Sichuan to Tibet by 4WD tour

 ChuanCangXian best travel time is: in May, June and October, November, ChuanCangXian the best travel season is spring and autumn season, spring snowcapped, golden autumn is colorful, photography enthusiasts choose this two season is the perfect season.
ChuanCangXian is one of the hottest summer tour line, because of its charming scenery very challenging and tough conditions, ChuanCangXian drive, sichuan-tibet cycling, ChuanCangXian charter, fastening the rental is the line of travel mode, travel no matter what method you use, ChuanCangXian are worth a visit, you want to see ChuanCangXian more beauty, you can also visit DaoChengYa butyl tourism. ChuanCangXian rental car travel is ChuanCangXian charter, ChuanCangXian special roads lead to generally the driver's manipulation is not smooth, so basic it is will match the driver, and the characteristics of the charter, professional drivers travel also greatly improves the security.
And between June and August is a rainy season, at this point is there is beauty but it is also prone to mudslides and landslides of the time, will travel to you to bring some unstable factors, while winter is too cold, although the spring the weather is good, but at this point of view is not attractive, because of the altitude problem ChuanCangXian mountains along the way is still in the snow, the road and icy conditions. Into the autumn is the most charming scenery, the temperature is not very cold, travel very convenient.
Fastening the downtown was formally opened in 1958. The downtown from ya 'an and national highway 108 separation, climb mountain, west along the cross the dadu river and yalong river, jinsha, lancang river, nujiang river, upstream through the one, litang jinsha river bridge, and had their bamboo cage into hiding, then through mangkang, ZuoGong, banda, BaSu, however, bome, nyingchi, maizhokunggar, kyrgyz arrived in Lhasa. The downtown by relative to the northern line, is a relatively densely populated areas more. For alpine valleys, along the landscape more beautiful, especially known as jiangnan nyingchi region of Tibet. But south mountain TongMai area is relatively loose, easily happened mudslides and landslides. Fastening the downtown chengdu to Lhasa, the total length of 2142 kilometers, passing through the highest elevation 4700 meters, there is "high city in the world," said the litang.
Fastening the downtown best season: four different scenery, winter snow mountains, rainy season road is not very easy, normally 5 - October is the best season, but to avoid the rainy season in July and August.
Fastening the downtown main attractions: mountain tunnel, SheDuoShan, xindu bridge, the grand canyon, the glacier, to the ancient glacier, their, litang, haizi mountain, DaoChengYa butyl, natural lake, bome, LuLang, nyingchi, bassoons cuo, cardin ditch, big cypress, color gerahs mountain, maizhokunggar, mainstay, MiLaShan.
Sichuan-tibet line from chengdu, after zhu directly into the ganzi, furnace huo, ganzi, heidegger had honk jinsha river bridge into hiding, then through jomda, changdu in north and south line junction between banda, after classics bome, bayi to Lhasa, the 2413 km. This line is tourism explorers called "small northern". Another northern north from chengdu, in wenchuan and national highway 213 shunt, brush from the temple after barkam, changdu arrived in Lhasa, is an important part of national highway 317. The downtown and uptown in changdu national highway 214 connecting with banda. Northern line along the 317 national highway in naqu merges with the qinghai-tibet highway, can also arrive in Lhasa. At the same time is also part of the qinghai-tibet highway. Fastening the northern chengdu to Lhasa, total length of 2412 km. The line is later tourism explorers called "the great northern".
"Great northern" from chengdu north in yingxiu town to the west, across the wolong nature reserve, and over the age of cloud (elevation 4520 meters), mount baron XiaoJinXian, danba. After entering ganzi, daofu, furnace huo, ganzi, heidegger honk jinsha river bridge into hiding, then through jomda, qamdo, uzi, BaQing, Mr. County, naqu to Lhasa. Northern line relative to the south, the region for pastoral areas (e.g., naqu area), to higher, more populated, more original magnificent scenery.
Fastening the northern tourist attractions: the four maiden's mountain, a Tibetan village, spindle slope ancient residential towers, daofu local-style dwelling houses, Mr Temple, five Ming buddhist institute, ganzi temple, new road, QiaoErShan, heidegger 10-odd, sea jinsha river, lancang river, JiangBaLinSi, dagring grasslands, ninety-nine turn, nujiang grand canyon, lake, village, m pile of glaciers, armor mountain lake, the ancient township, TongMai crash, LuLang pastoral scenery, yanghe scenery, NaJiaBaWaFeng, LaSaHe scenery, yanghe scenery, MoZhu sontzen gampo birthplace, Myra mountain pass.
Sichuan-tibet line with ChuanCangXian the downtown xindu bridge to their, compared to a fastening the northern xindu bridge to heidegger on the line, essentially, yalong river and the fresh water river, from time to tome pastures, valleys, rivers, river the original topography, unlike the downtown to be high and gently pull. Of danba is the main distribution area, rgyalrong Tibetan male prairie tower (also called MAO (savannah) along the scenery and the humanities, daofu, furnace huo residential highest in kham and even the entire Tibetan areas, ganzi county valley is kang district, excellent agriculture temple forest, but mani wars, new road, sea, QiaoErShan beautiful natural scenery, heidegger is the cultural center of the area. Highest point is 4916 meters above sea level along the QiaoErShan, magnificent scenery, like the icy snow mountain the cloud fairy. Shi Qu kham most beautiful grasslands, such as by Shi Qu in yushu prefecture in qinghai, the mardom, hot springs, can be to the capital of qinghai province xining and qinghai lake. Along the plateau lakes, snow-capped mountains, hot springs, very few tourists, cross-country explorers recommended is acura line.
Along ChuanCangXian in and out of Tibet, is the best season of every year in the middle of may and August to October. Between may to August is the rainy season, in the west of the ChuanCangXian because of mudslides and landslides frequently, so the schedule should be more comfortable. In addition to catch the rainy season ChuanCangXian particularly beautiful and seductive charming scenes, also need to walk through landslide area of courage and determination.

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