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Sichuan-tibet highway travel is introduced: sichuan-tibet highway, is China's history of the most arduous road engineering of a highway, there are two. Sichuan-tibet highway began in chengdu in sichuan province, the yoann, kangding, in new capital bridge into the two line: uptown (of 317 national road), the ganzi stagg, into Tibet changdu, BangDa; The downtown (genera and 318 national road) the scales, litang, kang-pa, into Tibet mangkang, after BangDa and meet in uptown, then the BaSu, BoMi, Lin zhi to Lhasa.
Uptown the 2412 km, the highest point is an altitude of 4916 meters QiaoErShan; The downtown is 2149 kilometers, via an altitude of 4700 meters litang. The two lines have between the highway to BangDa changdu prefecture (169 km) linked. The downtown for a short journey and low altitude, so the sichuan-tibet highway line forms into Tibet. The Tibet sichuan-tibet highway, on his way into Tibet from east to west mountain, in turn over QiaoErShan, color gerahs mountain, 14 a elevation 4000 meters above the precipitous mountains and across the dadu river, the nujiang, the lancang river, and quite rough rivers, way more arduous and dangerous, but all the way to the magnificent scenery, have snow mountain, the original forest, grassland, glaciers, canyons and big rivers.
The sichuan-tibet highway downtown and uptown
Downtown sichuan-tibet sichuan-tibet highway
Downtown sichuan-tibet in 1958, and formally opened to traffic. The downtown of him up from the national highway 108 and FenDao, go over to the west mountain, across the dadu river, built along the Yangtze river, lancang river, nujiang river, upstream, the scales, litang, bamboo and jinshajiang river had kang-pa cage bridge into Tibet, then the ZuoGong, BangDa mangkam, BaSu, however, the BoMi, Lin zhi, MoZhu, job card of over Lhasa, uzbek. The downtown relative uptown in place of pass, for the less populated areas. All along for high canyon, more beautiful scenery, especially called Tibet jiangnan nyingchi area. But the downtown area of the TongMai mountain relatively loose, easily happened mudslides and landslides. Downtown chengdu to Lhasa sichuan-tibet: 2142 km, via high for an altitude of 5014 meters MiLaShan, another after a "world high city" say, altitude of over 4000 m in litang county town.
The downtown chengdu to yoann period of western sichuan plain to the high basin lower march, total for the highway. Yoann to kangding section in ChuanXiGaoYuan, namely the qinghai-tibet plateau southeast low margin, especially in yoann TianQuanXian have territory "sichuan-tibet highway first risks," said the mountain, the terrain is gradually rise, sunvo company's remarkable vertical distribution trend line, basic is the mountain road along the river again, and again to the mountain west into the river. Mountain high 3500 meters around the tunnel after traffic no longer have a "natural barrier under construction overall" say, but the mountain, LuDing to kangding the gas between a river, in the rainy season, asphalt is often up the river floods and flood destroyed, and debris flow is. Sichuan-tibet highway on 3 September is expected to restore to the traffic
The mountain pass over that kangding the elevation 4290 meters SheDuoShan. The mountain is the geographical boundaries, the west for plateau uplift area, have built, right for high canyon area, have dadu river. SheDuoShan is a traditional Tibetan and Chinese eset line, the mountain on both sides of the population distribution, production and living conditions are a significant difference. In dadu river in the national, cultural aspects of transition zone, the main distribution on has "the fine hair," said the Tibetan branches. Its region to north to the size of the aba prefecture of sichuan province jinchuan area.
SheDuoShan edom belongs to subtropical monsoon climate, and basic in west China abundant rain screen with vegetation cover, the wet summer winter snow, surface water and mountain and river to the roadbed erosion and cutting obviously; West of SheDuoShan of YaHanDai monsoon climate and plateau of continental climate into knead area, mild climate slants cold, also much rainfall, for grass slope, lows for Lin, and snowy peaks and many mountain lakes.
SheDuoShan kang-pa to a line elevation 4000 meters or so, by the east to the west have scissors bending mountain, gore temple hill and haizi mountain etc gentle high mountains. Litang is this line of optical important point, to the north is worth XinLong and ganzi, south over the city and township, daocheng honor, etc. Wide flat litang is located in the same hair on the line is the highest elevation of the average county, the county called "the high city". To the west gradually into the jinsha river kang-pa east coast valley, wide and slightly low, is the traditional Tibetan
The fine agricultural. But in the anastomosis of tectonic plates kang-pa with, often have an earthquake. A bamboo jinshajiang river bridge and cage, ChuanCangXian into the north and south of the longitudinal cross section famous mountains three mountain sanjiang area. Highway which had entered a more than 800 kilometers, of rising "cao groove shape geological broken sections". In Tibet BoMi to row between long, in the rainy season, the raging debris flow and landslides make the earth a few into "peristalsis shape", its powerful enough to make the car here, soul-stirring over Tibet until LinZhiXian territory of the color gerahs mountain pass. This line has set not over of mountain, waded not over of the river. ChuanCangXian on almost all of the natural barrier under construction overall are concentrated in the section. Color gerahs mountain pass, especially after the nyingchi, total for the high grade highway, until the Lhasa.
Sichuan-tibet uptown
Starting from chengdu sichuan-tibet uptown, the directly into ganzi him, through the furnace khodorkovsky, ganzi, had the jinshajiang river bridge stagg honk into Tibet, then the jomda, south-north line against sexual point chuangdu BangDa, through the BoMi, bayi to Lhasa, covering a total of 2413 kilometers. This line is tourism explorers, called "little uptown". Another uptown from chengdu north, in wenchuan and national highway 213 dropping, from the temple, the company brush changdu reach Lhasa, is an important part of the national highway 317. The downtown and uptown in changdu and BangDa have national highway 214 connection. The national highway 317 in naqu uptown and qinghai-tibet highway rendezvous, also can arrive Lhasa. At the same time is also part of the highway. Sichuan-tibet uptown chengdu to Lhasa: 2412 km. This line is later tourism explorers, called "big uptown". Uptown in relative forms, have areas for pastoral areas (such as in naqu), the elevation higher, the population is more scarce, the scenery is more original grand.
And the downtown new capital bridge to a kang-pa compared, sichuan-tibet uptown new capital bridge to a line stagg, basically is fresh water along the river, and built on, there is a pasture, canyon, the river, the river and the terrain, not like the downtown that kind of high and gentle pull. Which is fine hair and Dan Tibetan main distribution area, tower male prairie (also called the same MAO savannah) area scenery and humanity to grow perceptibly, daofu, furnace to crown the residential area and even the entire Tibetan rejects kang, ganzi county valley is good agricultural kang area, with temple, and a horse


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