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 Pull Gary palace ruins QuSong county in Tibet autonomous region south, built in the 13th century, tubo is outside the royal seed family forces after the kingship of bamboo and issachar is retained after power symbol. Existing buildings, can be divided into early, middle and late 3 period. Early building Tibetan said "tashi group", was founded in the 13th century, living up to 12 meters of the wall section and the south, the north gate; Middle building Tibetan "GanDan kotz", built in the 15th century; As Gary palace ruins of existing buildings, by the king's palace, warehouse, lacan (palace), square, the stable and so on, originally 5 layers, the existing three layers. Part is still remaining murals; Terminal building called "Summer Palace", in the 18th century, the existing part is a basic complete courtyard style palace.

Pull Gary wang fu palace is located in the town of south tower of the north rim, buildings are located under the river township, is 3880 meters above sea level. Palace architectural remains built according to its existing s can be roughly divided into three stage: the early construction - JiuGong "tashi group of cases of" middle construction - the new palace "GanDan pull kotz" (also called Gary a chapter) terminal building, the Summer Palace
JiuGong "tashi group of" the building is located in the west side of new GongGan Dan la kotz is about 180 metres, Gary palace ruins the position just below the new palace, covering an area of north and south long 100 meters, 70 meters wide, with a total area of 7000 square meters.
Palace is surrounded by stone walls, now only east, south and west wall segments of wall. The western wall residual 16 meters long and residual 5-8 m tall; East wall basic complete, to have a turn, the wall, there is a wall, the 40, 70 meters in length; Are connected to the nangongshan door wall, the west has failed. Behind the stones used is neat, stones with the yellow mud as the adhesive, the outer wall repair neatly, the top 15 meters.
The building is the original in the south and north sides regularly doorways, the north has completely collapsed don't save, south gate remaining sites. Outside the south gate there are twofold, the first is located in the wall of the east-west porch, the door toward the west, 6 meters wide, has a stone out of the stone steps number level, bottom-up access into the doorway; Second doorways monarch directly on the nangongshan wall, door toward the south, is as high as more than 10 meters ladder access doorway palace north of the first double doorways monarch in due north direction, made up of front and side door. Front door no front porch, width 7.5 meters, 2.6 meters deep, a total of 2 column, column 2 m tall; Porch is 3.2 meters high, 3.2 meters wide. Main entrance door stop triple in nature, the sculpture has the lotus-shaped, alignment, etc., door fang has painted on the lotus, peony pattern, etc. Post carved and painted patterns, deck door stop quad, it also has a pattern painted lotus, etc. Side door is located in the main entrance on the east side, facing north, also for stack type. Doorway high 6, 1.6, 12 meters wide, full of stone buildings, only have two wooden bucket in door fang fang to bearing door, guard the entrance at the top of the transverse slat, bed the debris.
Inside the palace buildings rose up, or use its walls for residential renovation, therefore, its layout, shape has not found. Above the tunnel type side door remaining a side entrance, area of about 10 square meters, north and south have lighting small window, a door.
New palace "GanDan pull kotz" GanDan pull kotz is Gary palace the main part of the existing building, located in the northeast of the entire complex, from the palace, warehouse, lacan, square, the stable and a series of construction units, the complex river valley in the north, the east is an artificial HaoQian, covers an area of north and south long 120 meters, 130 meters wide, with a total area of nearly 160000 square meters.
Summer Palace is located in the northeast new GongGan Dan la kotz is about 1000 metres of norbulingka (now the county administrative compound), north river PuJiu river, south in accordance with the high cliff, at an altitude of 3840 meters. Original structure including blinded, baths and palace, etc., has no more. Summer Palace belonged to pull Gary wangfu summer summer recreation place, only a small house now. This house is located in this county northeast of administrative office building is about 50 meters, is a courtyard type palace. North first row house sits, 3 q, width of 18 meters, 4 meters deep. East, west wing each have a central courtyard. Are no stone stairs cet 4 before, wing). Is, wing doors and Windows are designed into the han type grid Ling window and door styles. First Ming and again between monarch version 14 slot door, the door hanging eaves and the mei window on the window carve painting peony, lotus, phoenix, roll grass pattern, one Chinese type style.
King of Gary system, is an independent local kingdoms in the history of Tibet, their progenitor was a Tibetan royal descent hubei pine well-drilled tribesmen. After the 10th century, the king of the department in shannan QuSong area gradually formed and developed, over issachar dynasty (about 1255-1255) and palmer bamboo dynasty reign (1354-1354), remains a relatively independent local privilege rule. Until 1959, before the democratic reforms in Tibet, a drawing Gary Gary wang is also governance, sangri four cases, and check, long, square up to 3, four hundred in large areas.
King of Gary system ancestor is tubo royal descent WeiSong well-drilled tribesmen, occupy QuSong of Tibet shannan area today, over several generations, gradually, became an independent local kingdoms in the history of Tibet.
"Gary" comes from Gary temple, the temple's name. When Gary temple built after the tubo royal descent with "Gary" name, and in the front as "pull" word "is" god "in the Tibetan transliteration, thus formed the" pull "Gary wang.
With the development of history, to the king of Gary system has gradually become the place of clerical rule group, "Gary king". The original QuSong county old name "Gary" namely.
Ministries in the 13th century, the yuan dynasty ruler of Tibet, the central government in Tibet "one hundred and thirty thousand", including Gary. Unique position makes pull Gary king is a little bit of growing up. Most powerful, the king of Gary system rights include the southern bank of the yarlung zangbo river, niang fruit bridge east today the sangri of shannan, QuSong, tested, lung, and today the LangXian of nyingchi area, etc.
To facilitate the rule, Gary king is a ruler in today QuSong county, the county of south tower of the north rim had set up the new pull Gary royal palaces. The palace of the king in the north valley, distance as high at the top of the mountain. Royal has condescending custom, probably from YongBuLaKang YaLong period to tubo period of the potala palace and now we see Gary palace, which manifests the king reigns for the ten thousand people admire the imposing manner.
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