Lang sai ridge manor

 Lang ridge manor in zhanang county is located in the territory, is the earliest estate in Tibetan history. The manor was built in the late of tubo dynasty, bamboo dynasty and in the formation of the size of the now. The whole farm buildings in addition to the seven layers of the main building, with floor, tower, and towers, garden, trenches and Lin CARDS, and farms, pasture lands, handicraft workshops and other ancillary buildings. With special construction technology of stone soil compaction of the estate and earth-rock pressure proportion of ancient high-rise building design is very rare in the history of Tibet.

Lang sai ridge manor is one of the earliest high-rise buildings in Tibet, Tibet is a historical testimony of feudal serf society.
Lang sai ridge manor was regarded as the epitome of "Tibetan serf society". It together luxury of old Tibet princes and serf of misery, prisons and shacks, stables, granary, sitting room, buddhist temple, Lin card, conduits, defensive wall and moat, etc from soup to nuts, clever design, craft exquisite, eye-popping. A panorama of lama kingdom, history of a local authority dispute, should be just around the corner, there are high heaven and the pain of hell, strongly impact people's hearts.
Soil and stone architectural wonders
Lang sai ridge manor built in Tibet, the bamboo regime period, about six thousand seven hundred years ago, estate subject to 7 layers, was the highest in Tibet folk buildings, building before and after the time share for 26 years.
Lang sai ridge manor ever stand for palmer bamboo regime set up well, careers, gives the fertile land thousands, serfs thousands of, also started to build their own farm.
Lang sai ridge manor 2 layer outside the walls, the main building sits, the entire building walls are built with stone earth rammer method, total 22 meters high, is Tibet's first high-rise building, the lower more than 7 meters high stone wall, the rest of the upper for soil compaction of wall, insulation layer sandwich slab, the wall thickness is about 1.4 meters. The eastern half of the main building from the bottom to the top of stone walls, stone all engraved with patterns, and in the most eastern end increased the subsidiary building, 4.3 meters wide cleft join tracks is very clear, these are late and repair. Main gate tower of a rectangle, front and left have steps to the stage, each stage ladder is wide, differential, small steps on the left is narrow small and large differential. Lang sai ridge manor this special construction methods, and coordination with stone soil compaction of the proportion of earth-rock confined to construction idea, it is very rare in the history of Tibet.
In addition, the main building also cleverly designed the archery holes all round, the enemy once broke through two lines of defence defensive walls and a moat, estate guard will commanding, shooting at the enemy from the archery hole. In the age of cold steel, this design has played a role ", there is mo open ".
Old Tibet local government biggest characteristic is to "theocracy," with politics, power and religious issues, permeate every aspect of social life. Lang sai ling family appeared iii living Buddha. Bright red grass among the parapet in Tibet (only can appear living Buddha family housing JianBai grass parapet) quickly became a symbol of its pre-eminent position family. In addition, the plantation owners also outside the main wall Mosaic of the cycle of six words, mantra of great compassion and religious ornamentation.
At the bottom of the suffering
In the old Tibet's feudal serfdom, under almost all in the aristocratic manor have designed to punish serfs flogging posts and set up by the prison. At the bottom of the ridge manor is the cell.
Cell entry was a 7 cm thick walnut door tightly guarded. Opened the door and into the prison, floating in the air and wet the smell of corruption, chilling, four corner four shoot holes is less than 10 cm wide all the lighting and ventilation. Even if hot outside, dungeon still frozen like wat, make the person couldn't help to draw on.
The prison around the manor for a week, is very big, although up to 5 meters, but due to the ventilation and lighting facilities is limited, still let a person feel very depressed. "Prisoners", intimdating crowd scenes like that year by the same chains locked together, cast into prison, sit not to sit, lie can't lie, and damp, cold, hunger, stench, accompanied by vermin, forced labor during the day, night is put in a dungeon, how were dead. In addition, this layer or captive animals.
Bottomless barn and the gold treasure
Lang manor is high, the steps of the ridge down the stairs, up front is building, delicate carve patterns or designs on woodwork post, beautifully engraved look, all show nobility is elegant. Carved on the door of the "god of wealth guy like" "the Mongol rule tiger" images, are typical of Tibetan door figure.
The steps to enter indoor, unconsciously already in the third layer (the bottom of the cell, the second for the warehouse), have become more feeling.
This layer apartment house, or big and spacious or dark, dark, some still painted beams and intricate painted ceiling, make the person feels as if into the maze. Here have a granary, but granary entrance is on the fourth floor. This layer of dark in the small house to live only a few of tube granary "in the" stewards (i.e., food), the rest are granary, there are five rooms, is equipped with four take food, Tibetan activity storehouse board, to take food, granary gigantic, like a bottomless pit, every year, millions of serfs sweat to assemble aristocrat smile, fill here.
The fourth floor of the main function is to receive loans and buried treasure. Collect rent is quite broad, feet is bread into the mouth, but into grain mouth is very small, can only pour grain, generally can't see how many silos in food. Collect rent a house next door is "Xia Kang", namely the meat storage room, all the year round, cattle, sheep and pork mountains here, provided free by serfs, quantity is very large, support aristocratic life. Only hide rope hanging meat and existing on the rafter of hanging meat hammer, is enough to make you sigh the rich nobles.
This layer there is a known as "Mr Kang" place, specifically for aristocratic piles of the treasures of gold and silver and precious furniture soft things, therefore, "Mr Kang" although is wide, but it is hidden. Beside the small bedroom is for aristocratic fill of live, its status after aristocrats, and must be a farm master cronies and confidant.
Delicate and bright bedroom
Starting from the fifth floor, will live noble members, this a big bedroom and small bedroom, layer upon layer nesting, strewn at random have send, sitting room, balcony, roof, toilet, especially huge skylight, straight through the top floor, the ventilation, daylighting is very sufficient, warm in winter and cool in summer. Winter early morning the first rays of sun can penetrate the skylight and balcony, drying to the bedroom; The summer after the rain the first hint of fragrance will overflow to the layer above each room.
This layer is mainly


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