Pala Ancient Farm

Phalha Manor tour is introduced: Phalha Manor is Tibet big noble family who took the Lord manor, the full name palmer sleep lacan, located in the southwest of jomzi county about 4 km class sleep Aaron cloth village, is currently the only maintain integrity of old Tibet Tibet three great lords noble manor.
Pola manor is Tibet big noble family who took the Lord manor, the full name palmer sleep lacan, located in the southwest of jomzi county about 4 km class sleep Aaron cloth village, so also called class sleep Aaron cloth manor. Pola manor in old Tibet twelve manor in guizhou, and is currently the only maintain integrity of old Tibet Tibet three great lords noble manor.
The nobles of feudal serfdom in Tibet is divided into four: praise seed, and at Xi family, the first this family, the rest collectively referred to as geba, palmer sleep is the first this family lacan, therefore, who took the manor estate of noble.
Who took the family is a family history of more than 400 years old. According to research, who took the family is Tibetan ancestors of king (1618) NianChuHe upstream from the strong popular place a temple to Bhutan smoking the management of the lama temple pilates kang, and later became a tribal chief of Bhutan. Then, for Bhutan strife moved to Tibet, for five hundred households to hide reading rate by sealing jomzi heavy, followed by sand lu a place as salaries. Pola family based on this developing step by step into Tibet big noble ranks. Until the nineteenth century, who took the family to JiangZiXian, who took the family in Lhasa, bainang county, YaDongXian, such as south region has 37 a manor, of more than 15000 acres of land, 12 pasture, approximately 14000 adult females (only) cattle, and more than 3000 serfs, become one of twelve Tibet big noble.
In the Tibetan local government, who took the family as a ZiBen, this, ZhuoNi qin's generation, until the GaLun brought many. In the family's practice, has five people served as the Tibetan local government GaLun, manager Tibet administrative affairs. In the theocracy in old Tibet, has a great influence on the family parlor.
Pola manor the original was built JiangGa jomzi village, in 1904, the British army burned in the near the village of jomzi county JiangGa who took the family estate. 1937 years after the end of the war, who took the manor reconstruction kirgiz NianChuHe southwest city appeared in the other side of the distance that currently jomzi 4 km class sleep Aaron cloth village.
Pola manor was spectacular, existing houses between 57, covers an area of 5357.5 square meters, the main floor three layer, complete building form a complete set, elegant decoration, with jing-tang, sun room, saloon (on the reception room), bedroom, and playing mahjong special hall. With the room, gorgeous. The display appear elegant, the scriptures, swung intact. Appear who took the Lord to chant buddhist scripture is zhuang held or not favoured where activities, hall inside sculpture, painting, decoration, etc for the mainland style, visible of the central plain culture has great effects. In the bedroom, gold and silver jade wide variety; And who took the noble that year left over from rare food, tableware, imported wine, import white vinegar, precious fur clothing, extremely use up costly capabilities, the vivid representation pola family that year of luxury life scenes.
In addition, who took the manor and winemaking lane in, mills and serfs hot water stoves, etc. Manor made most of barley wine brewing lane for private use, a few sale or use it. Pola manor mill can be divided into joint and artificial ground, main processing ZanBa and Tibetan surface, the ZanBa divided into three classes of processing: a minute zhuang in staple food, second-class cronies servant edible, third serfs and animals to eat. Pola manor serfs hot water stoves, mainly for the serf, cook, it is said that the morning meal, ZanBa morning and night and vomit, no meat without food, very light.
Main body building in the corridor, on display, and the whip and devices, these are the old Tibet noble oppression and rule the serf's tools. To punish serfs, who took the farm has all sorts of devices, such as standing cage, bonds, whip, cowhide tube etc, a whip, ZhangZui punishment, cut and nose, broken foot, etc, the method is very cruel. The manor also preserve the old prison, and this is the Tibet aristocrat the serf's tools.
Pola manor more water stone and poultry reflectance senseless, and the overall layout similar gardens, usually very quiet.


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