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YongBuLaKang tour introduction nyatri tsanpo located in jersey of the next day when 11 km trek mountain. "Harmony cloth" meaning "the mother deer", because of a similar to the mother deer trek mountain is named "lacan" means "the temple". YongBuLaKang is the first palace in Tibetan history. According to history record was founded in the second century bce. Summer Palace converted by songtsen gampo * s temple. Princess wencheng first came to Tibet to every summer will and to live here songtsen gampo * s. To the fifth dalai and in the original diaolou type building repaired four corners based on saving pointed type jinding, and the thesis to the temple.
YongBuLaKang preach the earliest buildings for Tibet, at first not temples, but early YaLong tribal leader palace. Folk legend cloud: "early YongBuLaKang, the king's palace in the early on at local mo early praise, in YaLong", YongBuLaKang is in place at YaLong praise on build palaces.
YongBuLaKang, Tibetan meaning "female uterus", is the first palace in Tibetan history, is also one of the earliest buildings Tibet, located in shannan ze when, southeast, the high YaLong river in the east coast tashi is the top of the mountain. It is the second century B.C. benzene christians for the first generation of king praise on hidden at building, and later became the princess wencheng, songtsen gampo * s and in the Summer Palace of south, the 5 th dalai lama temple when the yellow instead. YongBuLaKang main consecrate Buddha figure of Buddha. Palace on the mural in the vivid description of Tibet's first king, the first building, the first piece of cultivated land historical stories. YongBuLaKang is divided into two parts, the front is a wonderful multi-storey building, at the back is a square tower top bunkers, and connected to the front. The 5 th century, hide the king toto read praise period, a buddhist scriptures from legend, just fall in YongBuLaKang roof, nobody can understand. A saint asserted that, by AD 7-8 th century they could read this book. So the book is well reserve in YongBuLaKang.
YongBuLaKang according to legend built in the second century bce, the YunTouYunNao did the first generation of king tubo hidden on Southampton praise, in addition to being a "for the throne neck king" outside, still get the specially for he built three layer "resistant sweet Sally palace". The story actually listen quite a bell, common to hear some said who suddenly the lottery, suddenly rush has the room or "advanced stage" story like, now the second floor wall on the mural palace is painted with a legend, let I kind of later generations of for admired unceasingly. Thus, the palace has become the praise at the tubo king, until at unity songtsen gampo * s generation 33 praise plateau, will the king moved to Lhasa. However, even if ShenWu wise as songtsen gampo * s, also can't forget to YaLong the tubo basic land, and sometimes also back live, it is said that far away to Tibet after marrying the first summer is spent in YongBuLaKang. YongBuLaKang and a magical place, since the first generation of praise on since the general, the great general is to teach for protecting the han, until the praise the pilates and 28 days years period of praise. It is a day of heaven "guardian" on the top of the YongBuLaKang, skulls and spells, there were scriptures some, but at the time who also does not know these things is wonderful, know only is some good thing, so will consecrate up, also took a named "ningbo mulberry wow," meaning is hidden chamber. Until many years later, just have a general chamber of later generations in the name of the bodhisattvas by "and so on the precious classics, party actually realize Buddhism in songtsen gampo decided early in the period before Tibet, just because at that time of the han forces too quickly, just had to first" drop ", again, "ambush", after waiting for the day. The palace then become buddhist holy land, has thus become a Buddha hall, became a lot of eminent monks of perfect practice, also be many "v hide" found and burial place.


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