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Inagi Aden tour introduced: Inagi Aden ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture butyl in sichuan province in the south, is located in the famous Tibetan plateau to the east, middle hengduan mountains, Inagi Aden of national nature reserve, the provincial scenic spot, is known as "the last of the shangri-la" "blue planet the last piece of pure land". Aden Tibetan meaning "sunny land", and name NianQing gonggar th loose kampot, namely "the holy land" meaning, Aden scenic area belong to high canyon class scenic spot, elevation 2900 meters (gonggar estuary)-6032 meters (fairy is th peak), with a vast area of 1344 square kilometers, is China at present the most intact, the most primitive natural ecological system of one of the mountains, present a world beautiful mountain valley natural scenery, is China's shangri-la ecological tourist area's core. Inagi Aden mountain, the main body part is completely separated from the big three, the "product" glyph arrangement snowy peaks. Big three peaks of the white, QiaoBa, like a sharp sword straight into the sky. The day is like a Buddha, ao however the lotus block; Benchmark Wallace yong like teenagers, gentle and demure, Edward Chen; Messenger XiaNuo as young, are vigorous and resolute, sunlight and throat. Snowy peaks around with piedmont, greatly small altogether more than 30 seats, appearance condition, spectacular. The foot of the ranch is log cabin with stone lei up, wood door opposite the mountain you spoilt pinglan overlook, quietly watch snow mountain, the feeling is a piece of empty spirit.
Inagi Aden the best season for traveling is a 4, October:
Autumn (September-October) is one of the most poetic daocheng year season, the autumn daocheng is dazzle beautiful and colorful, outside the meadows and red daocheng yellow ten thousand mu of poplars let people living in colorific ocean, and blue sky and white clouds hand in photograph reflect. This season's night and early in the morning to watch mountain looks like a dream. In a quiet alongside the river, in golden poplars, in love at first sight of the higyway goes...... red QingYang woods has only two color: golden golden tree, azure blue sky. No matter at what Angle, QuJingKuang will always be a pair of absolutely beautiful pictures. Glorious higyway goes red, almost hold their breath. Red grass like a sheet of flame combustion in...
Tip: daocheng autumn weather sunny more, suitable for filming. But at the moment, the temperature in 5 ° daocheng roughly C-20 ° C or so, Aden scenic spot in 5 ° C or so roughly, and sooner or later, the temperature, so be sure to bring QiuYi QiuKu, sweaters and down products. Conditional also had better take above lamp, waterproof gloves and clothing and charge charge pants.
Spring (April-may) come late, this time DaoChengYa d is the flowers along the snow-capped mountains, blue sky and white clouds, tents, yaks, horses, sheep snow-capped mountains, snow mountain fragmented but puncture, mulberry smoke fills the air between the heaven and earth, situated in this season appear more spectacular and clear.
The summer months (June-August), the grassland gradually began to emerge yellow, and some flowers is still open. The weather is fine, but relative to when it rains also many, but usually have the law, under general evening the rain, the second day is sunshine. But if the road is a heavy rain washed out, can't enter scenic spot.
Tip: rain gear, had better choose a raincoat, so convenient some travel. Don't carry an umbrella to avoid riding horse frightened when accident.
Winter (November-march) in daocheng continues for a long time, usually at the end of October began after heavy snowfall, everywhere is the silver world. This season in the south with perennial visitors who is undoubtedly see snow and feel the world the best season to snow, but January and February snow is too big, usually because of heavy snow mountain, so it is not suitable for a few months into DaoChengYa d, and pavement is slippery may be dangerous.
DaoChengYa butyl scenic spot of plateau monsoon climate, and the year, most of the time the weather sunny, sunny, is to have the rain and snow, also more in the night landing. Plateau area, the most LengYue average temperature 5 ° C-the following, the most ReYue 10 ° C average temperature degrees to 12.1 ° C, the whole year minimum temperature is January, can reach-27 ° C.
Tip: most early visitors to daocheng, all have different degrees of plateau response, is a normal situation, the symptoms will gradually reduce or disappear. Take both inosine, vitamins, such as cod liver oil drug can resist plateau hypoxia dry climate. Take the growth of the bubble local rhodiola effect is more apparent. But there are serious heart, lung disease, hypertension patients is unfavorable to the plateau tourism.


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