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Of stupa tour is introduced: white occupies temple in the BaiJuDa known at home and abroad. Is named "bodhi tower". Tibetan says the tower for a "class profile song mountain", this is the NianChuHe xigaze region flowing water. White occupies temple grounds by hot cloth pat and the panchen mulberry gong I g bead jie in AD 1418 first built.
In the temple of the white BaiJuDa have "of stupa" of reputation, it is because of the white occupies temple the stupa just particularly charming. This is no ordinary stupas (special remind: is it by nearly situated between the tower built in turn overlap.) Tower have nine floors, as high as 32 meters, have 77 rooms, 108 a shrive door, shrines and jing-tang, etc, in China the history is unique treasures. Hall has more than ten triangle flowers pattern circle of Buddha, hence its name of stupa. The tower in more than thousand and otherwise mud, copper, gold model of Buddha, Buddha is a museum. From the west entrance into the stair always on to to the top of the tower, and if they cannot find up the stairs, went best around, some really is more hidden.
Note that in stupa photography, charge 10 yuan. Enter the door of stupa in, is an old man responsible for collection. Suggested that each tourists are faithful to the payment. In most house stupa light as it was dark, don't use a flash. Use flash murals and sculpture has influence, and will appear in the photo highlights points, the effect is very bad. The correct pictures method is long time exposure, can use the tripod, or will the camera on a fixed object. Remember!
Than auspicious tower, also say "travels liberation big tower", hereinafter referred to as "white", also say "BaiJuDa", is to Tibet preserved within the territory, the most magnificent colorful architectural treasures. Founded in 1414, lasted for ten years, the YuWanCai complete man-days consumption. 9 floors high tower, is 42.4 meters tall, by Kentucky, tower abdomen, the basin, tower building etc. Tower covers an area of 2200 square meters, for all around octagonal, five layers, line and lively, style chic, solemn and sober. The tower in the bottom 20 a Buddha hall, namely: the house, a dharma wheel the day king kong temple, house, hands clean house, back to the house, the pure land cover temple, and parmeliella mother Buddha temple, horse, don't move WangDian Ming Ming WangDian, star mother Buddha temple, and telecom shrive burning lamp, increase the Buddha temple, the mother Paul Ting HuFaDian, vigorously Ming WangDian, a top arm strict mother Buddha temple, pocket palaces, many WenTian rate house, eight 觧 to take off the temple, and the custodian of the temple, and wins the house mother Buddha; Five layer is Buddha hall 4, namely: north, west, south, east immeasurable palace. 5 layers above tower for circular tower bottle, top TongPi package for the cone-shaped 13 days. The tower big on the small, then pass the layer, opened a 108 door, real monarch Buddha hall 76 rooms, decorated with abnormal fine bar as the dragons, lion, relief, the hidden inside of of all kinds of Buddha, total statue of Buddha and nearly fresco, so it is also called "of stupa". Tower central still have a small bottle of Buddha hall, all around the top draw has 3 meters long the eye of the god shiva. The tower was superb statue: six floors of Buddha in the hall for a big buddhas of the three periods, solemn and quiet, looks grave. The two sides for TanXiongLouBei, curve waist, YingLuo, waist stand in the disciple statue of ribbons; 5 layer: as for clay sculpture, legged, expression grinds to a dull, give a person with tender and gentle feeling; 5 the murals and house of clay sculpture represent demon, to being an king kong protector is given priority to, but also have a graceful, gentle good tara like, form bright contrast. In short, than auspicious tower building magnificent, and white occupies temple echo each other at a distance, one integrated mass, in the temple with towers, a tower of temple, bring out the best in each other, for 13 to 15 th century in HouCang tower of temple of the model of mutual reflect, it is also the China only a collection building, painting and sculpture art with a religious art museum.


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Tibet tour Nyingchi -Lhoka-Everest-Namucuo 12 Days
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