Wash hot spring

Wash hot springs, a total of seven, wash township in scattered in a small piece of grass. Because of these hot springs has curative effect on stomach ailments and diseases such as eye disease, respectively, so loved by the Tibetan people. Among them is for the dalai lama in the android ROM cob hot springs. Wash hot spring scenery is very beautiful, unique folk custom, the spring and summer of each year, made a special trip to come to bath tourists in an endless stream.
From sangri county XiangDongHang 70 kilometers by car, is walker, master tsongkhapa biography, tsongkhapa from qinghai to Tibet to the authority, the avalokitesvara enlightenment, say as long as tsongkhapa to a favorite ward GongJie mountain method, he can become a great buddhist to carry forward. When he came to the ward GongJie mountain, see the people here are very respect and love to ward GongJie mountain, so he and his disciples to practice here, and start the founding of the gelug sect, it is said that walker's name is up, he "wash" is the meaning of "love ward GongJieShan".
Walker have had period and german-japanese wood river river, the black dragon river three river god. Walker was strewn with hot spring, a total of seven, a star township in grasslands. Rumours that the spring can cure various diseases. Of which meant for use by the dalai lama, the android ROM. Meet the hot spring is the most famous. Spring, summer, season, to the leisure bath number here.
Vodka is one and a half agricultural half herd sangri county area, tell from the wide meaning, it including about 60 kilometers square garden area, tell from the narrow meaning, refers to the walker of near 10 km wide north-south, 20 kilometers long, with it to wash as the center, at an average altitude of 3700 meters. East-west ward GongJieShan forceful in walker of the south, the main peak especially, like a sword stab to the blue sky, at the age of snow, very beautiful, always silver in the sun, its height is 5998 meters above sea level. In an east-west mountain ridge west of low, is the magnificent walker of site, about 5 km away from ward GongJie mountain, south mountain ridge is a fertile land, on the north side is water abundant grassland, is the beautiful and rich land gestates walker diligent and kind people. People here in transforming the nature, nature also dedicate their love to people. Nature gives wash people's the best gift is the gift of the water.
Walker has two and seven of the water in the river hot spring, local people according to water temperature and water them into water, blackwater, hot water, warm water and cold water. Once phase channel flow water come from the melted snow, in the summer, phase once the river like the flow of milk, blackwater is platinum ditch streams, people call it, wood river, combined with the two rivers the locals say they are the "three river" representing guanyin bodhisattva, king kong guardian deity and manjusri bodhisattva. Walker refers to seven hot water springs, one of the two springs is enough to put eggs, boiled water refers to water rising from the grasslands in the next spring, four seasons of spring water at room temperature, is the ideal source of people often wash clothes, wash the dishes. Wash hot spring is mainly on four different springs. Wash all distribution of grassland north of mountain.
The first one is located in central plains, river zhuo roca hot springs have period. Zhuo roca is famous for the dalai lama's imperial hot spring. At the edge of the spring with an area of 364 square meters of the bathroom, it is specially applied to the dalai lama in the bathroom, west to the east, the south is the reception room, after taking the door to the north is a stone in the locker room and bath.
Baths can from underground drains into hot spring water and has the river, and has a small lock, so that at any time adjust the water temperature of high and low, the water has export, makes the water in the pool to keep clean. Bath area of 16 square meters, the pool with a square seat, a pool pool shampoo, it is said that every time the dalai lama to the sacred lake pilgrimage through here, in the bath, to rest. This hot spring is the highest hot springs in the wash water temperature, it is said that if can cure all ills.
Had period in zhuo roca north across the hillside is a river called Joan banca hot spring, the hot spring water temperature around 45 to 50 degrees, legend is the master tsongkhapa found and used to bathing place, this eye springs from a leak in the slope flow, water flow is not big, according to local people, if can cure stomach disease. Zhuo Joan roca and sleep states CARDS used in two places is regarded as holy stream, don't allow women to take a bath.
From walker of sites across north or bridge has a spa, called pappy, springs from the rock seam flowed out, a nearly 20 square meters in front of the spring pool, this is one of the crowd favorite local hot spring, late spring, summer, every year, people bathe here for our livestock, wash away the winter in the circle of infected with the parasite and on the dust, after the baptism of the spring, the animals will go to the summer rich pastures. In addition, when people after a day of farm work, returning grazing or young people, always in droves here happily take a bath, can often see people laugh in the pool the chat say ground, out of a sweat, wash away the day fatigue. People say that the fountain is also can cure arthritis and skin diseases. Not far from the west of this fountain is another WenQuanMin card can cure all kinds of eye disease and sinusitis, but the people of manasseh card due to build hydropower station were destroyed.
Pappy springs east sense Joan west of banca springs in a hot spring is called bond Garcia, springs flowed from under the lawn, the water temperature in 38 degrees, this eye spring to see young people in love often here to take a shower, when night fell, they pairs, lying in the love in the spring, has a romantic interest. The fountain is the medicine of the healing skin disease.
Due to wash hot spring can treat many diseases, so people often ride from a distance, riding a horse came to a bath. Because walker not only has several hot springs, and unique folk customs, here beautiful scenery is also a tourist resort, people if you travel to walker, walker friendly people will hold for you to thick tea and barley wine, drink with you.


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