haiburi mountain

 The haiburi mountain is located in SangYeSi east, about 60 meters high, is one of the four great holy mountains in Tibet. Generation built SangYeSi, here have a group of the magic of the crisis, master padmasambhava in the mountain, with stone magic after to restore SangYeSi. Few days mountain, the south sea is the origin of Tibetan culture, gave birth to the beginning of many, experienced the vicissitudes of history, left countless st mark. Want to understand the historical origin of Tibetan culture, the first step into the shannan is uncovered the mysterious culture. Shannan and nyenchen tanglha is located in the mountain, mountain, south of average elevation 3600 meters, north across the Brahmaputra water bridge connecting Lhasa, west to xigaze, the east arrived in Tibet has an average elevation of the lowest nyingchi.

The birthplace of Tibetan culture
Smooth the yarlung zangbo river, four seasons, suitable weather gives birth to Tibet's oldest farming culture. The oldest palace YongBuLaKang, Tibet the first Buddha hall ChangZhuSi, first built in Tibet "Buddha, dhamma, and sangha" sambo temple SangYeSi, one of the earliest kinds of corn fields, compassion is the most sacred practice green park mountain and so on, these constitute the shannan numerous cultural sites in a corn. Getting people started the legend of the ancient macaques in shannan's capital - ze town, when the jersey when in the Tibetan language means "land of monkey play", from the earliest tibetans was born on this.
Attractions line
1, from the song water bridge XiangDongHang in ze town, when the south is divided into two road, all the way to YongBuLaKang, ChangZhuSi, another reach, Tibetan king's tomb.
2, west driving or by boat, about 20 km to the north shore of the one SangYeSi green park to practice, and the line are all black asphalt road surface, along the way by two famous mountain: kampot, mountains (jersey when on the east side) and QuGuo day (water bridge south).
Sierra magnificent sea in a few days mountain (16) 3, 30 kilometers east from jersey, the ship crossing the can enter his mistake sacred lake scenic area, the area including NaiDong, sangri, and check and QuSong four county, along the way, wash hot springs, QuLong temple, lahm lake and Joan GuoJie and pull Gary palace scenic spot. The line schedule roughly 10 days or so, along the way or car, or horseback riding, hiking and rafting.
In 4, the maiden left belongs to the south, but most of the tourists to the sacred lake, gone is the xigaze, Jiang Zi line. Namely from Lhasa by curved water bridge, xigaze, Jiang Zi, barak card as Mr Yamaguchi, the maiden left, hills, mountain pass, by song water bridge and back again. During wave can lodge xigaze, Jiang Zi, clamp hotels or (camp), 3 to 4 days can visit tashilhunpo monastery, shalu monastery, the White House temple and ZongShan castles, and chang Yang from YangHu marina. Also can from Lhasa through song barak yamaguchi, YangHu water bridge, hills, and the original road to return. This road connecting Lhasa and rocks from the YangHu recently.


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