YaLong sangri

 YaLong scenic area is the cradle of Tibetan ancient civilization and the birthplace of Tibetan, pioneered palmer bamboo dynasty "ZongXi" regulation, from the Tibet's first generation of praise on tome to hong period after Tibetan Buddhism buildings are still intact. There is Tibet's first monastery, the first palace, the first generations of Tibetan king's tomb, Buddha hall and tubo period for appreciate the visitors of Tibetan ethnic culture essence, is the best place for tour, sightseeing, archaeology. Scenic, abundant wildlife, attracted a large number of tourists; Folk customs, scenic spot to let visitors see various forms of folk songs and dances, opera; Scenic folkway, can provide tourists with the Tibetan meal delicious food. Main landscape has hot spring waterfall, stone tower in valleys caves, stone carvings, snow mountain glaciers, animals, plants, rivers and lakes, historical sites, folk customs, pastoral scenery, such as more than 50 spots.

Sacred lake scenic area, via NaiDong, sangri, QuSong, plus four counties, to form a circular route, the 360 km, journey time about 5 days. This so-called sacred lake, lake is located in the territory of giacha county's Mr Wrong. Scenic spot mountain valley climate zone, with an average elevation 3500 meters, the average temperature 8 ℃, the highest temperature 28 ℃, the lowest temperature 18 ℃ below zero. The entire scenic area, mountain valleys, snow-capped mountains, the cuckoo, god, hot springs, river tracing, the monastery at an organic whole, both the knot pull snow mountain, Dan hill, the jade valley, Mr Wrong, color wash hot springs, hot springs and other natural landscape, but also have KeJie, baron is kang, just honk QuDe temples and Gary wang fu palace and other human landscape. Six years on October every year, horse riding, riding or walking, here is a good place to appreciate the south Tibetan magnificent scenery.
Sangri sights card hemp when temple sangri county in jersey, 29 kilometers east card ma when the temple was built on sangri county about 2.5 km of a hillside. Also called carma when temple. Founded in the 11th century, for ga when temple, middle and later 11th century ZongXi solution instead, around the 17th century and became the gelug sect monasteries, but still retains a solution to send some ritual. Kumar when the temple was destroyed in the decade unrest, rebuilt in 1986.
Advocate for the mo tayloe JiZhuoMa statue. Mo tayloe JiZhuoMa, is on Tibetan doctrines of a unique female aristocrats. She on the buddhist doctrine, according to Mr Solution absorption honk when some of the strengths, founded the luciano moggi. When luciano moggi has been widely spread in Tibet, to improve the status of women has played a positive role.
Just honk QuDe temple lies at the foot of the mountain to the west of sangri county cloth of the township government, at the southern bank of the yarlung zangbo river, for just the ending of ruins, a total area of 2000 square meters. Built in the late 16th century, belong to the gelug sect monasteries.
Temple porch of oratory wall tzu said: Tibetan fire the year of the ox (AD 1577), iii the dalai lama south JiaCuo to qinghai path here when they met with an up to sweat, directed at township (now velvet) to establish the gelug sect dojo, pull Gary to build the great temple provides funding. Now main well-preserved, hidden woodcarving figure of Buddha and bone carving of Buddha known; Describe sontzen gampo and the monk's life serial murals, and 16 arhat mural frescoes, protective deities are very beautiful. Baron near just honk QuDe temple village, there is a historic sights -- baron is kang. Baron is kang for existing tubo period built one of oratory, covers an area of 280 square meters, is still in possession of many of the tubo period handwritten birchbark scriptures and books.
Walker of the holy things, god river and wonderful spring walker, sangri county, 3720 meters above sea level. South is located in the sangri, plus two county at the junction of ward GongJie snow-capped mountains, the main peak elevation 6000 meters, overlooks the yarlung zangbo river, the greater the armor, the beautiful majestic.
Tsongkhapa had come to live in before the creation of the gelug sect GongJie snow mountain area, the method practice. Some think tsongkhapa the gelug sect teachings began from here. Therefore, live DE GongJie snow mountain is considered sacred and walker's QuLong temple, song sang temple is also famous. QuLong temple and qu SAN temple was built in the early 15th century, biography by tsongkhapa was built, built first called the gelug sect monasteries. Legend was tsongkhapa in mulberry temple through prayer, decided to build the gelug sect of main monastery, ganden monastery. Later generations built a pagoda in prayer, so far intact. QuLong temple also decorated with leave tsongkhapa in hand and head mark stone, and preach a yak by tsongkhapa holy things such as a foot.


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