Sera Monastery

Sera Monastery tour is introduced: sera full name "salad mahayana temple", Tibetan Buddhism sect six big one of the temple. And drepung, called the gandan monasteries huiji Lhasa, is up in the most of the late huiji a. Sera of national key units of cultural relics protection, is located in the northern suburb of 3000 meters Lhasa salad followed the foothills. Ming yongle 17 years (1419), ZongKaBa disciple Jiang qin but jie build, into the drive in nine years (1434). Jiang qin but jie services after to Beijing, is given a large his kindness. After qin gave back to hide the collection in the temple like etc, are still in existence. There were stammer, wheat and temple, "and three Zagreb warehouse (nber). Its heyday in the temple sangha of more than 8000, the scale slightly after drepung monastery.
The temple has a large quantity of precious cultural relics and arts and crafts, such as sugar apple profit from Beijing west to the royal emperor hiding back to the gift of the buddhist scriptures, skulls, the figure of Buddha, clothing, silk), JinYinQi, etc. Among them: the Lord west color silk like, length 109 cm, 64 cm wide, despite the more than 500 years, but still very bright color. Hidden in the more than 200 concerning the qin hall of the GanZhuEr ", "Dan's pearl of the scriptures with gold copy of the juice, very precious.
The debate, is a buddhist knowledge of discussion, also can saying is the monks were a way of learning. Every day, the monks sera have a cause the activities. This is a challenging debate, both sides crossfire, words is intense, the debate by all kinds of gestures often to enhance the strength of the debate, they urged the other foreigners or as soon as possible to answer the questions, or pull reckoning with the power of the Buddha said to fight each other. Debate on the field of the atmosphere that visitors also was infectious. As one of the three big Lhasa temple, sera may not grand drepung monastery, colorful, but here's the argument the absolute is very characteristic of activities. By the very famous divides the sera. The debate in the front door to the northern tip of the channel. By the time the general debate from 15:00 start, can watch at will. Sera have a grand festival called "salad caved qin", meaning sera unique king kong clubbing blessing section. In the 15 th century it, by the Indian spread a dorje king kong, says fly clubbing, by a stammer Zagreb in Tibetan storehouse him on December 27, the service of the house of the DanZeng meet the custodian of the offer. In the past, by habit to December 27, every morning, stammer Zagreb the storehouse "law enforcers" on who will be sent to the potala palace in king kong clubbing the dalai lama, the dalai lama for kong clubbing blessing after another, who sent back to sera. At this time, the storehouse him up a stammer Zagreb, holding the king kong to the temple and clubbing sharp to worship the people hit head blessing for the Buddha, the bodhisattva and the guardian deity withstanding. Every year the day came sera waiting for blessing of believers and head of the tens of thousands.


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