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HaiLuoGou tour Western Sichuan is introduced: HaiLuoGou located in sichuan province ganzi Tibetan autonomous region southeast, summarizing site, is the margin of geological and high mountain. HaiLuoGou located in gonggar snowy peaks, at low altitude modern glacier known to the world. Glittering and translucent modern glacier from high valley diarrhoea and shop. Fly up three million, will be sleepy valley deck into the YuJieBingQing QiongLouYuYu; Huge pups, steep ice bridge, make the person in the myth of the crystal palace. Especially glorious big ice falls, up to more than 1000 m, width is about 1100 m, than the famous huanguoshu waterfall out more than 10 times as big, rich and special.
HaiLuoGou is the most east Asian low altitude modern glacier found, at an altitude of 2850 meters. The big ice falls, 1080 meters high, 0.5 meters wide-1100 meters, is the highest since China found large ice falls. Ditch implication has big flow FeiRe WenLeng mineral spring, bedding face accumulates virgin forest and the special high corrosion ice mountain peaks, a large number of rare animal and plant resources, jinshan, YinShan hands in photograph reflect, spectacular.
Site at the peak of steep ridge line for high valley, the topography fluctuation is obvious, dadu river roaring torrent, narrow valley water depth, cliff steep cliffs are made. In less than 30 kilometers horizontal distance of 6500 meters height difference of the rare form of the grand canyon. HaiLuoGou scenic area is located in a valley between. Here the complex terrain, climate type special, the changchun no summer, lush. Pleasant climate, the mill town west average temperature in 13 degrees Celsius. The mountain is 5000 meters above sea place permanent snow, the average temperature in-9 degrees Celsius.
HaiLuoGou WuJue, one of, sunshine jinshan. HaiLuoGou yourself in the foot, around 6000 meters WeiShiFeng 45 seats, peak for thousands of snow, flashing light. Whenever the weather is fine, Oriental vomit white, bright sunlight raises slowly, the word from all across the golden light in WeiShiFeng point-blank. Instant, the peaks of the dozens of all of a golden the brilliant with light, the light, the magnificent brilliant, this is the famous "sunshine golden hill".
Secondly, the glacier pour. Most in the world at a high glacier, but HaiLuoGou elevation in the lower you can see the glacier from high canyon diarrhoea and shop. Especially glorious big ice falls, up to more than 1000 m, width is about 1100 m, than the famous huanguoshu waterfall out more than 10 times as big, rich and special, the picture myriad.
Third, XueGu hot springs. Side a piece of white snow, outdoor hot spring pool steam rolling into, make the original forest green trees and near a hazy, YingYingChaoChao. In warm appreciation in natural hot springs snowflakes are flying in the sky, what a romantic. HaiLuoGou hot spring the highest temperature of 90 ℃ in the mouth degree, and then one by one down the pool, the most suitable person for a piece of the pool water from 45 ℃ degree to 35 ℃ degree range.
Fourth, virgin forests. HaiLuoGou forest area of 70 square kilometers, along the road slowly walking around, visitors will be changing landscape plant to infinite attracted to the jungle, often faintly visible macaques, panda, wildebeests, red abdomen Angle and lovely animals figure pheasant.
Lastly, kangba Tibetan amorous feelings. HaiLuoGou of sichuan ganzi Tibetan autonomous region in China, the vast expanse of the plateau the earth and raise ganzi Tibetan children 18 county. Colorful costumes, different Tibetan village, moving song and dance, rich in kangba Tibetan amorous feelings and here in the hills and streams of fusion together.


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