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Pangong Tso tour is introduced: male lake say again wrong class wood the pull red wave, Tibetan meaning "long neck swan", have the highest elevation of the place in the world, is located in area county, ali soil northwest about 12 kilometers. Is China, county and the junction of the soil Kashmir international lakes, show things to, about 155 kilometers long, the south and about 15 kilometers wide and the narrowest point is only five meters. The lake elevation 4240 meters, water depth 57 meters, valley area of 28714 square kilometers. Class for NaLiuHu male lake, the lake east light west salty, is located in the county territory, for fresh water, western and Kashmir border for salt water.
The lake is the most peculiar in it is a from the east to west water salinity different lakes, namely, the eastern also is in our country for freshwater lakes, central to half salt water lake, the western for salt water lake. Class and surrounding scene is very beautiful lake, surrounded by green mountains all around, the distant snow mountain little; Class is very clear lake and lake, visibility for 3 to 5 m usually, the lake because of illumination, depth, brightness and other factors, present a blackish green, green and dark blue and so on the different color.
Ali is a snow mountains around, it has a long history and culture of the ancient monuments in the world, at the same time as a vast here, high altitude, the complex terrain, many rivers, unique climate, is the Chinese some special precious animal paradise. For a long time, because of the special region and the inconvenience of traffic, here the ecological environment remain intact, basic is the original state, become the paradise of the wild animals. According to the survey, only in the northeast of ali, there have been dozens of wild animals. The hiding, "the gold thread wild wild yak, the Tibetan antelope, ovis ammon and so on, is unique to the qinghai-tibet plateau, ali is also known as the wildlife park. In this natural zoo, the most concentrated, the most attractive, when is the class and marcus lake. In "the roof of the world", can have a world of birds, this should be a miracle, it makes the scenery JiLi, historic sites numerous ali plateau and add to the big special landscape.
From the shore by boat tour to class and marcus lake to 30 to 40 minutes of time, on the way to have a class and beautiful scenery and water lake that distant grandeur of the landscape. The lake has more than ten sizes of islands, the place was on the island of water birds in the nest perched named, class and lake has a strange phenomenon, namely of the migration of birds only choose to place stop habitats, other island to basically no birds. Marcus about 300 meters long, about 200 metres wide, higher than the lake island about 7, 8 m or so, the surface of the gravel, marcus for loess and covered with bird droppings, because no loftier marcus trees, only a few low shrubs and grass. Every year in birds breeding season, the island of the bushes and the grass, there will be a nest of a nest egg, some local nest nest and linked together, very concentrated, so that you walk not careful, can be stepped on bird eggs.


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