We start our north route of Sichuan and Tibet here

Sichuan-tibet uptown tourism is introduced: sichuan-tibet uptown from chengdu, starting him directly into the ganzi, through the furnace khodorkovsky, ganzi, had the jinshajiang river bridge stagg honk into Tibet, then the jomda, south-north line against sexual point chuangdu BangDa, through the BoMi, bayi to Lhasa, covering a total of 2413 kilometers. This line is tourism explorers, called "little uptown". Another uptown from chengdu north, in wenchuan and national highway 213 dropping, from the temple, the company brush changdu reach Lhasa, is an important part of the national highway 317. The downtown and uptown in changdu and BangDa have national highway 214 connection. The national highway 317 in naqu uptown and qinghai-tibet highway rendezvous, also can arrive Lhasa. At the same time is also part of the highway. Sichuan-tibet uptown chengdu to Lhasa: 2412 km. This line is later tourism explorers, called "big uptown".
And this site the sichuan-tibet uptown is referred to point to: starting from chengdu in yingxiu town north to the west, through the wolong nature reserve, climbing over the mountains of the cloud and mist curl up at the paired (elevation 4523 meters), the XiaoJinXian, Dan and is worth. Enter ganzi, through the daofu, furnace khodorkovsky, ganzi, had the jinshajiang river bridge stagg honk into Tibet, then the jomda, of all, uzziah, prosperous the BaQing, cable county, naqu to Lhasa. Uptown in relative forms, have areas for pastoral areas (such as in naqu), the elevation higher, the population is more scarce, the scenery is more original grand.
And the downtown new capital bridge to a kang-pa compared, sichuan-tibet uptown new capital bridge to a line stagg, basically is fresh water along the river, and built on, there is a pasture, canyon, the river, the river and the terrain, not like the downtown that kind of high and gentle pull. Which is fine hair and Dan Tibetan main distribution area, tower male prairie (also called the same MAO savannah) area scenery and humanity to grow perceptibly, daofu, furnace to crown the residential area and even the entire Tibetan rejects kang, ganzi county valley is good agricultural kang area, temple exist, and arms and new roads, sea, false QiaoErShan area graceful natural landscapes, is the whole area stagg cultural center. High along the way is an altitude of 4916 meters QiaoErShan, JiLi scenery, if the cloud the fragmented snow mountain beautiful fairy. ShiQu have the most beautiful grassland kang area, such as the ShiQu into ensemble in qinghai province, and the more, hot springs, to the capital of xining or qinghai lake qinghai province. Along the way, snow mountain plateau lake, dotted with hot springs, with very few tourists involved, is highly acura line cross-country explorers.
Along the ChuanCangXian in and out of Tibet, the best season is a year in May and mid August-October. In may to August is the west between the rainy season, the ChuanCangXian for landslides and debris flows frequently, it should be relatively bounteous travel arrangements. In addition to appreciate the rainy season ChuanCangXian particularly beautiful and inviting fluttering flagsscenery besides, still need to walking across the courage and resolve of the landslide.


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