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Lake Manasarovar tour introduction: and the Lake Manasarovar in Tibet in ali DE 35 kilometers east county, the south of qifeng tm. The natural scenery is very beautiful around, since the ancient times buddhist believers and benzene christians it is regarded as the holy land "world center", is China's largest freshwater lake lake transparency, "three Tibetan hair" kangdese mountains "one. It is also the birthplace of the four big rivers of Asia. Buddhism in tang dynasty (remember to take also says, CiHu is the buddhist paradise; is.

The pilgrims are always to turn the CiHu wash bath for life the biggest blessing. In fact, the fault as a sacred manasseh king of the harmony of the position, even if only for the general tourists, it is beyond question. The fault in the Tibetan language and yongzheng favorite for "eternal jasper lake unbeaten," cause is 11 th century in the lake of a religious war, results, Tibetan Buddhism for being sent WaiDao victory to the black teach, "and the" is the victory of Buddhism, CiHu hence its name.
China the largest freshwater lake lake transparency. The Tibetan language meaning "unbeaten, and the victory," and "kangdese mountains," said. Located in the bottom of the hill, the peak of mount ─ ─ tm and the Himalayas, Oregon qifeng wood, between the peak, the Tibet autonomous region in the county plank. The harmony of manasseh also say the wrong horse method wood wrong, "said vertical fault. Once and pull the wrong (devils lake) are interlinked, by flood product, ice jams and evolution of the debris flow in the lake. Lakes in a "ya pear" form, north wide south narrow, the long axis 26 kilometers long and short axes 21 kilometers long. The lake elevation 4588 meters. Average water depth 46 meters, the maximum depth of water 81.8 meters, the area of 412 square kilometers. It's clear lake, transparency 14 m. The lake salinity 400 milligram/litre, belong to freshwater lake, contains boron, lithium, fluorine and other trace elements. To melt water, rain water supply is given priority to, also some spring water supplies. Lake level to the shoreline, perimeter 83 kilometers, coast development coefficient 1.15. South east and the east terrace development. Lakes around hot springs. In the flood plains and mountain in flood product on the door, as ShaSheng needle spear is given priority to and mix had feathered needle, needle of m. arundinacea arundinacea desert grassland; The lake on the terrace of the development in HuaBian spike grass, fine leaf contents, HaoCao northern Siberia, the Tibetan moss grass of the birth of swamp the meadow vegetation swamp. The lake district to shepherd is given priority to, the lake and method in wood Kao fish and bare the carp.
The wrong and yongzheng buddhist says "sacred". Every summer FuLaoXieYou buddhist pilgrimage to this, in the "holy water" in "bath clean body" with "prolong life".
The wrong and harmony of the world the mother of rivers "reputation as a buddhist monk tang of Buddhism in the western regions datang record called" buddhist paradise; "place. The lake is wrong and yongzheng Chinese currently the largest lake measured transparency. Around the wrong and yongzheng eight temples, just the distribution of the lake in all directions. The color tile from the east ZhiGongPa dragon temple, southeast of the nie SaJiaPa have a temple, south of the sect has ancient chu, southwest has being sent fruit for Bhutan foot temple, northwest is the ocean's five hundred practice based on the cave of auspicious temple, west with the enlightenment's temple, a north u for pie Bhutan lang that temple, in the northeast of the day, a sect in the temple.
The harmony of manasseh wrong next to a ghost lake, Tibetan called "pull the wrong", meaning "toxic black lake". The fault is freshwater lakes and harmony, and pull the lagoon is wrong.

The wrong turn and yongzheng lake, a sacred circle about 60 km, turn to the lake to four to five days, clockwise, need to bring food; In addition to the second night spent in the outside, all have place to temples along the way. Although not as remote mountain lake full the slopes of the hill that difficult, but it is the challenge of running water appeared, when he met river, can only drips water, just think, this snow mountain down if dip ice water and the waist word, how will feel. Turn the people don't like revolving around mountains lake of so much, no matter the pilgrims or travelers. Scenery along the way though is very beautiful, but the lack of change, beautiful scene again after a few hours will also be boring. If the rainy season, the way of a few small river after also can cause a lot of trouble. Most travelers just Chiu gonba in a few days, a bubble hot spring, admire lakes and mountains. Where to start turning lake is no requirement, as long as complete a closed on clockwise circle will do. Because the traffic convenience, the majority of people from the sacred Chiu Gonpa began to northwest. If is only travel, from Chiu Gonpa began, counterclockwise the Trugo COn, Seralung gon turned to Hor is also a good idea. So not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sacred, visited the main scenic spots and historical sites, right against the face can also met a lot of pilgrims, lay out a lot of good film.


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