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White occupies temple tour is introduced: white occupies temple of national key units of cultural relics protection, located in Tibet JiangZiXian territory. 15 th century was built, Tibetan Buddhism SaJiaPa, u when the pie, 3 big sect of coexistence sect a temple. White occupies temple is Chinese name, Tibetan hereinafter referred to as "class profile deqing", meaning "lucky wheel DaLe temple", is located in the east of the JiangZiXian China, inspite of Lhasa about 230000 meters in the south, the east from xigaze about more than 100 kilometers, at an altitude of 3900 meters. White occupies temple was built during Ming xuang zong xuande period two years (1427), after 10 years to complete. It is a tower of the combination of the temple of the Tibetan buddhist monasteries typical buildings, the tower has temple, temple during a tower, the tower of temple of natural HunCheng, bring out the best in each other, it's fully represents 13 th century building to 15 centuries middle period HouCang region of the temple architecture typical style.
White occupies temple, meaning "auspicious wheel-le large temple", commonly referred to as the "lucky wheel temple," Chinese "white occupies temple", that is, into a Tibetan hereinafter referred to as transliteration, founded in the first half of the middle of the 15 th century period (1418 ~ 1436). Because of a long history, beautiful buildings and special complete religious values, and the tower of temple keep well, difficult to count of exquisite murals and statues, is listed as national key units of cultural relics protection.
Because in the temple is white in Tibet held various sects, close cases the establishment, so it can get together, case lu, issachar, u when factions of the peace coexist in a temple, each sect in the temple's have five or six "firm warehouse". Existing 1 white adistinctive landmark in the temple
6 a firm warehouse. This makes it in Tibet which have special status and influence.
The temple has wooed the hall shows almost 500 years of history. The main hall consecrate iii oratory Buddha, its two side and east, and west the pure land. Because to spend, white and yellow compatible teaching, and the style of the statue of the temple is also different from elsewhere, the most obvious house. There is a strong and northwest appear and the fine gold Buddha statue is 8 meters high, it is said to be 14000 kg of molten image with brass. High three layers of the house, is under 48 root column the DaJingTang, pillar hung s long thangka of figure of Buddha. The second floor is concerning the qin hall lachey basilica, the temple summit "pull the meeting" was held here. There are a few around between Buddha hall, sleep in the house on a statue of the 3 m diameter liti emerged and the house manjusri bodhisattva and 18 arhats statue, has a history of 500 years. On the third floor, there is a call XiaYe lacan's Buddha hall, the altar of the temple city is very famous mural, six rhombohedrons round lotus sunk panel is rare.
White occupies temple is very famous mural, the subject of performance is very extensive, mainly including show close two Pope, the story and the Buddha born story, and so on, especially in the painting method is white occupies temple on many other temples of the panoramic Tibet and unique.
Hall a layer of jing-tang, corridors, a layer of things than auspicious tower pure land temple and the pocket rate palace, the painting of the house is mainly, the theme of the Buddha show dense story, JingBian stories and Buddha's this life story. But the white occupies temple mural of the main theme or performance tantra, if you are interested in Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism to the tourists, can be in a hall of his house, JinGangJie house things, three immeasurable palace and tower and one to five layer than in the Buddha hall look.
The backlight is white occupies temple fresco paintings in a big important feature content, light body and the way light two parts. White occupies temple in the murals of common backlighting have boat form, niche shape and oval, demonstrated several, the characteristic is modelling fine, pattern rich, exquisite symmetry, colour comparative and intense and harmonious, the use of colors is very rich also, feel beautiful grave, but not be appears dark.
White occupies temple has a lot of dog keeping free-roaming released, and lama, visitors peaceful coexistence and leave each other and become white occupies temple one scene.


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