qingpu ashram

 Green park is located in the northeast SangYeSi 15 li rui mountainside, elevation 4300 meters, green PiaoXia no heat, no cold winter and is one ideal summer cold hill, along the road and is very suitable for hiking, here not only is the holy land of the pilgrims, as tourists to get a lot more fun. "Green" refers to the family, "park" is upper valley. Green park valley is "concave" glyph, surrounded on three sides by mountains and faces the south is gradually open mountain slopes and the vast waters of the yarlung zangbo river.

Silence guard, padmasambhava monks successively practice here, with a multitude of st mark. Yihong ends before Tibetan Buddhism, there are many books were buried here, hong early period after a lot of digging hiding dug hidden here. So, green park together with renowned SangYeSi, tibetans believe to SangYeSi and not go to green park, haven't SangYe equals.
Green park to practice because of pilgrimage and tourists in recent years, more and more, now in the hillside next to the temple built one can provide a simple little hostel accommodation, only six beds. Can also own tent to live in the mountains. Hostel one room is next to one store, can buy some canned, biscuits, instant noodles, there one kind, the mountain is no restaurants and hotels. Hostel and have a small kitchen, can provide hot water.
The traffic
Go from SangYeSi by truck or tractor, time, people can walk more. If the owners for toward the Buddha of Tibetan, so back and forth is included, such as car up the hill toward the Buddha's time at the foot of, such as back SangYeSi after everyone went down the mountain. From the bottom to climb to the top of the hill, need 3 ~ 4 hours of time. Due to the high altitude, it is recommended that the slow travel. Ticket prices 10 ~ 15 yuan/person.


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