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RiTuo Rock Mural tour is introduced: th soil is located in the northwest, Ngari Tibet county in northwestern region, is one of the BianJingXian district. Covers an area of 75400 square kilometers. Water area of 1.6 square kilometers. Pasture area of 70 million mu, cultivated land area of 07300 mu. The total population of more than 6300 people. KaLaKunLunShan and the bottom of the hill, across all the branch, is called "the roof of the world the very roof of the".
Th soil to save the kind of old dance-association and manasseh association, legend for th soil dance content of the historical the county is a famous minister. Dance form for 17 to the men and women ZuWu, dressed in ancient clothing, the man, dressed for the warriors, holding the ancient modified.this Tibetan dao, women's clothing luxuriant. The county's folk stories, myths, legends, proverbs, and folk songs etc, colorful contents, is the treasure house of folk culture study. The cave paintings of ancient ruins, human. Mainly distributed in south and east and class shows nearly two, three hundred square kilometers of the area, the most easy to find rock paintings in the day of the new highway near earth Tibetan area. In Tibet, in the territory of the SongRi, soil county's house, lu,,,, cave painting is the soil with solid stone or other good thing off or carved on the rock in cut and become, line and light a stroke, and a few pictures of coloured drawing or pattern. Rock paintings content is very extensive, hunting, religious ceremonies, riding, herding, farming, day, month, mountain, cows, horses, sheep, donkeys, antelope, houses, such as the character.
In the class and lake lake basin in southern and eastern, nearly two, an area of three hundred square kilometers, is distributed in robust lang card, ditch, the BuLong, o tower in kangba, cloth show, kangba long, hot days, he's building QuGa qiang's 13 points in the rock paintings.
Th soil for the study of ancient rock paintings point of history, ethnic Tibetan religion, art, folk, provides the precious kind of information. In these, simple picture interlaced, and records the XiangXiong ancient ethnic economic life, social activities and religious beliefs, according to his left the author of the natural phenomena and the understanding of the creation of unique sketch, some of the original aesthetic idea and the singular imagination. Some comrades say, rock art is the ancient ancestors' records in the stone vivid historical records, this is no exaggeration. These kind of information to research the Tibetan ethnic, ethnology, folklore, primitive religious history, the ancient ecology, ancient traffic and ancient art, etc, are very valuable.
The above pictures for most of the early in the age of metal rock paintings works, the works reflected the class and ancient nomads lake area of production and life of vivid scene, they live in nature, in change nature at the same time, struggling search using nature, create their own wonderful life. Although the line of rock paintings rough, modelling is dull, but qualitative real of primitive simplicity, can cause the visitors of the idea that a YouQing.


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