Lama temple hill

Lama temple ridge tourism is introduced: lama temple ridge, nyingchi area of Tibet, LinZhiXian cloth long township Jane cut village, 306 provinces along. This temple and says more than mulberry day temple, meaning "copper lubricious auspicious mountain" or "copper top lotus holy temple". Copper lubricious mountain is born in the lotus master the name of the pure land, is NingMa pie-GongJiao's founder, zhuo pu and built by disciple, Lord born for lotus figure of Buddha. Lama temple is located in Tibet in nyingchi ridge located 30 kilometers southeast BaYiZhen surrounded by a forest of the mountains. Lama temple with green hills jinding cypresses hand in photograph reflect. Temples and appear seng she around, all sorts of color of chrysanthemum, thanks to spend DouYan, manasseh was sound, the bell drum and vigorous and sound of the SongJingSheng echoed in the valley. Lama temple from the two "adoption" grey ovis ammon, neck wear small bell, in CaoBa temple on for food. The built in the last century 30 s of the monastery, is one of the four major sects of Tibetan Buddhism of the NingMa sent (known as GongJiao) temple.
The temple was positively shape four corners, outside the bottom 20 Angle of eaves, the second to the third eaves for anise, Buddha hall school more than ten meters, more than 10 meters diameter and the upper jinding, show a pyramid, surrounded by the white wall points LanGong green 4 color coating, is set in the blue mountains and green waters a gem.
For the Lord NingMa sent temple, the founder of the lotus born master statue of a Buddha statue for oratory. The temple and lotus born of stone practice remains, the temple's elegant mural CangDong is also a special skill.
Early NingMa Tibetan Buddhism sect, including a living Buddha temple lama are allowed to have wives, its founder, lotus, the masters and the two wife born of the statue, which so far in Lhasa inside jokhang temple. Three hundred years ago the thriving sect (known as the yellow) are not allowed to marry lama, imho as many as two hundred and fifty more than one. The original Tibetan academy of social sciences dean, Tibetan experts concerning the flat and the famous white CangXueGu she just · time denier flat that shows, Tibetan buddhist temple consecrate genitals, and Tibet-bon religion teach original worship there is a great relationship between nature and later prosperity of Tibetan Buddhism NingMa sent absorbed some of the han tantra teachings, copper, wooden male genital enshrined at temple, to ward off evil spirits, of the demons of his role. But the male and female genitals and sacrifice, and only the lama temple ridge.
Lama temple on mountain ridge hidden in the forest, the cloud and mist curl up, niaoyuhuaxiang, pure in heart halcyon, copy is like xanadu. Compared to a hidden the other temples to otherwise a characteristic.


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