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Medog  tour is introduced: take off the ink is the backpackers and I quite agree on foot heaven, ink to take off the county is the Tibet autonomous region in nyingchi has jurisdiction over a county, is located in southeastern Tibet, is located in the yarlung zangbo river downstream, located in south eastern Himalayas. Area of 3.4 square kilometers, cultivated land area of 20000 mu, the forest area of 32 million mu. Covering eight township (including a nationality township), 59 the villagers committee. People of the land: for MenBaZu and LuoBaZu mainly. The main section of the grand canyon of the famous in the county territory. This is the lowest elevation of the Tibetan plateau, the environment of the best place, also be the most gentle Tibet, the most abundant rainfall, ecological best preserved place. South county 2.4 square kilometers area is India occupied, delimit the so-called "arunachal pradesh", boundary problem is still not solved.
Ink take off, in the Himalayan mountains the foothill, and adjacent to India, meaning "the secret lotus", "ink take off" a word in the Tibetan language is the meaning of the flowers. Visible, long before they took off as the "flower" ink. Indeed, the ink to take off the rich resources of not only, and beautiful scenery, four spring-like and pleasant climate. Here's the difference, doorcase decoration in full bloom, the mountain lakes, waterfalls FeiLiu urgent, known as the Tibetan "xishuangbanna". The past also say take off the ink "BaiMa strongholds", is the meaning of the holy land lotus. Because in the Himalayan fault zone and ink to take off the fault zone, geologically active, earthquakes, landslides and debris flow constantly, and the damp climate more rain, making it the only car couldn't become a national county.
Take off the horse and ink name, is the most mysterious Tibet of one of the place. The famous Tibetan religious classic says: "the Buddha, the holy land of the pure land white horse for the highest win." These are the believers worship holy land, to many tibetans heart sow the temptation of infinite, ink, and take off the menba loba people said they live of the place is called "white yu owe cloth white horse strongholds", meaning "hidden like lotus that holy land". In the buddhist idea, the lotus is auspicious symbol.
The religious mysterious ink off color, directly through to the people's heart and soul menba. Remember a named QuNi ink to take off the MenBaZu religious painter had breathed said: take off like a goddess of ink terrain doubtful PAM face upwards recumbent holy body ─ ─ stand in the corner JiangDa that big white cloud curl up, difficult to see the elegant demeanour of geba tile south snowy peaks, is the goddess of handsome appearance; The eastern area cloudy forests and gently topography of the fertile soil, is her soft abdomen; The bamboo everywhere, and the river of dark blue SangHe river basin is up her private parts, in short, ink to take off the hills and streams of, all is the goddess of the body part.
Take off the mountain of ink, water, the waterfall. Some waterfall thin thin as rays, slowly float down from the cliff, water droplets collision was rock to fall apart, whereas into the fog, floating on the mountainside; Some waterfall flow grand, roar musical, the four seasons not up, quite spectacular. In these waterfall, in addition to known as the "hidden butch view," said the big turn the waterfall, up to 400 meters of sweat dense waterfall, from escarpment down tiger mouth of the waterfall, have YunYa FeiXie to the east of the waterfall, have wreathed in the back of the waterfall collapse, have silver ribbon dancing gulag waterfall......


Lhas-Medog-Chayu 8 Days
Yunnan-Modog-Lhasa 10 Days

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