Rongbuk Monastery tour

Rongbuk Monastery tour is introduced: Rongbuk Monastery, is located in DingRiXian BaSong Shigatse area south of the base of mount Everest flannelette ditch things side of the "The beautiful girl" (tara) the top of the mountain, is apart from the county stations ninety kilometers, the elevation five thousand eight hundred meters, the terrain is high cold, is the world's highest elevation of the temple, so wonderful landscape.
Rongbuk Monastery, the full name "pull pile of check flannelette winter QuLin o temple", it is to belong to Tibet NingMa sent temple, is a rich local features dozens of upholding the temple. Located in the north end of glacier flannelette Everest, elevation 5154 meters, is apart from the Mount Qomolangma about 20 justice. Temple points in two new and old, old temple is located in the south of new temple three kilometers, close to the mount Everest, still save born in practice of master lotus hole, and printed with lotus of stone and footprints amateur stone pagoda from etc. New temple was established in 1902, flannelette temple once larger scale, had a dozen of a temple, and some are still in Nepal, because of historical reasons were destroyed after. Now the Lord temple there are eight subsidiary below small temple, including a NiGuAn. Because flannel temple mount about 20 kilometers away from the top, and so it has become the climb Everest base camp from the north slope. From here looking to the south, is a great place to watch film Everest. There is a temple around flannelette turn the way. Front of the hall is a the smallest watch drama stage, when important festival, the local crowds here see lama will act. Marnie heap outside the is usually photography as a filming of mount Everest's prospects. 1983 years after the construction of large-scale temple. Here the mural is worthy of careful watch.
Sooner or later, there would be strong winds, temperature can be low to 15 to 20 degrees below zero (December to march), had better take warm clothes. In April to October, has been to the base camp along the road has in tents, each bed about 30 to 40 yuan/person. The tourist season 5 to 8 months still appear a difficult beg phenomenon. Flannelette temple every year, to be held on April 15 designated the three days of TiaoShen activities, 25 th November 29,, held the spirits of the ceremony. From April 15 is designated the Lord Buddha sakyamuni birth, enlightened, died of the day. So in a month to hold various activities to mark, as time passes these activities by the scale of the grand became the main activities of the turn for the holiday.
Previously, Rongbuk Monastery monks are basically is to rely on incense money live, and now buddhists who have begun to open hostel to earn money. In the busy season, usually all full, so is in. Near Everest base camp in the past only to provide tourists lodging place is flannelette temple, live temple hotel, the condition is bad, but in the accommodation, easy to watch scenery Everest sooner or later. For many years, have been linked to the world famous hotel chain of some attempt to come here to build new hotels, but for environmental reasons, there has been no success. Flannelette temple
Actually, from the Rongbuk Monastery to Everest's base camp and about 8 km away. If they carry camping gear, live in Everest base camp inside is possible, but you need to bring their own cooking stoves. In the season, Tibet mountaineering association of home LianLaoGuan stationed, that time can LianLaoGuan hand from buy small amounts of food and drink, but to do well the price amazing mental preparation, probably to Lhasa three times than you.
At present temple built between 30 more than one hundred beds in the hotel, reception foreign tourists, also has a restaurant and the canteen. Conditions even though relatively humble, but each passenger can eat to warm noodles, rice, cooking are food and various convenient, canned food. Visitors without mountain reaction, also be able to drink beer and other liquor, but the price is higher, because the things here are all from hundreds of kilometers of Lhasa and xigaze, shipped, some even from China mainland of long-distance traffic.
Visit tip: to Rongbuk Monastery, the most attractive is the near mount Everest. A lot of the experts think Rongbuk Monastery is located is the best place to watch the mount Everest. Starting from here after canyon, cliff and the strange to mount Everest base camp, walk to 2 hours, as long as 15 minutes by car. See Everest is best early in the morning or late in the afternoon, the scenery pleasant is at this time.


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