nationalities), the word about 5 cm dices proclaiming, "datang tianzhu use inscription" seven words, the rest of the font from right to left alignment.
The problem of words, have more involved in tang dynasty's official position, history, place names, become the circulation this question inscription important clues.
The problem for many years the word weathering, erosion, there are many already punch-drunk, together with all previous years comes in this building agricultural, human and animals drink canals, in the process of stone mountain burst and cause question word different degree of damage inscriptions, it has not coherent written words. But from the problem and the inscription "kei igawa the datang show 3 years" : see, the celebration of the tang dynasty GaoZongXian three years (658 AD) party problem), this paper describes the envoys from the tang dynasty has, in expeditions tianzhu (now India) mainly on mountain pass through intention when regrets, and le stone to remember things process, this precious problem to further research TangFan ancient inscriptions, Chinese and foreign relations, have very important significance and value.
Gong pond, sites
Gong pond, built the site about 1


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