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TaoPing QiangZhai tour is introduced: TaoPing QiangZhai village in the valley of miscellaneous brain TaoPing river village, is the most complete preservation of the qiang people's architectural culture art, still keep the of primitive simplicity of amorous feelings of the qiang people's original village. In aba Tibetan qiang autonomous prefecture of sichuan province, have a place in the world today is the only well-preserved qiang the ancient village, this is what is called the mystery of the experts and scholars "Oriental castle" TaoPing QiangZhai.
TaoPing QiangZhai, in the east village 40 kilometers place, is apart from the chengdu about 180 kilometers. The village is a typical representative of the qiang people's building community, village a tan in the stone floor of the steep slope of the mountain slope in one gets on, meantime bunkers exist, known as the mysterious "Oriental castle". TaoPing QiangZhai to the castle as the center is built to the radial eight export, exports constitute network attached to bust, the village people in a freely, and strangers in the maze. Village connected with room, wall PianShi mixed with pebbles, construction, deep and have send, in the village of vertical and horizontal, some village endowed has low fence, retained the ancient qiang "QiongLu" living habits. Residential room inside a wide, and beams, usually have two to three layers, as housing above, below a cattle and sheep farm tools or pile up homes, the house has a roof often base "small tower", which of the qiang baishi god (a piece of oval white stone). The underground water supply system in fort is unique, from high over the mountain spring, the AnGou flow to every family, not only can adjust indoor temperature, for fire control facilities, and once there was war, or avoid the enemy off the water and escape the conduits.
The qiang people's song and dance is TaoPing QiangZhai main features. To TaoPing QiangZhai don't watch the qiang people's song and dance, you will feel very sorry. The qiang people's skills in more than two thousand calendar TaoPing QiangZhai history. In the long history of long, they own labor with song, dance performance of your life, and gradually form the enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained art style. The qiang people's song and dance, a performance of labor life; As the love; And performance ritual activities or remove the ghost. The qiang people's song and dance diverse forms, there are solo, the duet, and the collective sing, for example, to offer songs, flowers reminder, etc. The qiang sirloin dance (i.e. similar, and the Tibetan GuoZhuang than more clever and beautiful qiang dance) is the most active, bold and unrestrained art form, men, women and children are can participate in. Dozens of people, hundreds of people, sing, and the atmosphere is very warm. Skin is encouraged the original qiang wizard offering to god jump of, then also gradually evolved into the style straightforward qiang dance, become a beautiful dance of the qiang's ba. When celebrating a wedding feast or someone in the village, the whole village will get together, with the burning fire and drinking wine fragrance of sucks, folk song singing, jump GuoZhuang, sometimes make to working all night. In TaoPing QiangZhai tourism, you can view and admire the qiang and enjoy family, also can attend the bonfire party, finishing eat roast mutton, drink of barley wine later, in the bonfire below the reflect, and, following the qiang home girl dancing guy, from which the ancient qiang cultural taste of the profound connotation.
TaoPing QiangZhai seems to have concentrated the qiang people's one thousand years history, in TaoPing within QiangZhai for years, qiang people kept all the traditional life habit, from the field of prayer of children pick apples door dress neatly national costume of the old man, from is knitting qiang embroidered women to drink of barley wine of young tiger han, are presenting a bucolic life realm.
The grand national festival qiang for "offering mountain will" (also called revolving around mountains will) and "qiang conference" (also called qiang calendar year), were held in age season. In fact is a spring autumn of prayer for farming activities, but always filled with religious color, more reflects the glory of the ancient mysterious culture.
By the MiYaLuo visit: located in wenzhou in sichuan, China's biggest hongye scenic spot, at an altitude of 2700 meters. "MiYaLuo" is the Tibetan language, which means "be of bazi", is located in the valley of minjiang river valley areas of the brain miscellaneous tributaries. The weather is cool, the scenery is excellent, especially by late autumn season, red leaves from the high end, distinct from the foot to the red down.


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