jiacha watchtower

 Towers site located in Ann around Naomi, 0.5 km to the village ridge in the south area near the yarlung zangbo river, the site and the relative difference of river about 80 meters, 3350 meters above sea level. Diaolou a backer, a river, on both sides of cliffs, steep terrain.

Towers for wood and stone structure, wall with flaky assembled with mud as adhesive. Build up inside the wood floor, logs and surface. Its plane is the rounded square, west and north wall plane is square, south, east wall of the relationship within the circle. Wall thickness 1-1.3 m, about 14 meters high. Diaolou internal north-south length of 3.5, 4.8 meters wide, bottom house covers an area of 16.8 square meters. Doorways monarch on the bottom of the north wall right in the middle of the room, 1 meter wide.
According to the analysis of residual wood fang, diaolou belonged to 4 house, every 3 to 4 meters high, each layer of the wall all around are regularly perforating, bottom house has 2 holes, the second layer is 4 holes, the third layer is 3 holes, layer 4 to 5 hole, the layers of perforation has a tendency to increase step by step. Such perforation have two shapes, one for the vertical rectangle, north river only a hole, 1.3, 0.9 meters wide; Another to secure long triangle, namely content on narrow type, high, 1.1 meters wide, 1.6 in high 1, 0.4 meters wide.
Perforation of the above add no bar to shop floor, the second and third layer wall superposed with horizontal wood residue, diameter 0.1 0.2 meters. Paved floor adopts the developed without the logs, log long about 1.5, 0.2 wide and 0.05 meters thick. Wooden artifacts are not found in the underlying trace, restricted to the northeast, northwest have bulging wall wall slabs on two Angle, can be an aid to the upper. In DiaoLou linjiang side wall in the upper part, with wooden fang out of the eaves, spread for the board, may file wind to block rain.
Diaolou outside wall wall two connection, located in the north, along the north-south, 4 meters long, wall body built by stone chips, about 0.9 meters thick, on two people perforation; The second building on the south and west extends to the edge of the cliff, stone walls 0.7 meters thick, have 3 perforation. Two wall existing in 4 to 8 meters high. Towers in the north have Shi Che step number level, can enter inside the towers.
According to field survey, the towers had existed around the 15th century. Was towers on the yarlung zangbo river had built a chain bridge Tang Dongjie cloth (it is now a passable auto cable suspension bridge), the bridge was built when the local people make use of the building in them for molded a statue Tang Dongjie cloth (has no). Thus infer lower limit of diaolou building s not later than the 15th century, likely was built between 13-14 century AD.


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