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Puruogangri ice field  tour is introduced: Puruogangri ice field  tour is introduced sheets, located in general from Tibet naqu area, the locals call at the glacier, if, the altitude of 6000 m to 6800 m between, area more than 400 square kilometers, is the largest in the world, according to the glacier. If, at the ice sheets in 1999 by Chinese and American scientists identify, for the first time, and was identified as the world except Antarctica, and outside of the biggest arctic glacier. Be called: the world's third largest glaciers.
If, at the ice surface smooth, in northwest toward the southeast bar distribution. Ice sheets to the surrounding valleys radiation overflow more than 50 length of tongue range ice, the lowest place altitude of 5350 meters. Here glacier lakes, desert associated, the landscape is unusual.
In 2009, the scientists in central Tibet found a huge ice-if at the ice sheets, and it was confirmed as the world except Antarctica, and outside of the biggest arctic glacier, becomes the international the qinghai-tibet plateau of new research hot spot. Ice is extremely rare periphery spread many lakes and desert, attend the scientists at the disclosure the news, said "this is not only in Tibet, but also in the world is also a place very rare natural landscape". The fact that our country ice sheets, suggests that, in the polar regions outside the area near, there is second only to the polar ice caps scale the great glaciers.
The wild field investigation and indoor sample analysis shows that, in general, if the west front of the glacier ice sheets with big landscape of sand, develop directly above in moraines, and with the source material for the main moraines, and glaciers and ice movement is a close relation between the environment, is related glacier and ice formation and evolution process of reflection and good record. Combined with sedimentary sand dunes in a sequence of sedimentary structure measurement, analysis of grain size and humus layers of 14 C dating results such as the preliminary conclusion, that is: if the ice sheets, at least formed in 18 ka BP; Ice may come mainly from west wind precipitation rainfall; 18 ka BP since, ice sheets in general the contraction in process, in about 108 ka BP to, the ice of the western edge of the annual average level zero balance line shrink back rate is about 088 m · a-1, QianZhi increase rate of about 24 and 32 mm · a-1.
If at the ice sheets, located in the hinterland of qinghai-tibet plateau, qiangtang central plateau, is one of the few areas low weft ice sheets, also is the largest area of land ice mid-latitude areas of the region. Because its not only records the natural environment change of information, but also contains the human activities of information, so, at present this area has become the quaternary researchers and glaciers workers research hot spot area. However, about the region in ice core structure characteristic of material research dust is rare.


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