Word GongJie

Waod GongJie mean high uplift a mountain

In summer 1981, I and shannan LangXian ji township, a man named gram bead young farmers with a boat crossed the yarlung zangbo river and the famous SangYeSi visit. Ship to jiangxin, a piece of white everywhere, like sailing in the sea, occasionally looked toward downstream, found there uplift a particularly large mountain, standing high above in the blue sky and white clouds above. It is so big, big surprise me; It is so high, high to let I can't believe it, as if the sky drop a piece of the curtain, and grow a screen like the earth, blocked the Brahmaputra river, southeast covered half the sky.
In past years, I often in the shannan area come and go, how so a indomitable spirit of the mountain, there is no special attention to? Leaning on the ship's rail, I see the mountains, while chanting. Although pearl is a farmer, is a famous son make the temple of the living Buddha, history, religion, folk knowledge is very rich. He said: "teacher, this mountain is called ward GongJie, it is not a common mountain, it is all the snowy mountains in Tibet god father. Who are the greatest and most famous snow mountain gods, were his son. You check the Tibetan ancient books, to know."
Back to Lhasa, hurriedly go to consult the famous scholars just white, denier flat cuo, knowledgeable, modest attitude, after these scholars put forward questions to us. Always one thousand to try to meet. He in a bunch of rectangles with satin book turned along while, finally said to find the basis. He said: "ward GongJie hide snow area is the oldest mountain soil, the most primitive gods, as early as before the world was created. He lives in unreal impermanent original vanity, marry a tai chi pond for princess, had nine hundred and twenty-one sons, the heirs of reproduction like rain so numerous and complicated, later descent in snow area soil, marry library SaKangMa for princess, she gave birth to nyenchen downer, namtso lake, lacan, this yalla shampoo etc nine snow mountain god, it is the famous snow mountain god father" from then on, the father of the mountain lived in my heart, it is so high, so strange, so mysterious, always makes my heart to proceed accordingly. I more than once to ward GongJie mountain around the investigation interview, collecting folk customs, in its majestic enshrouded. Around the mountain there are many historic sites, ancient temples, scenic spot and the geological wonders.
In ward GongJie Cai Gang places on the west side of the mountain, had a snow area is known for its ancient temples, deng ladder, it is taught by white handkerchief beads sent granddaddy ill jeb was built. First is only a little retreat huts and a retreat meditation cave, later developed into more than 30 square meters of macro giant. All * oratory, SengShe pagoda with huge rocks lay. Strewn at random discretion, spectacular, and sheer one rock cliffs. Road corridors aisle, specialization, twists and turns, embedded in the cliffs, and make people look like complicated maze. Deng is a satyr bead kagyu cradle, cent gives eight tribes, from here in the yarlung zangbo river north and south. Later, the temple by lang's ruling family. The 14th century, the family set up NaiDong dynasty, reign of Tibet region of 2, three hundred. Lost in many centuries of years, deng satyr have been emperor NaiDong party household and NaiDong dynasty religious leaders and spiritual pillar. In early summer 1979, I visited the famous temples, find temples had collapsed, become a bigger to the ruins of the people, only those who are the stone walls of the clouds, the sunset with its former glory; And a blackbird with crowed, echoed with echoes of the medieval old years.
In sangri county near the mountain, a famous card when the nuns temple, it is said that in ancient times have a nun temple on the mountain, a lama temple is below. Later the yarlung zangbo river rose water, washed away by the lama temple, moved to mountain nuns temple monks and living with the temple became buddhist monks and nuns in repairing the temple. Late about the 11th century, kumar when temple to the nun, a famous name is maggie from Jane, she used to practice and preach in all parts of Tibet, later became a monk in India t. when sanjay MingFei, created her own church, sing the drums, carry forward the doctrine. She can be said to be the first female living buddhas of Tibet, the first original sect of the women, she live to be ninety years old and death in her when the old temple. Temple in the "cultural revolution" completely destroyed, preliminary repair now.
Sangri county town near the hill, sangri castle, the majestic castle has gone now. Generations, however, the owner of the castle, still remain in memory and in legend of the locals. Five dalai, his fourth first informed wang (main) lausanne figure, because and shannan NaiDong Wang Guzu a woman having an affair, this is absolutely not allowed on the religion, the very angry of the fifth dalai lama, to severely punish him, then think of lausanne figure more years with her, and there are a lot of people the sermons, which gives him a stepped down as the first noted the name, let him long-term residence in sangri, from then on, people called him "king sangri former manager".
After about five, sixty years, the owner of the potala palace, not the fifth dalai, but vii dalai he jia cuo. He was born in Jiang Zi da ji's father lausanne. A politician trying to knot, Joan temple as a lama, drepung monastery in Lhasa worked as a servant, in politics is not lonely. Indeed as expected then a lot of trouble, the yongzheng emperor called him to Beijing for questioning. To all his family were frightened, later the emperor of the known for tough and no punishment for him, is to give him enjoy the title of a duke, also given a golden. Back to Lhasa, in very glad at the same time, also is deeply political risk, offered to find a quiet place to live carefree, remaining years. Vii dalai lama of the packet to the mountains green water show him sangri, Lin Zong life here. Now here's house, seven dalai lama is said to be the father to stay.
Mountains in the west and north, WoKaHe from down ward GongJie snow mountain, the river at the age of spray jade beads spit, roared, xuelang fly over. Heard walker this name, or one father of tsongkhapa, personally love ward GongJie mountain god, believed in ward member jade snow mountain. Over the past twenty years, the government built four hydroelectric power station on the river, especially upstream station level, investment of more than a dozen million, power generation and maiden left poor service. When I interview walker power station site, once past master tsongkhapa QuLong founded the earliest


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