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Tombs of Tibetan King tour is introduced: king of hidden tomb national key units to be protected, is located in the south of the county ZongShan poor and south west, backed by PI provoked mountain (meaning growth mountain), is the tubo dynasty 29 generations to praise at 40 generation (last), a minister and praise at the princess's burial group, a total area of 385 square meters. The tomb FengTu tall, for soil base into fortress QiuMu. The upper mound for the oval, pier top flat, thing is about 130 meters long; The lower is rectangle TuTai, peripheral not neat. The number of hidden tomb king is difficult to determine, can see the have 八九座. Next to the river big tomb is said to be the tomb of songtsen gampo * s, a neighbouring is ChiSong DE praise tomb, tomb has a huge GongDeBei. In the ninth century after the slave uprising occurred, praise at the mausoleum was destroyed, now of the hidden tomb YiGuanZhong king is just.
The king of the tomb of hidden 7-9 th century tubo praise at each generation of tombs, Tibet is the largest burial preserved. Back to the PI-provoke mountain, near the river before YaLong, was already very the attention that Turk "located" "feng shui". The tombs area is about ten thousand square meters, the tomb FengTu tall, about 10 meters above the surface. The tomb is flat-roofed form, with the mainland steamed bread FengTu obviously different form, this and "the Canon" for "the tomb, founder of the stone for home, shape if crew cut house" is basically identical of records. FengTu by ramming, ramming layer of clear, each layer thickness of about 20 to 40 centimeters. The tombs area is about ten thousand square meters, the tomb of about 10 meters above the surface, like a rolling hills look. Near the river has a tomb, say the tomb of songtsen gampo * s. Of the tomb of the gate toward the southwest open, face the home town of Buddha, in order to show to the Buddha of devotion. There is a small temple grave, for a princess wencheng, songtsen gampo * s and the statue of, is also ShouMuRen dwelling place. According to historical records, the tomb consists of five temple, where those songtsen gampo * s, for a statue of Buddha and name, and a lot of gold and silver, the pearl, the agate etc burial objects. Buried with his team at the tomb of the left to wear gold armour, foot buried pearl 2.5 g (g, is the weight of the Tibetan unit, about 28 pounds). Tomb of pure gold buried right useful knights and horses, as after the death of songtsen gampo * s attendants. Due to the accumulation of soil and water loss and quicksand, hillside several a mausoleum already and hills mixed, faint it for 9 a mausoleum cause. Hide the tomb of king, there are grave stone steles, a pair of the two parties. In 1984, the mining of land ChiSong DE monuments, praise, is 7.18 meters tall, BeiMian with dragon, four snake, flying, such as the embossed designs, and engraved with 59 do sing praise ChiSong DE the ancient Tibetan. Carving techniques have obvious tang dynasty style, modelling concise vivid, therefore, hidden tomb reflects not only the king of more than one thousand years ago the funerals of Tibet system, at the same time for the tubo dynasty rise, fall, Tibetan culture and communication research, journal of important value. Hidden tomb king is so far found in large scale, the best-preserved history, exactly.
Located in the wood ban shan mountain provoked feet, have a great scale of high earth-rock, according to the historical MingJian "and so on the Tibetan historical records records, here should be all loose mans cloth" mausoleum. The ground here except for tall buildings FengTu besides, most valuable is a pair of LingQian stone lions. Stone lion is 1.55 meters tall, seat is rectangle, 1.2 meters long, 0.76 meters wide. Shishi LingQiu oriented sitting, lift up the head, image are vigorous and vivid. Mane into listed down to the brain, his head is flat, a see and know is the style of the early stone lions. The stone carving techniques of high strength, smooth lines, fruity in tang dynasty in the stone is excellent, in Tibet is rare.


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