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Lhanag-tso tour is introduced: pull the Lhanag-tso, called ghost lake, (Lhanag-tso, also known as the Rakshas), the Tibetan language meaning "toxic black lake", located in ali DE county territory, elevation 4574 meters, and fresh water sacred apart of all, for the salt water lake, the Lhanag-tso is therefore human can not drink, this probably is the "devils lake" of the origin of the name.
Pull the devils lake pull the concerning the wrong is the sacred neighbour, the same beautiful scenery, the lake is also blue will feel fascinated, but be buckled on "ghost lake" evil life, those damned. In fact a sacred lake lake for a ghost originally because of climate change, the lakes to retreat, the water drop, just by a long, narrow small hill put it two separate. Local people think, the bottom two interlinked, such as a sacred day of the water into the ghost de-siltation Lhanag-tso, and also into the golden fish and blue fish, the ghost of the lake water will become like the sacred water carries sweet commonly.
And of all the fresh water of the lagoon is sacred apart, the wrong (and name rakshas, 4573 meters). Pull the wrong the lake is deep blue, a salty. No plants around, no cattle and sheep, inanimate, no vitality, called "the devils lake". A long, narrow small hills to the harmony of manasseh wrong and in the east of pull the wrong apart, a canal (ganpa chu) connection systems, though always all the earth is dry, but locals believe will one day be from the water and yongzheng flow into the wrong, wrong, at the same time, there will be a golden and a red fish swam into pull the wrong, so the water of the lake ghost after it will become like the harmony of manasseh fault the foot. In the year of special special occasionally, water, have water in the canal flow.
In the sacred mountain or from the plank to go a long way in ghost is beside the lake, the lake road distance only for less than 1 km. Because HuSe abnormal beauty, so some travelers like to go to the lake to see actually, in fact the lake what also have no. Pull the wrong, says devils lake, and a sacred one dam between, between two lakes area is in and out of the way of plank county. It is said that ghost lake is three feet without wind wave. Actually here scenery is very beautiful, the lake of the wine, and the little hills, color blurred. Pebble beach like a white bright silver cord, set in the lake. The lake and a small island, is dark red. Pull the wrong lake, people always have a stream of strange feeling in the chest rises: so large lakes saw less than one a livestock, empty like are on the edge of the universe. It is said that the "wrong and pull the wrong yongzheng lake are interlinked, one side is the fresh water sacred, the other side is the ghost of salt water lake. Can say, pull the wrong is also a fetching into the landscape filled.
Pull the wrong ophiolite of Hugh GuGa cloth to part of the body, is located in the yarlung zangbo river ophiolite belt with western South Asia. Ophiolite by nearly east-west thrust faults control, the plank to body for the south metamorphism, north of extremely no stick and strata to body. The ophiolite to body emplaced in the late tertiary before.
Ophiolite from each of the rock combination of strong happened deformation, rock broken, along the body sub-tissue thrust faults developed, to close things, dip Angle is steep. Pull the wrong ophiolite mantle peridotite by rock, homogeneous fai long rock, fai green dikes, pillow, basalt clip radiolarians of the siliceous rocks. Only in local distribution accumulation rock, growth is poorer. Ophiolite mantle peridotite rock mass of the exposed about 60 km long, wide to more than 10 kilometers a few, the widest 20 kilometers. To the south tilt, dip Angle 48 °, 60 ° or so. Altered rock is stronger. Homogeneous fai long rock distribution in the mantle peridotite southern edge of rock mass, the exposed about 100 meters wide, a pulse shape distribution, nearly east-west extensions for about 400 meters. Altered rock is stronger. Pillow shape basalt clip radiolarians siliceous rocks, distribution in the mantle peridotite on both sides of the rock mass, the exposed width is about 400 meters, and altered rock is stronger.
The harmony of manasseh on wrong a clear blue skies, pull the measures is the clouds rolled, spectacular. But why would pull the wrong name into a ghost lake? This is a highly controversial things. Is clearly a water of the formation of the pulse lakes, why have to tell a ghost lake? The village in djibouti can see the connection and yongzheng and pull the wrong wrong between the river, long and tortuous river, the setting sun rather enchanting. As the saying goes: boils deadly. In Tibet, wood can be nani snow mountain, begets boils, calm the eternal. Devils lake pull the wrong Tibetan meaning "toxic black lake", located in ali DE county territory, elevation 4573 meters, the area of 268 square kilometers, is the natural around the farm, for inland saltwater lake. Ghost pull the wrong sacred lake and the adjacent yongzheng and wrong.
According to legend, dongting between the door of the bottom, the water of dongting secretly linked. A sacred lake water quality and ghost completely different: a sacred water relaxed sweet, the ghost of the lake water is bitter to swallow. The polar opposites of let a person can't help will think of this honour and Buddha mother hug to each other's big symbol: the universe and even a worm is the spirit of harmony. This is making two opposites, and here is peaceful and peaceful coexistence. Devils lake and a sacred to survive in the same the snowy mountains, have no hatred without war, only with each other in one hundred million years the desolate. Devils lake is often three feet without wind waves, the lake is dark red hill, colour is odd blurred. Walk the lake, the cold wind blew on, like a thunderclap piercing the ear of the sound eloquent. Standing in the ghost lake shore, a share the feeling of sadness immediately rises from the chest, not before the ancients, not after him; The heaven, and the earth open, trip is like standing on the edge of the universe, but always can't find the home of the life. The sad tear kept flow, but was soon winds blow dry, only the lonely soul wandering in the lonely day and night of snow mountain.


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