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New hidden tourism is introduced: new g219 highway (kashi-the spring river) highway, 1455 kilometers, is the world's highest elevation of the highway, on the way over 5000 meters above the mountains five seats, among the highest JieShan Osaka altitude of 5248 meters, is a few to Tibet in the most dangerous route, especially JieShan daban and dead ditch. In just three days, from more than 900 metres above sea level in xinjiang of over 5200 meters mountain pass again to stop of over 4500 meters, ali, plus the complex climate, must have been more than a lot of people the limits of normal body. The rolling snow mountain, cloudy water, ubiquitous wild animal, make here become the paradise of the explorers. But to really appreciate to all of this, and the vehicles have to undergo the test of the plateau, the sunshine, the mind will have more rich feeling.

XinCangXian is now Tibet materials and people in and out in ali the main channel, but for tourists, want adventure, see XinCangXian scenery, had better choose from Lhasa start. Because from phosphatide nearly ali, three short days trip, altitude 1300 to 6000 meters from the alarming, elevation 4700 meters close, the person's body because of the huge difference will bring dramatically changed, if continue to drive to Lhasa and nearly ten of the time, and have been driving at an altitude of 4500 meters, is the body and perseverance of the great test. Starting from Lhasa body has adapted to the plateau complex climate.

XinCangXian tourism of the best tourist season is eight months, winter heavy snow mountain, road impassability, other season often thwarted in the way, when is less a day or two, is more than four or five days. The best of XinCangXian road is in spring, early may each year in xinjiang, send a car of the highway maintenance import a. level off again. Spring climate is dry, therefore, may is a good season.

XinCangXian is a few to Tibet in the worst road a line. Say it sent three reasons: it is a very poor road conditions, saying that the national highway 219, may even some developed township of the mainland town than highway, the little asphalt, mann often thousands of kilometers, is almost entirely by turbulence unpaved; 2 it is new g219 highway at an altitude of 4000 meters above the section of 915 miles (kilometers) altitude of 5000 meters of above 130 miles (kilometers) section, true in the world is the highest elevation of the highway; Again, starting from the region, is only 900 meters, to Tibet and xinjiang the dividing line between JieShan daban elevation 5400 meters, the difference nearly 5000 meter, and, and hide new along the roads desolate, it is more open areas, supplies added is difficult, a line of the human body is a challenge the limit of the normal bear ability, is the biggest test perseverance. Also because of this, the far place maintains the original yes style, and XinCangXian magnificent scenery along the himalaya mountains, canyons, still attracted many adventurers. The west is doing the road of black engineering, in the near future, XinCangXian road conditions will be better than it is now a lot of, but the natural environment will not change, still full of challenge.


Everest-ali-Kashgar Xinjiang-Tibet 12 Day

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